Melanie Raccoon riding bike-side angle

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Raccoon riding bike


  1. Un Otaku Estuvo Aqui :D

    OMG!!, this is so cute, i wanna hold her, sooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. ohh how Daniel Boone would react…

  3. That is one strange looking duck.

  4. Animal rights: “he needs to be wearing a helmet”

  5. wow this raccoon can ride better then chinese xD

  6. it’s amazing to see this ….this made my day

  7. she’s a sweetheart X)

  8. That’s sooooooo cool!!!!?

  9. has ha pretty cool :)

  10. *Melanie : “I will stick to running on 4 legs. Much faster.”*

  11. nice video boss

  12. Uh, why is it wearing sunglasses in the house??

  13. How do i get my cat to do this

  14. Wow, have a driver’s license :D

  15. Marvelle Barksdale

    Melanie you train that raccoon well, he ride better then me. LOL! Them cats
    were afraid of the raccoon and gave him all access to their food and water.
    I never saw a cat back down like that and it was three of them. They
    could’ve taken him down for sure. He prove to them he was the King and dare
    them cats to challenge him. And then, had the nerve to come back and grab
    a hand full of food and ran off. Soooooo! Funnneee! I’m like the other
    comment that was made about stolen bikes. I’m going to make sure mines
    chain down or locked. You never know how many others out their are trained.

  16. Shows how crafty a raccoon can be when trying to get a meal

  17. VenturianTale Gal

    Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 Sneak Peak

  18. ShinyBoatProductions

    Raccoons are awesome.

  19. No way! 🙂 This is so cute! How did you train this cutest raccoon?!

  20. Alberto Portugal

    I’m fucking dying 

  21. to bad he can’t ride that bike to freedom.

  22. 0:12….”What? Not good enough for ya”?

  23. Aww!! That’s a cute raccoon. You’re so lucky to have such a talented pet.

  24. Jimmy Kimmel Live

    It’s like riding a bike

  25. Its Rocket!


  27. Good

  28. I bet the dude recording was Mordecai.

  29. Videos Cats LOVE!!

    This is so cute!

  30. If only we could train Toronto’s raccoons to tricks…

  31. Wtf am I doing with my life…

  32. Good dude!

  33. I would teach an army of raccoons to fly jetpacks and probably rob banks !!

  34. Natures burglar practicing on his getaway vehicle

  35. Jeanette Hitchcock


  36. On his way to knock over my fucking garbage can.

  37. Raccoon feces and urine are associated with roundworm, giardia and
    leptospirosis. The roundworms can cause loss of muscle control and
    blindness and liver complications. Orkin Pest Control encourages
    discarding live or dead raccoons. These animals are absolutely filthy and
    not cute in any way, shape or form!!!

  38. Niqar Mammadzade


  39. Cute but that’s nothing. Our neighborhood raccoon rides a harley with a
    different chick at the back everytime I see him…I think he’s in a gang.

  40. *Mathe na rapareis*

  41. Now how cute is that? This was really cool. Thank you for sharing your

  42. where did she find that small bicycle!! shes cute !

  43. Doesn’t look very practical. How much are you paying her?

  44. Aaww what a cute little Garbage Panda

  45. No commemts?

  46. SO MUCH MORE IMPRESSIVE!! Compare to those STUPID CAT Videos.. and DOGGIE
    Tricks. Well DONE!!! Original as Well.

  47. And I thought I was the only one who could do this ! (
    kidding….and I never got a treat afterwards either…. )
    Still…pretty cool.

  48. I did my trick, wheres my treat!

  49. Erik the Prospector

    lmao! Any time an animal rides a bike it’s hilarious! Never seen a raccoon
    doing it! Rock on Raccoon and Raccoon owner!

  50. this is the cutest thing ive ever seen

  51. So are raccoon pets becoming a thing now? 

  52. Haha super funny

  53. mad next u have to learn to lift up the bicycle

  54. pffffffft training wheels

  55. Did anyone else have the song “Riding Dirty” in their head while raccoon
    was riding the bike?

  56. What breed of dog is that??????

  57. Poor exploited animal !, I would like to see the woman yelling, riding a
    bike for a bit of food and then making a Youtube channel of that,…

  58. Melanie also knows that jet fuel can’t melt steel beams.

  59. Go Rocket, go!

  60. Damn it

  61. Michael mc inerney

    “The racoon can ride a bike but Scump cant”-Crimsix

  62. The new Guardians of the Galaxy movie seems to be coming along nicely. 

  63. Tinka the Rainbow Fox

    Have you tried it with a seat? If she could balance her weight on it, it
    would allow her to peddal without swinging from side to side trying to
    ‘stand’ on the peddals. Maybe try making a custom seat she likes to sit on
    first and then use that.

  64. Wow you should have at least had bigger tires with better grip so the
    racoon can actually use for commuting

  65. oil that bike up or you’re going to end up with a very athletic but
    unimpressive to watch pet circus raccoon

  66. eJacob Cornelius

    It’s no cat in a shark suit.

  67. What’s the big deal coons always ride bikes in “The Hood.”

  68. welcome to the internet

  69. poor…

  70. “Stupid humans, why did the invented this useless stuff, I want my food”

  71. Jérôme Chesnot (l'Ours)

    Les animaux sauvages ne sont pas des jouets, shame on you.

  72. stupid humain

  73. Awe that’s so cute!

  74. c’est Escozoo

  75. how cute ! ♡♡

  76. I take it you have a license to keep a prohibited species wild animal as a
    pet in the United Kingdom?

  77. OMG! So cute…

  78. animal slavery

  79. #AnimalBike2016

  80. FUCK OFF!! I did not just see a raccoon riding a bike!

  81. This is so sad… she is not a toy. There is no need for that. Seriously.

  82. Ема Стоянова

    OMFG!!!!!! I love raccoons so much!!

  83. Raccoons might not be Pets….But they are Great, intelligent companions!
    They show Love, compassion and curiosity, And can be trained as well! It
    would be nearly IMPOSSIBLE to make your cat ride a bike like that for
    example….Not that it can’t do it physically! It just wouldn’t give two
    shits about what you asking it!

  84. that is so adorable

  85. teaching tricks for treats for the amusement of others for your own
    vanity,how sad.

  86. hahaha cool!

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