Mischievous Lemur Leads Pals Astray | Too Cute!

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Joey the Kangaroo and Darby the deer are calming down Poppi the lemur. | For more Too Cute!, visit http://animal.discovery.com/tv/too-cute-kittens/#mkcpgn=ytapl1


  1. So cute

  2. Lol!!!! Tooo cute!! :)

  3. Aww! They are eating napkins!!??

  4. Never trust a lemur. LOL

  5. Yes, so cute..

  6. why didn’t the camera crew stop them? lolll still cute hahaha

  7. Haha toooo cute! 

  8. 2:02 Those kangaroo balls – hahahaha

  9. I love this show! Unfortanatly I only have Netflix and there are only 8
    episodes of too cute on there. I hope Too Cute lets them have more

  10. U see the guy pushing the lemur in the house at 1:10

  11. awesome!

  12. What a mess! 

  13. I love how the kangaroo eats all the paper it can find.

  14. Too cute! :D

  15. Silly Poppi!

  16. You could make freaking children’s book outta this.

  17. Joe and paper lol

  18. Awwwww adorable

  19. Paper Eating Kangaroo.

  20. Please make a all full episode of animal planet in youtube. 

  21. So I guess eating paper is a natural fiber source?

  22. the camera man let this happen!! kidding!

  23. Its not cute, u let animals eat man-made paper which not a food to it but
    poison. I’m shame of the animal planet

  24. i like this :)

  25. let’s not forget that paper is made out of trees

  26. fnfChildRebelSoldier

    So when do they go to Zobooland?

  27. It’s less cute when you realise it was set up. How can you tell? Why is
    there a cameraman following a lemur and a kangaroo into a place they are
    obviously not allowed?

  28. Exotic Animal Experience

    Check out these guys on their own channel.. Exotic Animal Experience! It’s
    actually Love Bug ( not Joey) Mojo ( not Darby ) and Poppi is a male! We
    have some awesome videos!

  29. 0:55

  30. what’s the thing with animals and paper? my cats love to do that. I don’t
    enjoy having to clean it up after –‘

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