Love Your Cat

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This is the story about my cat, Stevie. Please show your support to the Animal Care Society at


Grumpy Cat footage used without permission.

Music featured in the video as follows:
“Unc” by DJ Mitsu The Beats-
“Sweet Dream” by Mello –
“MADONNAH” & “Empty Glass” by Tajima hal –
“Cattia” by Caravela –
“Sing, Sing, Sing” by Benny Goodman


  1. Aww God bless you. Thank you for your compassion and saving her life.

  2. She’s really a gorgeous kitty cat!

  3. Nur Azhanee Othman

    God bless you so much for taking care of Stevie. My eyes are damp. Thanks
    so much for loving her. I hope you guys stay together for a very long time.
    🙂 tell Stevie I said hi. Much loves from Malaysia! ❤❤❤❤❤

  4. Cats are Gods.

  5. Thank you Patrick for giving a forever home to Stevie. All of our three
    cats are rescue cats. Somehow I think they know it and love you all the
    better for it. Getting any animal such as this make it more important.
    Please adopt and remember to spay and neuter your animals!

  6. Pweeeeeeease more Stevie videos 🙂 

  7. LOVE LOVE!!! TWO thumbs up!! :)

  8. how can anyone not like this video, its amazing. go Patrick and Stevie!

  9. Thanks for sharing.. thats awesome! and inspiring..

  10. The Purr at the end is awesome! hahah :D

  11. The Planet Peace Project

    thank you for loving stevie…you are a really cool man. nlove, city
    of angels oh, and puuurrrr =^o,o^=

  12. WTF 0:02 HITLER CAT

  13. I took a blind puppie home from streets some years ago. She was very weak
    but growing strong till she started to have epileptic seizures. The
    treatments was on going for about 2 years, we had good times and bad ones
    until it got so worse that no medicine can keep it under control. I had to
    put her to sleep cuz it’s just too hard to see her suffer like that
    everyday. It still makes me sad but I never regret taking her home cuz
    she’s one of the best things I’ve ever had. She’ll always be the love of my

  14. Great and inspirational vid! Love my cat too.

  15. CUTENESS!!!

  16. this is just plain beautiful 

  17. What a beautiful cat. Lovely to see you having a happy life together. 

  18. Cute cat but I never saw anyone walk a cat

  19. I LOVE this. I love you for Having a big heart!

  20. Shirley Gunawardana

    The human control plan worked . Time for phase 2 .

  21. Great video!

    No disrespect, but the narration kind of sounds like Ben Stiller in

  22. Ahhhhh, I am impressed…. I love my two guys and take them everywhere.
    Bud 14.5 yrs and Chester 23 months old are great.
    Thanks for the video.

  23. The Kinsella Bunch Vlog

    That is soooo sweet. It makes me all emotional inside. I love seeing people
    being kind to disadvantaged animals (or babies).

  24. Great story and beautiful cat, but WHY would you take her for a walk on

  25. a man that not only SAVED a cat but the cat is blind..and he takes special
    care of this cat. and lovessss this cat.. now that’s a man that is in my

  26. Thanks for adoption!!! Bless ya~ all 🙂 and I heard its purrrr sound at
    the end of the video??

  27. I love cat, but I just can’t have them. I am allergic to their fur. 

  28. Marcela Santander

    Patrick, you are blessed!

  29. Marcela Santander

    But take care on her diet. To reduce some weight will do her good.
    Prolonge her life, improve her health and enhance her enjoyment in
    life! My bests for you both!

  30. I first saw your post in Reddit a little while back but I’m glad you made a
    video to show off Stevie. He’s to cute.

  31. awwe love stevie very sweet.very great that you adopted her..i am called
    the crazy cat lady i have my fur babies.

  32. Q Fields Mitchell

    Cute. I had a dog with cataracts. I loved him. His name was Blackie…all
    black fur and for what we imagined he saw. Our furniture had to stay the
    same and he would go all over the house including the basement. It was
    really sad when he passed but he knew he was loved. 

  33. lol my mates cat disappeared for 3 months. then came back like she hadn’t
    even left. away.

  34. Ekaterina Sergeeva

    U r really good man. Thx u.

  35. pur pur pur :3

  36. I have two persians and I feel your pain of black shirts :)) my only issue
    is when I need to wear a black suit and tie :)) I feel so restrained to hug
    my cats so much :))


  38. Loved the video man it was beautiful

  39. If there were more people like you this world would be a much better place
    to live!

  40. Thank You for adopting, and agreeing to be, said feline’s person! 

  41. From one cat lover to another…”Thanks for this this heart warming video”

  42. I love this vid 

  43. I lovvvveeeee Stevie ????

  44. You truly a wonderful person! Thank you for taking such good care of
    Stevie! I’m sure she loves you very much!! 

  45. You truly love that cat. 

  46. Daniellezxstyle Danielle


  47. Cole and Marmalade

    Great video! #realmenlovecats

  48. Merikesh Robinett

    bet he gets hellaaaa girls haha

  49. Haha! So cute! Loved the edit on this!

  50. Charlotte Ryan (charryan963)

    Okay I don’t know how I wasn’t subscribed to you?! What the hell… this is
    awesome! Hahaha :D

