Lucas The Spider Creator Explains How He Makes People Fall In Love With Spiders | The Dodo

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Lucas The Spider Creator is Making People Fall In Love With Spiders | Lucas The Spider is the cutest spider ever – we caught up with Lucas The Spider’s creator Joshua Slice to learn more about Lucas and the ‘how’ and ‘why’ behind the most adorable spider ever!

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  1. LUCAS THE SPIDER IS THE CUTEST THING EVER!! For more of this spider, you can check out his videos on YouTube:

  2. Yea I’d still kill it

  3. I wish he lived in my house!

  4. I god damn hate Lucas the spider

  5. soooo cute 🙂 love you lucas!

  6. I can just see the Pixar or Illumination film already.

  7. The voice is SOOOOOO cute

  8. ITS SO FREKIN CUTE AND I HAVE ARCNIPOBEA don’t know how to spell tgat

  9. Did you put the love heart emoji on the Dodo for you’re channel picture for Valentine’s Day?

  10. Dokuritzu marbleCoke_

    Everyone: awww
    Me: *still scary._.*

  11. sosmartitskippedcollegephone e

    Hi Dodo💕

  12. This is why my pet spider Ashton is my little favorite I do have a pet spider just like Lucas. But Lucas is more adorable.

  13. Pixar should hire them!

  14. I can see this being a Disney Pixar film! 🕷

  15. well it worked I am terrified of them and I said eww at firsts and then awww it is cute!!

  16. Tho I am very scared of spiders. That spider is pretty cute. But if I saw it in real life in my house. It owns the house now, I’d have to move out never look back.

  17. This is the weirdest mixed emotion I’ve ever had, a combination a cuteness and terror.

  18. Adorable!!!!! ❤

  19. I Love This Guy’s Pride Of His Work… And Lucas As Well 😂😂😂

  20. okay, never had fear of spiders. but after seeing this just brightened my day! i love the part where hes like “nows my chance to… escape!” and just runs off the table ;’))))

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