Meet Disney, Britain’s tiniest dog who stands at just 9.3cm (3 ins) tall and weighs 14 ounces (405g)

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The pocket-sized chihuahua was part of a litter of three born on January 25 – but hasn’t grown since she was eight-weeks-old. The tiny pooch is lighter than a bag of sugar and can be carried around by owner Natalie Vanes, 26, in the palm of her hand. Mum-of-one Natalie has to keep Disney away from her three other dogs at her home in Coseley, West Mids., in case they mistake her for a toy. As a result, Disney forged an inseparable bond with her pet kitten Kiera instead and they have been best friends ever since.


  1. FireStormBaller

    Wtf is she saying?

  2. Quit fucking breeding these dogs meant to be cute. Wtf is wrong with you
    people? dogs need to be dogs and having a dog that small is worthless, If
    it can’t survive on its own In the wild don’t fucking breed it. All them
    tiny dogs are fucked up mentally cause they can’t do shit to help a human.
    Dogs whole life is based in helping humans, dogs must work for something
    and know they have a purpose just like humans. They feel incomplete without
    it and u wonder why so many tiny dogs are aggressive and fucked up

  3. who else thinks she will start twerking and acting slutty when shes 18?

  4. Wuuuuut the hell?

  5. Sweet mother of Thor I keep making the same freaking mistake of looking
    down at the comments when I saw something adorable. Every freaking time I
    think, “Oh wow what a cute dog, kitten and a British girl talking about her
    friends. I wonder what the comments are up to!” Also I know it’s my fault
    for doing it.

  6. Was this an outtake from one of those Big Fat Gypsy Wedding shows?

  7. That small dog reminds of Clifford when he was a pup

  8. I didn’t understand a fuckin word she said.

  9. Such a fitting name for a whittle pup.

  10. That dog is going to be exceptionally retarded and probably die at the age
    of 4 with heart issues or something. You cant fuck with genetics that

  11. Yaro Kalinichenko

    I didn’t even understand wat she said???

  12. I hope they muzzle that beast when walking it in public.

  13. Kee .Le Strange

    They nevah fight, they nevah moan…
    They loves eachova.

    I can’t breathe. She’s adorable!

  14. It seems like all the really tiny dogs look like they’re on the brink of a
    nervous breakdown.

  15. mohamed warsame

    And they Neva Evah fight

  16. She seems like the kinds of girl that would stick her kitten in the

  17. The british accent makes her sound so spoiled and stuck-up

  18. Moonray Silversky

    Truly adorable!

  19. Wow she speaks German really well.

  20. Small tiny dogs annoys the fuck out of me.

    Dogs should all be 70 lbs German Shepards so the ladies can just stop
    fucking around with Toys.

  21. Forget the dog, that girl is adorable lol

  22. JazzKeyboardist1

    Charlotte and george

  23. I wanted to see the dog. Not the pot, not the kitty and last but not least
    the girl, who I couldn’t understand wut she was saying. Show just the dog!

  24. Dear Heavenly Father, I come to you in the name of Jesus. I realize I am a
    sinner, and I am sorry for my sins and ask for your forgiveness. I believe
    that you sent your only begotten Son Jesus Christ to die for my sins upon
    the cross and His blood was shed for me. I believe that You God raised
    Jesus up from the dead and He sits at your right hand. I place my trust in
    you and ask you to come into my heart. Guide me and direct me that I may do
    your will in all things. Amen

  25. The Person With A Very Long Account Name

    Who’s cuter, the dog or the brat in the video?

  26. That girl is going places.

  27. this is the cutest fucking video on the internet

  28. That dog is not fucking 3 inches tall…

  29. can anyone tell me what she said?

  30. she forgot to name the price

  31. Kids in Africa could eat those dogs.

  32. What part of the UK is this accent from?

  33. cant understand a word she says, speak english

  34. She’s saying happy cinco de mayo

  35. HA! LOOK AT HER! She has some fat, and you know what that means? Britain is
    obese omg freak out hate hate hate *sweg*

  36. Beverly Hills CA

    I think this girl is way cuter & entertaining than any of the pets. Oh
    dear, she is so cute. Someone should cast her in a feature film. Do more
    vids sweetheart, you are so adorable!

  37. Bullet Tooth Tony

    Speak English to me. I thought this country spawned the fucking language
    and so far nobody seems to speak it.

  38. Lucy from Narnia

  39. Why do Brits always have jacked up teeth? They’re either stained dark or
    there’s gaps. Hell sometimes they’re falling out.
    I’m being serious here, is it the water, to much tea, lack of dentists?

    Yo mates, fix those grills please.

  40. someone get this girl some oxygen

  41. *”They wuv each uvvah.”*
    The kid stole the show from a PUPPY!

