Milkshake Squirrel Steals Shake Shack from NYC Garbage

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First there was Pizza Rat. Then there was Milkshake Squirrel.

New Yorkers, whether they’re human or rodent, love a good snack. While it’s totally possible this little squirrel loves to get a slice like his rat friends, he also has a sweet tooth. Nothing satisfies a sweet tooth like a chocolate shake from Shake Shack in Madison Square Park.

Hey. Hey, you. Yes, YOU!

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  1. wait what do squirrels eat?

  2. omg those girls cackles are annoying but the squirrel was cute

  3. Talk about sugar rush

  4. *you idiotic morons :”human food” full of preservatives & artificial colors
    are poison for animals , this creatures were not meant to drink and or eat
    human junk food , animals were meant to hunt their own prey and or look for
    their own fruits or nuts , humans made a mistake by giving junk food to
    animals , now this squirrels will forget how to hunt and or pick up their
    natural food and will lose that biological capability , this stupid
    ignorant americans filming this shit and having a blast what kind of idiots
    are this people? , no wonder why America is in deep shit and full of obese
    ignorant people*

  5. Well Done Videographer.

  6. misha jesse Collins

    funny guy squirrel

  7. misha jesse Collins

    cute we have them here getting ready for fall 2015

  8. misha jesse Collins


  9. my guess will be Jerkoff Dolphin next

  10. That squirrel has terrible manners. He didn’t even use a straw!

  11. Tommy, Gracie & Leo

    Squirrel just did a commercial for Shake Shack. : )

  12. LMFAO just by the way he removes the straw you know this isnt his first
    milkshake…this squirrel im sorry to say has an addiction

  13. I want to see a squirrel maxxed out on caffeine. Can someone please go
    there and set him up with a bait?

  14. What’s with New York animals and fast food?

  15. Ohhh so that’s what Sandy Cheeks does when she’s out of the ocean…..

  16. NY attitude!!!

  17. First Rat w/ Pizza, now Squirrel w/ shake… what’s next!?

  18. Good marketing fuckers

  19. ¿Es Chip o Dale?

  20. Wow, I didn’t know rat’s liked pizza.

  21. She said she was 18

    what a fat ass nigga.

  22. Removes straw like a boss.

  23. that squirrel needs to be fined for littering.

  24. I didn’t know squirrels loved milkshakes

  25. Thats going to be one rolly polly squirrel some day.

  26. Jerome Jarre can breed these squirrels

  27. This is horrible! He is gonna get SO sticky.

  28. listen to how excited they get. fucking yanks

  29. Based on this squirrel’s recommendation I think I’ll give Shake Shack a

  30. New York Squirrel takes what it wants…..

  31. I thought squirrels like nuts? Wtf

  32. Next is a Thai Opossum

  33. fucking hipsters.

  34. Poor Rocky Squirrel was never the same after his movie flopped.

  35. how the fuck did he know to take out the straw?!!?

  36. Pizza Rat, Milkshake Squirrel.

  37. Victoria Eby-Bounds

    human process ed food is so bad for animals, and us! it is cute to see but
    the reality is sad, that this is what animals are eating.

  38. Nothing special, just another of Chip “n” Dale wannabe.

  39. I’ve looked at all the comments and nobody has said anything about the fact
    that this squirrel is the real life “Hammy” from the movie Over the
    Hedge… :'(

  40. That squirrel is MGTOW…

  41. How much shade was left for the Squirrel?

  42. Next is squirrel Doberman.

  43. uncertainty principle

    poor thing hooked on caffeine ^^

  44. The way the squirrel lifted that straw out of the cup and dashed it to the
    side was just gangsta. “nigga, I don’t need dis!”

  45. His tail is so soft and plush.

  46. omg so adorable

  47. my squirrels ruin my outside furniture

  48. squirrel is high

  49. That is now my favorite squirrel, his Nick name.
    Savage Squirrel Jr.

  50. that squirrel is getting diabetes

  51. Americans be like “LOOL squirrel!”

  52. Peta Animal Obesity Awareness Campaign: coming in 2016 in a city near you!

  53. Later that day the squirrel died from diabetes

  54. “ahh yiss…chocolate for my pms”

  55. Myrna Murphy music videos

    Americans are so weird.

  56. Coitadinho, mais uma vítima da fast food.

  57. Poor guy. Sugar addiction’s not a pretty sight…

  58. “Duuuude, you’re going to get a tummy ache…”

  59. A Squirrel tried breaking into my house today. 

  60. *Jesus Christ loves us all*
    *He is the Son of God that rose from the dead*
    *He Promised to give you eternal life, When you ask*
    *Ask Him to heal your body*

  61. I hope this little fella didn’t get sick cause of it.

  62. How does one “steals” from a garbage?

  63. I don’t like squirrels taking food from the homeless

  64. Just give him some privacy while having his dinner/lunch/desert …

  65. If white people werent raping the land and resources then wildlife wouldn’t
    have to search through human trash for food.The earth would naturally
    provide the food freely for the needs of wildlife.

  66. squibbs needs his sugar fix :-)

  67. It’s real life Foamy!

  68. Beware… the squirrels are evolving!!

  69. lo toma como si fuera droga

  70. The other "No" dude

    I see that squirrel is living life on the edge….

  71. Maggie Athena Galvin

    Pretty sure that’s a she, much like pizza rat. You go girl, get your

  72. Ultimate savage. Gives not one flying fuck

  73. don’t get why no better ratings

  74. Ummmm………. LMAO. This is pretty much what happens on a typical morning
    on campus over at the University of Central Florida. This hardly surprised

  75. How depressing. We’ve made them sugar junkies… :(

  76. Homesteading Ruthie

    I haven’t had a milkshake in ages – this squirrel is inspiring me.

  77. PETA about on your asses 

  78. De milagro no la auyentaron asustada con el escándalo de esos sub-normales

  79. Pizza rat
    Milkshake squirrel
    What’s next?


  81. Diabetic Squirrels ain’t cute

  82. Pizza rat… Shake squirrel… Blood red supermoon lunar eclipse… And
    Donald Trump is popular?


  83. Obesity in animals is going to become so prominent soon. I worry about
    their health. :c

  84. Encouragement Bunny

    Man these little critters hailing from NYC are of a different breed…
    Let’s see what a squirrel does in LA.

  85. my milkshake brings the squirrels to the yard

  86. If the milkshake is in the garbage, is he really stealing it? I think he’s
    being eco-conscious.

  87. byze brought me here

  88. Next up, “Diabetes Squirrel”.

  89. Monkey banana pudding. I mean obama banana pudding.

  90. pizza fish squirrel

  91. Your milkshake brings all the squirrels to the yard

  92. I had no idea there were hyenas in Central Park..

  93. 45

  94. NY Squirrel.

  95. Raphael de Oliveira

    He was thirsty and only found it to drink..

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