Luxury Hotel for Dogs in Hollywood

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Luxury Hotel for Dogs in Hollywood

LIKE LA and Hollywood’s top stars, these posh dogs live the high life at a top pet hotel in Hollywood which collects them in SUPERCARS like Lamborghinis, Bentleys and Ferraris. The lavish chauffeur service is offered by the ultimate [pet hotel] animal guest house – which caters to owners who want nothing but the best for their four-legged friends while they do business or leave town on holiday. For $220 (£140) a night, dogs can spend the weekend in the [hotel’s] Double-Uber suite, where they sleep on a real queen size bed and watch movies on a flat screen TV. Service offered with lodging include checking into the doggy Spa and Wellness centre where canines can enjoy a ‘pawdicure’ nail service, bath or teeth cleaning. For the ultimate in relaxation, owners can select a detoxifying body wrap for their animal, to revitalise fur. Optional luxury meals are also prepared for furry guests by the five-star hotel’s staff, at the owner’s request. Alissa Cruz, owner of D Pet Hotels Hollywood, says the hotel is an environment where man’s best friend can feel comfortable in while their owners are busy. The boarding is said to be used by a number of celebrities, executives and top Hollywood film directors. The hotel also has locations in New York City and Scottsdale, Arizona.

Videographer / Director: Stewart Cook
Producer: Karen Grattage
Editor: Joshua Douglas


  1. I hate Rich people

  2. This is why there are thiefs, kipnappers, poverty, rape , hunger, homeless
    people… I know it’s selfish to say, Yeah these people can do whatever
    they want with their money but… seriously. At least let homeless people
    work for the dogs.

  3. btw, How do you know they aren’t going to mate? 1:41

  4. why do you even live? you’re going to die anyways, so let me pull out your
    heart and your brain so I could sell them to hospitals. You’re not using
    them anyways

  5. Wow, congratz to that lady for tricking rich idiots into doing this.

  6. they have a TV? Oh, come on. ._.

  7. I love dogs but this is insanity

  8. I wan’t to go there and kill all the dogs because this is fucking messed

  9. I am going to cry

  10. Po0r people d0nt have food to eat and h0me to live. This dogs m0re precious
    than human??

  11. If people are willing to spend, then it helps the economy…and the dogs.
    Would rather see this than abused animals.

  12. This is reflective of the sick values of a decadent society.

  13. But of course, so your pampered pooch can relax and enjoy Disney’s
    top-rated doggie movies like Frankenweenie, Beverly Hills Chihuahua (1, 2,
    & 3), Old Yeller, 101 Dalmatians, Shaggy Dog, The Lady and the Tramp, Snow
    Dogs, The Fox and the Hound, Santa Paws 2: The Santa Pups, etc. What a life!

  14. Hollyweird is inhabited with some of the stupidest people on earth.

  15. R3gurlaer ppl has gramm@rs @nd u wunt 2 spiel lik tat? S2upit m0re tan

  16. Vince Allen Meneses

    I will put a signage outside that hotel “No Pets allowed inside”.lmao.

  17. operationcwaI789789

    $220/day to get your dog’s nutsack licked, or feed 10 starving kids for a
    month…. fuck the kids… i’m going with the dog hotel…. shameful

  18. What a waste of money /: xD

  19. music keeps me alive


  20. Nicolas Cato Strode

    Other than rent, I live on about $220 a month and I feel I live well. I
    have two pets. I save money by massaging them myself 😛

  21. Stefan Nedeljkovic

    Adopt children instead doing that !!!!!!!!!!

  22. That’s enough internet for one day i think…

  23. bcause hotel for humain is too mainstream

  24. BioUmbrellaChronicle

    anything dog want is ”good master” ”another dog live together in one
    place” ”dog dont want something like human..there dont care about big
    room big hotel tv” ”and how about that guy in lamborghini…99% of his
    time is go to drink with a woman and work and money and FUCK !…there
    leave the dog with this fucking hotel” you guy make the dog dont feel like
    ”i am the animal call dog” anymore

  25. Not sure if trolling or just stupid O_O

  26. These are dogs not faking kings…. Omg when did the world become like

  27. Yeah sure keep massaging these dogs while all kinds of aninals are
    butchered just for their meat

  28. fucking crazy..

  29. This .. kind of reflects the inner side of the “ruling” system. When gvt
    lets establish hotels for dogs, imagine what do people represent for
    them… they represent shit. And people still vote .. vote .. vote thinking
    it will do something, that miserable vote is the only thing people have and
    still represents nothing.

  30. Michelson Morely

    This is fucking ridiculous. Do you think the dogs have any idea what’s
    going on or have a perception of the lengths of extravagance they’re
    experience? Fuck no. They’re dogs. Fuck, people are so stupid for making
    shit like this! This is why society is crumbling. Idolising dogs over
    humans and treating household pets like royalty disgusts me. What about
    spending the money on charities and places where it will actually be
    appreciated by a conscious receiver…

  31. it’s a way to make money so why not

  32. OMG. a sport car. ._.

  33. welcome to america. The owners need a taste of poverty even for just 2 days.

