mindegy neki

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I bought the cat from breeders, and when I picked her up, after watching the ‘exhibition’ of her parents’ awards from different cat ‘beauty pageant‎s’, they handed me a 10 pages long handbook about what exactly I should feed the cat with, that she only eats Royal Canin etc.
On our way home, I made a deal with the cat: I won’t call her von Orchidenwald Baby Mercedes, like her mom, or similar posh cat names, and in exchange, she does not torture me with being snob and picky.
She agreed, and she wants to eat everything. And her name is Pocak (means tummy in Hungarian).

(Begging this way is her skill since she was a kitty, I did not trained her. I cannot train her to do anything, anyway.)


  1. Give that cat a cheeseburger!

  2. I’m not even going to ask what “Vagdaft” is…

  3. Stop abusing this poor female cat, you insolent sadistic bastard! I’m literally in tears because never in my entire life, have I seen such blatantly obvious abuse of an animal. If you don’t publicly apologize, I’m going to have to report this to PETA, and have you arrested.

    Berta Lovejoy, Feminist, Promoter of Equality, Peace, and Love.

  4. This cats manipulation skills are on another level.

  5. i heard bloodborne bells

  6. Aw, how adorable!  How could you say no to that? lol

  7. I think the cat is motioning to put it down on the ground so he can eat it.

  8. Feed your cat. It’s bowls are empty and it’s obviously hungry. All for a video…animal cruelty.

  9. This is actual torture

  10. Poor cat gotta beg for everything. Bad human.

  11. Wuppon Gangnam Style

  12. did anyone notice there was never food in the bowl ????

  13. cats use to run YouTube

  14. i haven’t eated since the last time i eated

  15. That pussy would give killer handjobs

  16. Stop worrying people, the cat looks really healthy. The cat is probably learned to beg like that because the owner gives him treats. The cats ok lol.

  17. im getting so tired of people calling this animal abuse, it’s pretty obvious that he feeds his cat right after he stops recording because who doesnt?

  18. 0:26 food is supplied

    cat is glutton, owner isn’t abuser

    you dumb mother fuckers.

  19. An insult to the cat race. How dare you beg like some common dog. Have some dignity! Don’t call yourself a cat anymore you sad, hedonistic excuse for a feline.

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