Luna, the Singing Cat and her first hit single

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Luna, the Singing Cat and her first hit single
Good people of Facebook, stop stealing the video, please.
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  1. so cute :D

  2. Silly ones, you both 😀 This made my evening, thanks!
    Belly rubs for gorgeous Luna from Helsinki, Finland <3

  3. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww + more awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  4. Muito fofo cara! :3

  5. La “LaSerpentaCanta” Serpenta Canta


  6. Viewer no 4496. This video is going viral for sure. Such a talent kitty.
    Cats rules!

  7. So cute! <3

  8. SeineHeiligkeit100

    ohhhhhhh *_*

  9. viewer 17280 likes this so much!

  10. I think this is one of the cutest things I’ve watched in a while <3 omggggg

  11. I loves cats as I have my own, but I can’t see it as singing, just meowing
    on command. My cat does it too. Maybe I should do my own video on how my
    cat meows/grunts (talks back) on command and fetches like a dog. lol! Still
    good video.

  12. I have a white cat named Luna, and she sings along as well! It’s a thing
    about cats named like that I guess xDD

  13. bravo bravo~~~~~~~~ sooooooooooooo cute~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  14. Dianne Umpherson - Haas


  15. make sure you dumb down this stupid crap
    oh look at me im playing a song with a cat.
    enough garbage it’s not cute or funny he isnt doing for fun or that he
    enjoys it
    you can tell by how he sings it

  16. ปุ้มปุ้ย Tiberiu Molnar

    Haaaaaaaaaaaa Tareeeee LOOOOL. Am doua negre idem :)))))))

  17. She’s so cute!?☺️

  18. D’aw, I wanted to hear which song she was going to play on the piano.

  19. awww baby cat!! love it

  20. OMG. i am literally going crazy…i have a black kitten she is 6 months old
    her name is LUNA and she looks IDENTICAL TO THIS CAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. cute video i loved it! i wish my Luna could meet your Luna!!!!

  22. This is cringey. I love you but damn.

  23. dogs > cats

  24. Cute….

  25. gotta love a guy with his cat

  26. I like the human’s singing too

  27. This is adorable–Luna’s human has a pretty good singing voice too.

  28. ??? love cats!

  29. So cute <3

  30. Your cat is awesome

  31. What a great cat!


  33. Move over Katy Perry and Lady Gaga….Luna’s eclipsing you with that
    evocative, melodic voice. Luna’s human has a soulful voice himself. I would
    love to hear more of both.

  34. Does this mean you’ve decided to keep her? I read that she was up for

  35. My Prison Nightmare

    Very cute!

  36. ┈┈┈┈┈┈▕▔╲┈┈┈┈┈┈

    ─██─██▄██─██▄██─██▄██─██▄██─██▄██─██▄██ THUMBS UP STARS

  37. oh this is sweet! I subbed to you and your wonderful cat! I am Gigi from
    Austria and on my channel on YT you will find “talking cats”….

  38. her eyes followed his hand at 0:51 and looked back at his eyes like “yes?”

  39. she hate being called moony.

  40. who’s moony!!!!!!!!!!!????lol

  41. wtf. not funny at all.

  42. Sper că i-ai dat multă carne după ce i-ai maltratat coada.

  43. i wish that” that cat was my cat

  44. you make me happy haha

  45. my cat loves this I filmed her up close to the tv looking at Luna on my

  46. superb! 😀 Un duet foarte frumos! <3 și ce voce frumoasă! Amândoi~

  47. lol hahahha

  48. cat is just want to fuck, brig she a male.

  49. Si eu am o pisica pe care o cheama Luna <3

  50. You were kidding when you said that she was up for adoption, yes? (I sure
    hope so)

  51. moony kitty cat.

  52. your cat is really cute. for curiosity’s sake, may i please know what
    language this is in? thanks!

  53. My cat’s did not like this playing through the speakers..

  54. I am hearing it all the time. Once more and once more. I fall in love. What
    is now with Luna?

  55. My cat started to sing along but Luna has defenetly better voice than my
    Misty has.

  56. So sweet :)

  57. Wicked!

  58. My little son <3 this cat! He's laughing every time we watch Luna together!

  59. Can’t wait to see more of Luna and Pumpkin! You’re total darlings all of
    you. :3

  60. All I could think about is Luna from Sailor Moon! So cute! Thanks for

  61. I made download of your video and post is on For the Love of Black Cat’s
    (Black Cat Appreciation Page) on facebook, telling i’ve found this video on
    youtube. I share here the link and invite you to see what’s happening 🙂
    This video means a lot to me because onde of my cats, a black cat like
    Luna, that died last year, like to sing with me too. I never recorded it.
    But it’s one more reason to love this video. Luna is like my sweet Tita :)

  62. lol, “shut up your embarrassing me”

  63. you’re from Romania ?

  64. love this video, it brings a smile to my face. I have a black cat and his
    meow is so different. he too emotes well.

  65. love this video, it brings a smile to my face. I have a black cat and his
    meow is so different. he too emotes well.

  66. love this video, it brings a smile to my face. I have a black cat and his
    meow is so different. he too emotes well.

  67. love this video, it brings a smile to my face. I have a black cat and his
    meow is so different. he too emotes well.

  68. OMFG!!!You should record this song immediatly) You have a very beautiful

  69. She’s not happy at all, the guitar annoying her , my cat did the same when
    I’m singing ?

  70. this whole video is just cuteness overload – you two together are so cute
    and this video turned out so good, I watched it countless times and it
    never gets boring. And she really has a good voice, but so do you!

  71. Beautiful cat, beautiful voice, beautiful song… Such a wonderful
    couple….! >> ^–^ <<

  72. Nashville Real Estate Rockstars

    I love luna the black cat.

  73. Are you sure her last meows weren’t “Feed me. “Feed me.” “You said “let’s
    eat!” so FEED ME DAMMIT!”

  74. Congratulations on crossing the 300,000 views’ mark. I am so happy for you.
    Looking forward to seeing more of Luna!!

  75. OMG, this is so awesome. Had me cracking up! Good job on the subtitles too.
    Cheers. :)

  76. Claudia fxoxo (Makeupjunkieinlondon)

    I love your Sweet Luna ☺️ and the song is very Nice ^^

  77. I love this video and that kitty is the best!!

  78. You have a rockstar cat

  79. Saw this video on facebook without credit to you, just a heads up. If it
    wasn’t licensed has reuploaded it without permission. More
    facebook stealing youtube videos again. awesome video.

  80. Daaaaaaaaaaaaamn this is so cuuuuute!

  81. que bonotinho

  82. i showed this to my cat she started sniffing and touching Luna, god they’re
    so adorable

  83. I had a gorgeous black cat with big yellow-green eyes, we called them moon
    eyes. Her name was Sasha and she would sing with me, I would sing her name
    three times and she would answer with a rolling inquisitive meow. Luna
    brings back good memories.

  84. why i am here, and what i’ve watch..

  85. Vous êtes un duo adorable et j’aime vous regarder plusieurs fois 🙂
    si je partage votre vidéo c’est juste pour montrer qu’elle est vraiment
    Ce n’est pas pour l’exploiter, rassurez-vous. Mais si ça vous gêne je la
    retire de Facebook, pas de soucis je comprendrai. Au plaisir avec une
    prochaine avec votre adorable Luna :)

  86. I can’t get enough of the song! I love it

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