Match the Dog to Their Owner – Lineup

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  1. that girl on the very far left is dumb hot

  2. buzzfeed who? this is quality content lmfao


  4. I’m in love with the chinese girl….. gosh

  5. My dog passed away a few days ago from cancer. If your dog is beside you as you read this or outside please go outside and hug them for me. Please appreciate and love your pets daily, always make time for them.

  6. okay but why am I crying

  7. When they girl says that her mom took her own life because she was diagnosed with ms is sad because I have ms and I never want it to come to that

  8. Lilithaeon the Undying

    Wtf does being a Christian have to do with having a well-behaved dog? Answer me that one.

  9. Why she had to pair the “pity” to the black woman “oh your mean and rough” when she literally had a smile on face. Smh.

  10. “Mean and rough”…? 🤔🤦🏽‍♀️

  11. Damn the Chinese chick is THICC

  12. Elemental Fox studios

    People don’t realize that pit bulls/boxers are very sweet and loving dogs, it all depends on how they are raised when they are puppy’s. I have pit bull named bandit and she has never bit anyone or hurt another dog.

  13. Everyone’s talking about the “thick af” Asian girl but but but all I can concentrate on are the doggos

  14. Love those Staffie’s eyes 😻😻

  15. The chinese girl should be brought back

  16. The deeply ignorant woman in the long checkered skirt made this one hard to watch. The blonde white girl is a Christian and the Black girl is “mean and rough,” the Asian girl is “polite,” huh? Nice one on the stereotypes, dumbo. Also very uninformed in her descriptions of the dogs. All around cringe.

  17. That Asian girl 😍😍

  18. The man who matched the dogs seemed so genuinely interested in them and loved them. So sweet.

  19. Pencil Skirt woman is like high key racist…? 2:56 7:34

  20. forget trying to match the dog with their owner, i’d just play with all the dogs lol

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