Mine dricker från tratten – Cat drinking from cone

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The title means Mine drinking from the cone. The cats name is Mine and she’s a three year old female.


  1. look at this smol child

  2. are you german?

  3. Jonas Valnumsen Hansen

    My cat did this, but then it died :(

  4. Animal using a improvised tool . Sign of the times animals getting smarter
    humans getting stupid

  5. awwwe =^•^= meow

  6. Screw glasses or bottles, I’m drinking with one of those cones.

  7. Who else watches BFVSGF and thinks the cat looks like pumpkin

  8. lol 2000 likes

  9. sooooo smarrrt

  10. cute, my two cats hate drinking water

  11. Rare Who Roast Beast

    Mlem, mlem, mlem.

  12. this is my favourite

  13. The cat gives no crap when wasting the water bill. I cry evri tim?

  14. Aww so cute!

  15. this video inspired me. Anything is possible

  16. really bro

  17. かわいいいいいいいいいいいい~~~~~~

  18. oh oh oh oh

  19. det är bedårande :)

  20. Jesus christ are you fucking stupid, the cat could’ve drowned

  21. This cat is smarter than most humans.

  22. My cat looks almost exactly like this one

  23. If you close your eyes it sounds like a sink running water.

  24. Матвей Медянский

    Mine drinking from the fauset”. I think Mine is it’s name.
    Відповісти ·

  25. Smart cat

  26. This cat is cute

  27. Hahahaha, that’s funny!!!

  28. <---- Viral Video Alert

  29. Dash The Dastardly Dachshund


  30. Video_Guys (LucTran)


  31. Clever girl…

  32. Your. Cat. Us disgusting

  33. cute

  34. Thats so cute

  35. Хочу все знать!

    Залил кота на ЮТуб, набрал сотни 1к просмотров.
    Нормально, чо…

  36. Clever cat :D

  37. Aw so cutegive that cat some money for being so

  38. There evolving!!!

  39. Catgyver

  40. what a cutie!

  41. funniest shit ever man

  42. Cats rule people drool, I feed my stinky flea sack day old coffee right
    next to it’s litter box.

  43. Resourceful kitty

  44. Why does he/she have the cone? :(

  45. That is such a cat thing to do too. A dog would get all confused, but a
    cat’s like “this works.”

  46. Who the fuck r u and why r u in my feed

  47. Grandmaster Dinner Roll

    Where are you from? That’s not Norwegian, and it doesn’t look like

  48. Reaow

  49. Lmao whats the title translate to

  50. 蒋志国(Chiang)


  51. canh sac duong qo

  52. Dear god they’re learning to use tools like humans. Won’t be long before
    they overrun us.

  53. This cat is an innovator

  54. children in africa could’ve eaten that cone!

  55. cat: this is my life now….. :(

  56. john bartholomew (murkle46)

    smart enigineer cat is smart

  57. awwwww 🙁 poor cat!

  58. well that’s a good idea

  59. What language is the title in? It looks very similar to English.

  60. Oh my god…They’re learning!

  61. Oh my gosh, she’s adorable. She also found a great way to turn her cone
    into something useful for her.

  62. muslim cat

  63. sweet baby

  64. They evolved!

  65. …when life gives you lemons, make lemonade! Wishing Mine a speedy

  66. Ocean man, take me by the hand, lead me to the land that you understand
    Ocean man, the voyage to the corner of the globe is a real trip
    Ocean man, the crust of a tan man imbibed by the sand
    Soaking up the thirst of the land

  67. En svensk kommentar mellan alla engelska…

    Så söt!!

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  70. Now that’s useful. :)

  71. lol cute lil dork

  72. you put a spell on khajiit but khajiit is resilient

  73. She’s “making lemonade out of lemons”. (Turning a shitty situation into
    into something positive.) I’m impressed!
    I think you’ve got yourself a smarter than average cat there. :)

  74. Hvorfor tratten?

  75. To the 211 people who disliked this, you have no heart! Simply precious!!!!

  76. Clever, adorable and precious

  77. mucha tecnologuia

  78. Achraf Benlemkaddem

    Are we genetically programmed to love cats?

  79. Inteligencia gatuna

  80. Aww…! <3 :)

  81. Thanks for sharing. 8-)

  82. “tilt your head back, let’s finish the cup”

  83. Calculated.

  84. That is a very smart kitty.

  85. Geniuses of the cat world.

  86. gracioso

  87. painter الرسامة‎

    when I looked at cat I thought her neck is broken

  88. Cute :)

  89. Ďakujem za krásne video naozaj sú?? také špekulantky mačky aj ja mám?
    dve. ???????

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