Massaging Kitty Paws

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Kinako the cat was in heaven as her owner gently massaged her paws. With her eyes closed, she couldn’t help but feel safe and relaxed in the warmth of their arms.

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  1. GIᐯE ᗰE ᔕᕼOᑌT OᑌT ᑭᒪEᗩᔕE

  2. awww he’s loving it!

  3. Wtf YouTube it’s on most popular but only 3,000 views

  4. Got dayumn. That cat’s gonna eyaculate all over the place!


  6. dem cat feelz doe:)

  7. Why is this on popular page, i get its a cat video but it only has like
    thousands views

  8. That’s adorable

  9. so cute :)

  10. I want one p*^*p

  11. I could have watched another hour of this.

  12. Horizontal ?

  13. love kitty paws

  14. That is one very relaxed kitty cat! Adorable!!!

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  16. I’m changing my death metal band’s name to Kitty Paws.

  17. unlike my cat where if I pick a paw up her claws immediately find blood.

  18. TheMetallicaMonster

    That’s a first. But of course an orange tabby would be that relaxed.

  19. Looks so content. :)

  20. most cats hate when people touch their paws too.

  21. This cat is thinking YASSSS

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