Mesmerizing Tail

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She’s so adorable sometimes, not when she sneezes on my face though, or farts in my face. I show her who’s the boss by farting in her face back.

She also sits outside the bathroom when I poop.


  1. what type of cat is this? so so cute~ :D

  2. Aww so cute

  3. 너무 귀여워서 몽둥이로 때리고싶다 ㅎㅎ

  4. Parks and Rec in the background. We should be friends.

  5. The people sound stoned. Very stoned. “Fuck it… I quit” stoned.

  6. i have a domestic short hair named nitro sometimes i call her my little
    baby orca i love cuddling with him……he is a tuxedo cat

  7. Cats are the best!

  8. Fuckin cuteeee :P

  9. thats funny….hahaha…

  10. Too much cuuuuute!!!! her ears are so big…she’ll have to grow into them. 

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  12. My god. I’ve watched this three times now. Just the cutest.

    PS: Hey, what’s up, Parks and Rec?

  13. Daisy and her crazy tail- you tube- for you dog lovers…..

  14. that little piece of steak

    why play in prem when you can just make cat videos

  15. No big deal. My boner does this all day.

  16. that was weird. this was in my rss feed from worlds

  17. “I show her who’s the boss by farting in her face back.”
    -Epic and stupid in one fell swing!

  18. watching parks and recreation fucks yeas mane boop boop ba doop

  19. You know… all cats pass through their “mesmerizing tail” fase.

  20. so cute!!! She looks like my Molly cat. 

  21. This cat has alien tail syndrome. 

  22. She’s cute 

  23. When your tail turns against you.. 

  24. nice description XD

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  26. It’s like when a little boy discovers his penis for the first time….
    Whoa… what is this strange thing?! 

  27. I love parks and recreation!

  28. fun fact:
    All cats get “Mesmerized” by their Tail. They just don’t play with it
    unless they laying down and it’s waving around in-front of their face :p

  29. Your cat is so lovely. May I have it? :'(

  30. Omg so cute! Kinda looks like mine, but mine is a lil older

  31. )))) )))

  32. Isn’t she a cutie pie. Can’t help but love this little sweetheart.

  33. Asabikeshiinh Weaver

    My 3 year old cat still hasn’t figured out how that fluffy snake works.


  35. I want to put that cat in my mouth 

  36. why is every other word f….?

  37. Is that Parks and Recreation in the background?

  38. what a sweet baby

  39. aawww soo adorbs and funny

  40. Смешной катенок ?

  41. Soooooooooooooooo cuuuuuuuute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    My kitten really looks like your!
    That kitten’s legs grow in wrong side!

  42. Truly adorable….

  43. very nice, they’re watching Parks and Recreation.

  44. the real i52 finale


  46. “My tail is self-conscious…..”

  47. I could go to work drunk, my boss gets mad at me and is going to fire me. I
    put this kitty in front of him and he starts playing with his tail and my
    boss would go awww then he would say well its okay just don’t come in
    drunk again and im going to give you a raise.

  48. the video was good until the camera guy started swearing. the swearing
    ruined it for me

  49. What a cute little baby!

  50. She needs a cat friend.

  51. Tooooooo much cuteness!!!! 

  52. omg i wasn’t aware my voice could pitch that high
    this is the most adorable kitten I’ve ever seen <3 <3 <3

  53. 100% Adorable!

  54. …i love it that they are watching packs and recreation!

  55. 96 people disliked this?!

  56. “woah~dud, check out this tail” “dud. First you were all like “whoa”, and
    we were like “whoa”, and you were like “whoa…” 

  57. parks and rec!!

  58. Tiny cat + parks and rec = best video ever!

  59. “Why be the humanz laughing at meh”

  60. I just made an unhumanly noise.

  61. Awwwwwwwwwww!!! *v*
    Also, you’re watching parks & rec!! Awesome people!!! :D

  62. Que dulzura!!!! Una ternurita ; )

  63. if he continues to play with it cut it off.

  64. How the hell did a tf2 god have almost a million views on a video that has
    literally nothing to do with tf2?! Like the cat’s cute, but where did you
    all come from?

  65. parks and recreation in the back lol

  66. This is one of the cutest cats I’ve ever seen! ^_^ Great video! <3

  67. This Username Is Too Long (memes on wheels)

    How cute c:

  68. more ppl saw this cat than the ppl u will meet in ur lifetime. 

  69. This description….

  70. 1.1 Million views? 

  71. BumFreezeGaming


  72. Wtf 1 MILLION views???

  73. 1:50 Well done – you diminished the charm by swearing needlessly and didn’t
    even think to edit it out.

  74. What map and config did you use for this video?

  75. 飼い主に遊んで欲しいと言ってると思う。

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