  51. Deyanira Bayliss Coronel

    you’re amazing person and your cat its beautiful

  52. 素敵な飼い主さんにもらってもらえて良かったね。

  53. Stevie and you are so very lucky to have each other.

  54. Please make more videos about your cat. I love her as well!

  55. かわいい

  56. Desmond Rutherford

    We’d be happy to love our cat, but he doesn’t want to be loved. He’s in a
    world of his own and very happy about it so long as he has food and water,
    and any of a dozen places he can hide and sleep. He’s no trouble to look
    after, but we’d really like him to jump on to our laps for a nap or a
    smooch. At least he purrs…on the way to his feeding bowl.

  57. The purr at the end was a nice touch.

  58. This video is so cool… And inspirational 🙂 found you on Instagram from
    my account xlazycatsx your vids r gr8! ??

  59. You look a little like Conan O’Brien. Also, your cat is beautiful.

  60. you can use rubber gloves (that ones used to wash dishes) to remove fur
    from clothings and other things. it’s the best solution i found.

  61. Stevie is so lovely and you are wonderful that you take care of her. I have
    a blind cat who is with me for 6 years now. I found him when he was about 2
    months old. Blind cats are wonderful and so easy to take care, not hard at
    all as may some people think. they are so adoptable, so loving and
    miraculous. please do not hesitate to adopt them. :)

  62. gorgeous cat! inspiring video

  63. I think your cat is very cute:)

  64. Didnt stevie poo all over the place when you first adopted him?

  65. beautiful cat!

  66. you’re so handsome and kind. God bless you and your kitty!

  67. Love this! You have a real cool cat! Sometimes the ones that are a little
    “broken” are the awesome-st. I had a cat with what i think was a
    neurological problem and his head would tip side to side when he walked, he
    was the most friendliest sweetest cat. i miss him dearly! Anyways Great

  68. if i have cat so i also have fun your at is freat

  69. i mean great

  70. I love my cat. She is adorable but she has one little problem. She wouldn’t
    let me hug her. If i do, she be like: “WAT R U DOING HOOMAN! LET. ME.

  71. Please give Stevie a big hug and a kiss from me and a high five from my
    furry buddy, Jerry the cat.

  72. Stevie is sooo beautiful, thanks for the videos. <3 And same here since a
    few weeks again (after nine years when I lost my feline soulmate...): black
    clothes: Nope. Lint roller: YES! xD But I do love my cat! -> #loveyourcat
    =^.^= Best wishes from Germany, Kat Harington & Chief Bunney

  73. Every time I see Strvie I cry because she (I think it’s a she) reminds me
    of my 2 cats, bothof them died, I came home from school to see a blank look
    in their eyes, Stevie reminds me Of my cats, thanks for bringing back
    memories Stevie. To top that this is a great vid and I can’t wait for more
    Stevie content. Keep up the great work

  74. love these awesome stories …. ♥ say hi to lovely Stevie!

  75. Megustan mucholos gatos vonito video 

  76. I have the greatest respect for those whom adopt and care for disabled
    Thanks for being an excellent and compassionate human being!

  77. 🙂 Thank u for ur love of our cats:)

  78. You don’t even know how great you are, *Patrick*. Thanks for your kindness
    and I’m so happy, that you adopted her. She needed the person like you!

  79. Good job mate! Thank you?

  80. Thank you for being a wonderful human with a kind heart!!

  81. Patrick, you and Stevie are amazing!! You for being her loving, caring
    human, and Stevie for being the beautiful, adorable fur baby! Wishing you
    many years with your sweet baby fur ball! Just precious!

  82. Stevie is such a beauty!

  83. Giovanna Dorabiatto

    THANK YOU! For this video and for loving Stevie this much!

  84. Patrick not only are you my best friend for loving Stevie but you are be
    the hottest cat man alive…..

  85. I meet Memita living out my workplace. I sort of hesitated taken her in, I
    feed, but did not take care in, until my girlfriend step in and house her (
    I have a cat that reacted very bad to another cat I tried to house)
    Memita was having health issues my girlfriend could not handle, so I took
    her in _ Right away I realized what I had denied myself from since the day
    I meet Memita, she is nothing but love.
    Watch her: youtube Memita grooming herself.
    Dont hesistate to lend a hand to any one, you may be for a big surprise!

  86. Awww, Stevie is so cute! Thank you for rescuing her! <3

  87. Mariah-Nathalie Larsson

    I love Stevie i have three cats one of them is born deaf shes all white and
    mostly white cats are born deaf thanx for sharing btw

  88. You’re truly an Angel for saving Stevie Patrick. God bless your generous
    hear. And Happy New Year to you Patrick and Stevie.

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