Minion Baby Goats !

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Twin Nigerian Dwarf goats dressed up as minions but one gets sleepy and takes a nap , the other is more energetic and jumps out of the bucket. We got these fun costumes at amazon ,they are made for dogs. The outfits fit well but the hats are big b/c goats heads are more slender. Our goats are pets and they get plenty of attention , treats, and get dressed up like our dogs- minion costume : .


  1. Awwww so cute

  2. Why is this ‘trending’ if it has 2 comments and 900 views? Seriously
    sometimes I think youtube has that trending page messed up. 

  3. sure alot of comments for a “trending video”

  4. Neither cute nor funny. But it is a little degrading and sad.

  5. “Kill me”

  6. eduardo galindo grandchant

    parece que le sedaron al cabrito para que se quede en ese traje… ,que mal


  8. Just – why

  9. Creative Critters

    Aw their so cute! What are their names? :3

  10. Cute and funny! :D

  11. I’ve watched this at least a hundred times and it never gets old.

  12. SO CUTE!

  13. Q?

  14. Oh crap..

    The minions have reached YouTube…

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  16. Aww that is cute

  17. like this thing

  18. i honestly cant tell if this is cute, funny, or straight up horrifying

  19. “The Five Stages of Youtube Depression” My Channel. Go There. Now.

  20. Haha hilarious 

  21. Their eyes are creeping me out a little…

  22. How is this animal cruelty in anyway? Look at some of the other videos on
    the channel and you tell me if this is the kind of person that would abuse
    animals. I generally feel bad for who ever made this, getting all this
    unnecessary hate on a friendly video. :/

  23. Vanessa Napierala

    I wish this was 10 seconds longer to see what happened lol 

  24. 10/10 Would bang !
    just joking

  25. Boring, nothing happened

  26. The people disliking this are such sad excuses for humans.

  27. Remember when Minions were relevant? Yeah, me neither.

  28. They look like Martians 

  29. A www!!

  30. Semblance OfSanity

    “Someone…HELP US! PLEEEEASE!!”

  31. Who else when they saw the dumb nail it looked like observation bot

  32. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. WOW. 

  33. WTF! I have lost 31 seconds of my life

  34. coolsmile1234557689

    at first glans I thought it was a dog

  35. Some of these coments are ridiculous.
    This person just thought it was silly and cute and wanted to share yet most
    of you basterds want to vote and say it’s animal cruelty? It may not be fun
    for the goats but the person was trying to be playful and silly.

  36. Анастасия Лескина

    Нахера на коз надевать эти костюмы. Им наверно не очень удобно…

  37. I made minion keychain tutorials on my channel 😀

  38. visionsofpromise

    Maybe if you added some music, it’d be better.

  39. They seem to have lost their will to live.

  40. …that is creepy as f**k…

  41. Cute

  42. that goat looks pissed off

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