Mauled By a Killer Ferret

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Wondering if Ferrets Bite? Want to know if Ferrets are Dangerous? Watch this video and judge for yourself. Join an epic ferret community at

Dark Hallway by Kevin MacLeod


  1. Thank You! Come sign up at my site, and share some pictures of your darling
    with us!

  2. Ferrets are awesome…ive had mine since a baby hes marshaled to, hes about
    a year or so now, people say they stink and stuff i beg to differ just have
    to keep up on maintaining him

  3. kinda misleading because the ferret wasn’t killer. It did not even bite the

  4. Yes I used a little sensationalist journalism here, however, you will have
    to forgive me as it’s meant to help dispel the myth about ferrets by
    setting expectations and then giving evidence to the contrary.

  5. Love it just like my two, stupid and soft.

  6. Emma Bracegirdle

    My ferret Pan is completely nip trained and NEVER bites!. Not even when
    playing. Ferrets are so soft, playful, laidback and incredibly loving! ..
    Great video, Love the misleading title!!

  7. Even when they do bite it’s an annoyance at worst… My family owned
    ferrets that my dad called “ankle biters” they would randomly run up to
    someone and nip their feet as a way of saying “hey, play with me!”

  8. ShowMeDaCarFax 56

    soo cute

  9. I have a few toe and ankle nippers.. my DEW, Snow, has a blast chasing me
    and attacking my toes! He’s never gotten me hard but has come close to
    tripping me up on more than one occasion.. Temo, just likes the sneak
    attack and comes flying at the back of my legs for a free ride hanging on
    my pants leg.. all fair in their form of play..

  10. Awwwwwwweeee thats adorbable i want one so much 🙂

  11. I love ferrets so much. My Little guy is gonna be a youtube star one
    day!!!!! Hes so adorable.!! Come to my channel to see him if you want.

  12. He is so adorable and cuddly…He looks like my boy Jinks My boy has some
    brown on his nose, he cuddles, sometimes sleeps with me, and licks me in
    the face. Sadly he passed three weeks ago, I miss him……Ferrets are the
    sweetest, fragile, gentle, intelligent creatures I have ever known.

  13. You should be wearing a suit of armor handling such a rabid animal with
    sharp teeth!!

  14. Ferret might bite sometimes but not hard. If claws are not trimmed they can
    scratch while playing. There is no such thing as a killer ferret. I like
    the little rascals and never saw a bad one. They can be sweet as sugar and
    love to be loose in the room. They don’t like to be out for a long time
    though. The adore to be cuddled too, my pup loves mine too.

  15. This Is Crap They Arn’t Killer Its how they play Retard

  16. Ying yang I think he would know that he has many ferrets he just wants to
    make a good video

  17. I was mauled by a cuddle killer ferret she jumped on me and fell asleep in
    my pockets of my jacket

  18. I used to work at a pet shop years ago. I love ferrets but they need human
    interaction early on or they can become mean. But that’s said for most

  19. They don’t bite don’t worry

  20. Killer ferret?

  21. He’s so cute! :)

  22. “It’s got fangs!”-Tim

  23. im telling my parents if they can get me a ferret for my birthday

  24. Ash Mcrae (Marioman667)

    apperently ferrets have enough jaw stength to crush bone…but they rarely
    do it

  25. What a super cutie of a fab ferret, love these videos, they are great.

  26. my ferret likes to bite my toes and try and take them off my foot.. its
    funny xD

  27. Luis Felipe Navarro Pelayo


  28. Lillieannen Sorensen

    They’re like having kittens that never outgrow the playful stage. We had
    one who decided she MUST live in Barbie’s dream house (she even used the
    spiral staircase to the bedroom) but no room mates thankyouverymuch. My
    daughters would come home from school with bailey sleeping on Barbie’s bed
    and the barbies lying unceremoniously on the floor.

  29. He’s vicious!!

  30. Yes, ferrets can be very dangerous. If not properly taken care of and
    raised right.


    That is one killer ferret.

  32. Aww! Looks just like my Iggy!

  33. It looks more like the owners mauling the Ferret than the other way around.

  34. It looks mean

  35. deceptive title…. the ONLY reason you got views…

  36. rubberbandba11craft

    like if you yawned

  37. That is one mean ferret…… Sure is a cutie-pie…. Looks like a good one
    there! :-D

  38. You are mauled by its cuteness

  39. You know how you said this was gonna be a killer ferret. Well you lied

  40. Jonathon Thoennes

    no ferret could kill other than a baby

  41. Jonathon Thoennes

    how is it a killer ferret

  42. LOL the’re SO dangerous to everyone, especially children..
    HAHA get over it people. Your cat is more hazardous than a ferret. 

  43. How could you not love those little critters

  44. I literally cannot play with my ferret because it’s always constantly
    biting…so im really jealous of those who r able to play with theirs..

  45. so dangerous.

  46. Nice vid sry some people can’t take sarcasm

  47. I'dRatherBe AtTheZoo

    This catsnake needs to be put down before it hurts more people. 

  48. Ha, reminds me of my dog.


  50. Ireallyreally Hategoogle

    Since when do animals use heavy sticks to beat people?

  51. This video is showing u if ferrets will bite you or not

  52. They bite, but its never anything serious.. Just stings. Imagine a cat
    biting you when it is pissy xD I experienced both and they are similar.

  53. She looks identical to my friend ferret. Her name is Shiva. 

  54. Vraiment trop mignon ce petit , j’adore quand il fait son calin ! 🙂
    Il a de tres grandes dents ! :p 

  55. Kill it with fire ! Oh wait… you can’t use its fur that way.

  56. Pretty sure this was a video to show that ferrets aren’t as dangerous and
    vicious as people say they are. It’s about the trainer/owner and how they
    handle the ferret. Jesus. So many ignorant comment.


  58. This is why Yossarian should never e woken before 2 in the afternoon.

  59. What a vicious creature you have there! So glad you survived the attack!
    Lol too cute <3

  60. my heart was mauled by its cuteness <3

  61. Ferrets aren’t dangerous they can get hyper and jump around but there not
    vicious or any of that. And they don’t bite they nibble

  62. Mauled by loves :P

  63. is it hissing or yawning

  64. i have a ferret too


  66. Ferrets are the sweetest pets. I don’t understand where they got their bad
    reputation. Mine even smell good, much better than dogs. I have never
    smelled cats, but the scent of ferrets is really nice. Personality, they
    just rock!!!

  67. Longferret is long..?

  68. i love it

  69. shanea_stobe 2003

    omg the video is so bad :O it was attacking its owner :o

  70. awwwwwwww makes me want to go and by 2 more since my old ones died R.I.P.
    Gizmo & Skittles

  71. he was only tired not mauling

  72. SuperQueenGamer Plays


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