manatee drinking water from a hose!!!

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went down to my dock and found a manatee drinking water from a hose that was dripping in the water! What does this say about our water? I”m guessing they don’t exactly like it and would rather drink from a water hose!!!


  1. I bet it takes a lot of water to quench their thurst. This was cute!

  2. Dalia G (Muñequita)

    So cute!

  3. And we (New Zealand) love ya right back.

  4. It’s so cute it makes my heart melt 

  5. AWWWWWWWWWWW /)>3<(

  6. if i was a fish this would be my pet

  7. its living in water why does it need to drink water? its like a fish
    getting thirsty in the ocean wtf?

  8. cool..he wants his water fresh :)

  9. He’s swimming in water already lol

  10. Daniel launchpadger

    Hi from Puerto Rico u have a new sub 

  11. It is so hilarious that anyone would thumb down this video 

  12. That is hilarious! So cute…he likes water fountains, I guess <3 Peace
    from chilly Nova Scotia, Canada

  13. You guys are awesome!

  14. Throw a head of lettuce to them. They love it

  15. Abigail Calderon

    thats so cool…. here in belize we have them alot but first time i have
    seen someting like that…

  16. Very cool and funny at the same time!!

  17. you can lead a manatee to water but

  18. It’s because it’s fresh water; manatees like clean water!

  19. I was wade fishing in Grand Lagoon in Panama City Beach FL a couple of
    years ago and I look out and saw these two dark objects coming toward me in
    the middle of the Lagoon where I was fishing. I was thinking oh crap, I
    fixing to be ate by these two Bull Sharks coming at me and then slowly they
    both came out of the water and it was Manatees. Two of them. I was so
    relieved. They are awesome creatures to see in the wild.

  20. #deer-meat-for-dinner

  21. radjen samoedjh

    Hey mister, I live in surinam south america, like your videos. Next time
    catch some red snapper and show us how u cook them

  22. Life is full of surprises !

  23. Hey Rob…
    Can you recommend your favorite fillet knife?

  24. looks like pompano beach, fl

  25. This is awesome!! And funny

  26. How on earth did I end up watching this?
    I started off looking at kitchen knives.

  27. That is just weird,I love your videos 

  28. WVoutdoorsman100

    Ha ha ha, that guy was thirsty. 

  29. That is SO COOL how long was he/she there 

  30. Johnson Game Calls

    That would be awesome to live in a place where you have so much. We do here
    to but no Manatee. Love your videos

  31. Rob! So me and my girlfriend lately always say, “We are gonna be
    deermeatfordinner one day”. Meaning, enjoying life and the people you’re
    with. We love you channel. Much love to you and Sarah!

  32. Unfortunately , as cute that seems , your actually doing more harm than
    good to those poor creatures. Manatees very often get serverly injured and
    some times killed because of this selfish act. They start to hang out
    closer and closer to the piers looking for fresh water and food and then
    they get chopped by boat propellers. Its horrific to see when they get
    caught with the blades. There nothing you can do at that point. They bleed
    out and die.
    I hope people start to use their brains and stop their selfish need to
    interact with wild life for the fun it. Respect wild life. 

  33. Nice fishing u had 

  34. Love your videos, been watching them for a while now. Haven’t subscribed
    yet but this made me push the button. God bless my friend.

  35. The manatee was like mmmmm, that’s the spot. The feeling I get when I’m at
    a water fountain but it’s nice and cold.

  36. Now that was totally awesome. Nature is full of surprises! Last night my
    wife and I were sitting on my deck when about 15 wild turkeys flew into my
    bird feeders, scarfing up the seeds on the ground. Tried to sneak off for a
    camera, but they saw me and were gone!

  37. I had a manatee come up and just float next to my boat for a few minutes in
    Rockport Texas. It was awesome

  38. You two are the best!!! All the best from Slovenija :-)

  39. Stanton Seepersaud

    Dude that’s the most hilarious thing I’ve ever seen! Lmao…

  40. Payton Costa Arsola

    thats awesome!!!

  41. That is cool 

  42. That’s really neat!!! I love your Aussie too!!! I’ve got one as well and
    she’s the best dog I’ve ever had!!!!

  43. that is so awesome, wish your videos were longer man

  44. OMG dude that’s awesome has he been back since?

  45. You should of offered him a beer and feed him

  46. …That’s adorable… :D

  47. Too cool 

  48. Wow that is awesome!

  49. First time to see this. its a great thing you posted this. I dont know if
    Im gonna laugh or be shocked. lol. anyway thanks for posting. I Always love
    your videos. you guys rock!