  42. I didn’t have any trouble understanding her. I think she and the animals
    are sweet.

  43. just here for the puppy

  44. “Kiana the bestest friend can delete children could never can never fight.
    They’ve never known kept sometimes to mean made known as fish she didn’t
    have they spend scanner her lifestyle. She in the running to be well
    smallest ok in Nambour never force iftar and to a stylish Ciara all right
    field supply was somebody and jeaner swelling weekend, just like the Jeep
    and the highest Aslam.”

    Bless you, Youtube Closed Captions. Bless you.

  45. She looks like a miniature Sprinkleofglitr! lol

  46. to every one making snide remarks about this little girls speech and how
    you can’t understand what she is saying. You are fucking morons i hope you
    can understand that. So now we are having a go at children. Yes they are
    much easier targets after all. One thing is for sure she’s probably more
    intelligent than the morons who posted some of these comments

  47. chris castaneda

    that blonde bitch is annoying I wanna punch her in the fuken face

  48. goddamn fucking Brits need to learn how to fucking speak 

  49. That’s cool their not moanish!

  50. I was having too good a day so I looked in the comments. 

  51. 0:24 lost my shit. the way she talks is god damn annoying. i blame the

  52. Which one is the tiny dog? The one with the blonde hair or the cute thing
    in her lap?

  53. Do they ever fight?

  54. What the heck is she saying

  55. holy fuck i can not stand that accent is it so annoying

  56. She’s so adorable!!!

    Ohh ya, the puppies and kittens are cute too.

  57. Why did I laugh so hard at the girl?

  58. Say what

  59. Ash is my puppy

    Aww she reminds me of me when I was a young one but I have a Yorkshire
    accent so yeah…

  60. YourAnonymityMadeYouHeartless

    If you’re one of the people who can’t understand any accents besides your
    own, Closed Captioning is here for you. it isn’t accurate, but you’ll
    probably enjoy it. Your Welcome.

  61. Wow, didn’t realize brits sounded so idiotic. Can’t even understand
    anything she said.

  62. LordBird74, Brits have an all time high in their consumption of sugar!

  63. And to think, this is what they call proper English. 

  64. ░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░█▄

  65. 50/50 chance of this dog making tell 18 :(

  66. someone translate wat she said!

  67. Reading the comments gave me disgust, I recommend for people that have the
    decency to ignore it. Poor girl does not deserve this much insult..

    Freedom of speech? This is what you get, a bunch of degenerated piece of
    shits who thinks it is fine to berate a little child for their own
    entertainment. This world is shît.

  68. Really? People are making fun of an 8 year old? You people need to grow up.
    Why do americans have to insult everything thats not american. If you cant
    understand her then you cant understand English, i understood every word.
    Comments about her teeth, sorry put people out side america don’t waste
    tons of money on trying to fix every little thing. Americans have terrible
    teeth, they just cover it up. Americans get braces, fake whiten there
    teeth, plastic surgery, tons of make up and more. The tea thing is dumb
    too, cause americans drink Coffee more then we drink tea. Your all a bunch
    of fake ignorant people who hate every one that’s not american. You wonder
    why everyone hates you. 

  69. Soooooo cute :3

  70. 100000000000000000000/10 cuteness #overload cuteness 

  71. I think she’s a precious girl and Disney is very cute . All these people
    that are saying bad things about this girl should be ashamed of yourself
    and really need to do something better with your life .

  72. Disgusting how cruel these posting idiots are about this cute little girl.
    Karma is waiting for you out there.

  73. I think anyone who comes to talk Shit about a little girl and her dog
    really just show they have problems with themselves.

  74. Humberto Ruiz Jr.

    Bloody limey!! What the hell is she saying? Fucked up accent,..

  75. Humberto Ruiz Jr.

    In Korea you can deep fry these little fuckers and sell them as
    appetizers…Cheers mate…haaaaa haaaa

  76. Elisabeth Bunnell Noell

    WARNING: Anyone with a soul reading the inane, immature and mindless
    comments…God help us!!!

  77. Uh, she’s so cute. There’s a puppy in Saving Miss Caroline…

  78. How can this be “Britain’s tiniest dog” when it’s still a puppy? It’s not
    even 6 months old yet.

  79. WONDERFUL!!!! Absolutely WONDERFUL!!!

  80. Repeat: “The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain”

  81. Translation: Thes es desney thes as Keara the luv ech oter thay neva fiet
    thay neva moon cats soume ems can beh a bit moanish
    jsoajfpefopmpeopdmfpoaspfmoeapmfpn;rgsngjnlghsndknrlsdkmgkdmff the end

  82. 14 ounces what is that in american pounds

  83. you can’t see the dang dog on the ground normally.

  84. i kind of want to punch that girl in the face as hard as I can

  85. Cute little girl and animals 

  86. I think Americans in the comments are getting angry because this vid hasn’t
    got any explosions in it.

  87. Look how small that doggie is!

  88. That pup must have a bladder smaller than a thumb.

  89. You annoying little shit you ruined my day…. All I wanted to see was a
    cute little puppy. But I got a fat, ugly, annoying, crooked teeth BRIT

  90. Well… I mean the dogs were cute… 

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