Magpie laughs just like a child!

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This bird is a Magpie who was found outside when he was a fledgling and raised by ‘shura84’. Since then he lives out in the wild but will come to his rescuer when called. Listen to him as he hilariously mimics a child’s laughter to perfection!

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  1. ʘ__ʘ **nervous laughter**

  2. Fucking shit..

  3. hard to believe this would not be fake

  4. That’s bloody terrifying.

  5. iff you cutt the tip of their tongues they can talk

  6. how lucky you are to have such a beautiful bird
    scary sounds but beautiful

  7. Honesthedgehog Life

    I found this disturbing ???

  8. Well.. i didn’t need to sleep tonight anyway..

  9. That is just wrong. You could make a horror movie out of this shit.

  10. This is what nightmares are made of.

  11. It’s a jabber jay! Children are being watched! Lol

  12. I seen these types of birds meow like a cat at my step-moms parents farm,
    the cats would go looking for the “cat” and the birds would swoop in and
    eat their food. It was funny as hell. They were wild and learned it on
    their own by watching the cats meow for food on the back porch where their
    dishes were. Magpies, ravens and crows are among the smartest of birds.

  13. That lady’s voice or the language – just beautiful!

  14. of course I see this before I sleep. I’m not scared at all :/

  15. How the fuck do you sleep at night ?

  16. Thumbs up for “Russian Disney Princess”!

  17. This bird lures pedophiles then kills them

  18. I love that bird!

  19. nightmares in 3 2 o…… AHHHHHHH wait its ok it was just a AHHHHHHH ITS

  20. someone call an exorcist

  21. Magpie showing that ring again and again, asking to remove it…

  22. how noisy this video owner is…..

    isnt this video to hear the birds sound ?
    why did she keep speaking like a ***** ?

    and more annoying is her finger. just let it sing, *****.

  23. This gave me nightmares!!

  24. is she really doing this

  25. no way

  26. Glory be to Allah. Wow..

  27. Где? Где Гена был? Где?

    Гена был в детском саду, съел ребенка. Очевидно.

  28. uhhh the bird obviously wants the yellow band taken off its leg!!!


  30. it sounds like it was edited, in but its not.

  31. I’m pretty sure that thing is the spawn of satan himself…That shits
    creepy af..WTF

  32. At the beginning, that’s either a huge chicken or a small building…

  33. cant’ tell if edited

    or just… wrong

  34. I want one!

  35. I’ve played enough Five Nights at Freddys to know a childs soul is
    inhabiting this bird’s body.

  36. Awesome video. I am so glad I watched this. It made me happy.

  37. it’s evolving


  39. that would be creepy while ur in ur pitch black room at night and you just
    here that

  40. I love this… absolutely fantastic!

  41. that awkward moment when uve been talking to a bird for 3 mins and have no

  42. I now this bird he has a big criminal record someone’s told him she can
    remove the criminal tracker fulyshitpeople

  43. It’s a beautiful bird.

  44. It sounds like the audio comes from a totally different video.


  46. I swear this bird has been used for children sacrafices and has eaten the
    essence of their soul o_o

  47. Imagine walking down the street at night and hearing that shit.


  49. That’s uh….creepy as hell.

  50. SO HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. now u know where mythical sounds in the forest and old wives tales come

  52. That is some Fullmetal Alchemist shit right there

  53. So this the the mofo that has been making noises outside my house and made
    me think there was creepy ghost children laughing at my front lawn

  54. wow …fkin soul catcher :)) now im afraid to go to the toilet…fkin
    youtube! :))))

  55. There was probably a child in the background

  56. アフレコしてるみたい!

  57. Rumor said that bird laughs like something it just ate.

  58. It’s clearly fake, the sound is looping and the bird isn’t aligned with the
    timing of the sound

  59. Magpies / crows are the smartest non-mammal animal. Just beautiful

  60. Take a moment and admire the beautiful feathers.

  61. That is just creepy.

  62. I can see this person likes birds.

  63. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ) La Mona Lisa

    That explains why I keep hearing a little girl’s laugh at night. Finally, I
    can sleep like a baby.

  64. ops a baby trapped in a bird’s body.


  66. Oh god if I could only have a bird friend like this!Sweeto!

  67. Oh my goodness…

  68. That thing is evil! Kill it with fire!

  69. this is fake right?

  70. Why does it wheeze at the end of its laugh

  71. this thing should be on ahs

  72. Матвей Агешин

    Чё пыхтите пидарасы пиндосовские??? могут так птицы могут

  73. never ever is a fucking fake

  74. First ghostly lemur screeches, now this?!
    The world IS haunted! we just didn’t know it was the animals who do the

  75. the hunger games are one step closer to reality

  76. Scariest shit in a long time! Jesus Christ!

  77. That;s creepier than satan


  79. When the mystery box goes away

  80. Эх Гена, Гена…

  81. He says “Пока” bye in russian. 2:27

  82. Thas JUST EERIE

  83. This child has been turned into a magpie and is calling out for help.

  84. meanwhile in russia

  85. Yea keep that speaker close to your microphone. This shit doesn’t even
    match his movement. fake as hell

  86. That ladder.. ladder goat!

  87. This is the cutest thing I have ever seen. I want one!!

  88. Wow, he must have been living with a happy kid !
    What a smart bird !
    I hope that leg band protects him from people who don’t know he’s special 1

  89. Какой же срач в доме! Даже сорока угорает!

  90. The bird copied that laughter from a child like parrots do.

  91. it needs new batteries

  92. Gabriel Batagliotti

    Naaaaaaaaaaaaa ¿esto es real ?

  93. the soul of chucky lives on XD

  94. I can`t believe magpies can make these sounds. really? they can?

  95. bluesviolet // vlogs & short films

    I sure as hell can’t wait until I wake up in a screaming fit in a few

  96. I’m calling bullshit. This is fake.

  97. I have to admit that is it somewhat freaky! 🙂 Too cool!

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