  50. that was so cool,see you got a friend. lol . yall have a great day

  51. That is so bad ass

  52. is a boner appropriate?

  53. thats actually really sad to see. I watched a documentary about how the
    manatees are so desperate to find fresh water to drink that they end up in
    places like that where they will stay for hours in the same spot just to
    get a few drops of fresh water. : (

  54. Md. Abdullahel Kafi

    Awesome man, just keep up with what you guys are doing! I got so much
    addicted to your channel and keep watching the vids whenever i get enough
    time to spare with.

  55. Too bad you and that manatee can’t strike up a deal: All the hose water he
    can drink for all the fish he can catch for ya. LOL
    Good video! Thank for sharing.

  56. Brett Keane drinking water from a hose.

  57. that was cool guys.

  58. soo cool

  59. Manatees are the cutest baby mammals ever

  60. great job on what you guys are doing. rock on from new Brunswick

  61. dang, he was thirsty !

  62. Loving your channel!

  63. This was so awesome to see :)

  64. How cool is that!!!

  65. I’m just getting to watch all your old videos! Love all of them y’all are
    great people and make me a happy guy keep up the good, hard work! I have
    been a subscriber since the first video I watched and l haven’t regretted
    it at all!

  66. that manatee thinks it’s eating fish. they’ve been known to eat fish
    occasionally. I bet the water taste like fish.

  67. It’s like they can taste or smell the fresh water from a distance. It will
    attract them at certain times of the year . They prefer fresh water and
    will not drink salt water and will migrate between the two. My Aunt lives
    in Key Largo.

  68. Haha man that is so cool to be able to walk down to your dock and be
    surprised with that! Love yalls videos! Hope y’all had a great

  69. Saw the same thing down in Key WEst. Very cool sight.

  70. manatees are heavenly creatures! nice footage. very nice one actually

  71. this made me so happy. I miss the manatees a lot especially Elenore from
    manatee bay. Thank you for your respect of this extremely endangered gentle
    giants. They are extraordinarily smart. They do crave fresh water and
    you’re amazing for one not disturbing him or her, two not touching her, and
    three letting him or her continue drinking. These animals are the animal
    loves of my life. I miss them so much

  72. How cool is that! I swam with the sea cows (manatee’s) in Crystal Springs
    FL. We came out of North Carolina to dive off of West Palm and there was a
    small-craft warning, so we loaded up and went to Devils Den and Crystal
    Springs… great time diving!

  73. You sound so California granola eater dude!

  74. I do that everyday at my dock

  75. The manatee was just there to drink the blood of the fallen. They never
    fooled me I knew they were evil!!!

  76. Jonah here from destin fl, y’all should come check it out. Great fishing
    down here. I try to get on the water for a couple of hours everyday and the
    Reds right now are really hitting hard .

  77. that’s awesome love ur videos

  78. What the hell is that thing !?? is it an alien?

  79. ItsWolf (Taking a Break)

    I always wondered how sea creatures get water…

  80. hey I want to send you something but I don’t know were to send it to

  81. cutie manate

  82. I was born and raised in Florida lived there most of my life and I have
    never seen this let alone ever even heard of this b4 that’s so awesome i
    swear i would just leave it on all the time just encase he/she got thirsty
    ever again…thanks for sharing this is a great video

  83. Manatee meat for dinner!

  84. I’m from New Zealand

  85. Just stumbled on this vid. Man that was just awesome. The Manatee
    Whisperer. Dude you rock the natural world.

  86. I lived in Titusville, FL growing up. Whenever manatees would come into our
    marina, we’d put out the hose. I’ve seen them drink freshwater for 30 mins.
    I don’t know if it’s good for them, but they love it. And the babies will
    nibble on your feet if you dangle them on the edge of a dock. So cute!

  87. Your water must be nice and clean if these guys are around.

  88. this is the best fishing channel where can I get this everglades spice???

  89. That water was fish flavored.

  90. what I like best about seeing your video is you look like a person who
    loves life. love the manatee and catch something for me!

  91. We had one in the bahamas that would suck on a water hose. They are salt
    water animals but need fresh water to survive.

  92. My brother use to own a house in Clearwater on the ICW, when he sold it he
    had an agreement with the new owners that they would water the manatees
    everyday, he had a pair that would come to his dock at the same time
    everyday. Alway thought that was such a cute story.
    Pretty sure there is a law against it though…

  93. Fucking alien

  94. Amazing how something can be so big yet so delicate drinking some water….

  95. Love the vids, keep them coming…love the dogs!

  96. That’s so cute ????????????

  97. That’s really cool

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