  34. Best. Job. Ever.

  35. hahaha the voice over guy sounds so underwhelmed

  36. These posh dogs already have good treatment at home , why not give those
    who aren’t a chance

  37. Lucky ass dogs!

  38. My dog won’t let anyone touch him except for me and my family

  39. the fuck is this

  40. This just destroys every element of dignity and respect the USA has left.
    Seriously? Stress? From a dog. Appalled from the UK

  41. Dogs lives better than us there:/

  42. I wonder if Michael Vick’s dogs stay there…

  43. Why the fuck does a dog need a tv? So dumb

  44. Behind all of the bedrooms are the cages they throw them in

  45. State Farm Insurance will sell you out if they need to use Lawyers to save
    you from lawsuit.

  46. Holy CRABCAKES


  48. This is sick. Dogs want nothing more than to be with their OWNERS not some
    strangers and a bunch of yapping dogs. You don’t deserve a pet if you don’t
    know that. Instead of paying for this, donate to a rescue shelter and save
    some lives, then spend the day with your dog. And another thing, dogs are
    dogs -not people- they do not care for what size bed they have or whether
    they get a TV or not.

  49. ShIvA iZ aWeSoMe!

    Alanna deery, the do care Of they have a huge bed and stuff like that so
    stop being jealous that you don’t have that

  50. ShIvA iZ aWeSoMe!


  51. ShIvA iZ aWeSoMe!

    And dogs have to be treated like people too cause they r better than us 😛

  52. Christian De Toro

    This is a pretty big waste of money

  53. This is why we don’t deserve to live anymore.

  54. This woman is a genius. She’s making thousands while you’re sitting on
    YouTube complaining how stupid it is. Obviously not! These people give the
    BEST to their dogs when life happens and they have to leave for a couple
    days. Get a grip and learn or keep being poor and whiney.

  55. i hope Al Qaeda doesn’t see this

  56. Yeah i think it’s stupid and it’s a waste of money,but it’s their money and
    it’s them looking stupid,so who cares.

  57. Meanwhile we have homeless children and their mothers 🙁 just sad

  58. i like it exept i dont see any exersizes area for dogs to run

  59. Meanwhile starving children in africa

  60. Those are just brat dogs

  61. This is fucking disgusting. Meanwhile in fucking Kenya

  62. homeless veterans are ok, but regular homeless people here are rich
    compared to homeless in other countries.

  63. Fuck this.

  64. Wrong video im guessing?

  65. People die in Africa every day and dogs get flat screens to watch a
    movie??? Humanity you failed us all once again…

  66. Joni Mendes if Africa’s government wasn’t so fucked up that wouldn’t happen
    now would it? Every 5 seconds someone dies not just Africa. Get your facts
    right bitch!

  67. Thats so kwl if only I lived in America now I would send my dog to that xx

  68. this is all show i bet when the camerad our off they go back to their

  69. WTF!!!!!!! its cool but why?????

  70. dislike.

  71. Why do dogs get to have hotels when we have homeless people all over the

  72. All this for a stinky damn dog !

  73. -____- Gtfo

  74. Wtf dogs are garbage should never be treated like humans their animals!!!

  75. Meanwhile in Africa……

  76. My pet pug needs a vacation like this :D

  77. I want my dog there omg I’m moving to la

  78. $2200 ARE YOU KIDDING ME.

  79. Give the dogs master bedrooms will you? xD

  80. fuckin stupid humans… anything for money… how pathetic

  81. are you fucking kidding me? A queen sized bed with decorations and a flat
    screen TV?! This is what you spend your money on? That’s pretty disgusting
    that people build a “dog hotel” yet they can’t create a home for the
    homeless or perhaps feed a few kids who are starving around the world.

  82. This Is Awesome But The Price $220 Per Night? Are You Crazy… That’s the
    Most Stupidest Thing I’ve Ever Heard… Money Hungry Bitches.

  83. wtf would they need a tv unless the staff stay there and the dogs in crates

  84. Out of all the dog hotels, I like this one the least, because it doesn’t
    tend to a dog’s needs and relaxations, but a human’s personal desires. Like
    seriously, a t.v? And queen size bed? Thats not a DOG hotel! lmao

  85. Wait, I mean like its cool and all, but, dude how would you remember ALL of
    their names

  86. its Hollywood what do you expect ????

  87. 1:28 FART?

  88. worst video ;-;

  89. I would bring my really aggressive dog there so that she wouldn’t cooperate
    and she would bite everybody

  90. What in the humanity is this shit. There are children all over the united
    states that are dieing of hunger and desease.

  91. Priscilla Martinez

    Damm those dogs get better room service than I do cx

  92. one word – stupid

  93. only in the USA lol

  94. my dog would prefer a stick to this

  95. Ximena Avellaneda-Gabucci

    dogs are living beings and are more humane than stupid humans today, why
    not let them deserve a nice vacation? they aren’t killing people and
    starting meaningless wars based on stupid ideas

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