Monkey Sees A Magic Trick

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Monkey Sees A Magic Trick!!!

If you were moved as much as we were, seeing just how similar an orangutan is to a human, you can help save our cousins from extinction in the wild by supporting conservation work. The Orangutan Foundation International (OFI) is a leading conservation organization in the Borneo, and your donations could help. Please consider donating here:

(Neither we nor the Barcelona Zoo are affiliated with OFI)

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  1. How cute! Btw, that’s no monkey.

  2. ‫אביתר-גיל גלעד‬‎

    hi again rom

  3. GamingFanactic911


  4. If it doesn’t have a tail it’s not a monkey. Even if it has a monkey kind
    of shape. If it doesn’t have a tail it’s not a monkey, if it doesn’t have a
    tail it’s not a monkey it’s an ape.

  5. €π¥••ππ√׶€∆=¥[}©[

  6. hahaaahahahaha im so laughing hard omg hahahahahahahah??????????

  7. awsome

  8. this is top quality, thank you, you crazy guy. and gals.

    also, why the fuck do ppl keep these animals in cages? we should at least
    have them slaving away in mines, or on shock collars working in our homes,
    at least they would live to a purpose, locked away in cages for faggot
    little kids to gawk at, is a total waste of life and intelligence.

  9. God they are so human its scary.

  10. the face the monkey makes literally right before the end of the video is so

  11. this is the best thing I’ve seen in a while…

  12. Monkey’s like Fock off m8

  13. They’re called orangutans not monkeys you racist fucks! ?

  14. If only Basil Fawlty was there to say, “Please, pardon him. He’s from

  15. He just wants to be like you.

  16. 0:17 3… 2… 1… MIND BLOWN!

  17. The smile on their face when they realize the fruit is gone is priceless

  18. thats not magic, its by his feet

  19. Oregon State Troopers 1 / Bundy 0

    You amuse me human. When we take over the Earth, you shall be spared and
    live as my pet.

  20. She looked like she wanted him to do it again

  21. HOW DID 2000 PEOPLE HATE THIS?!?!?! HOW?

  22. he was like: bruuuh i aint that stupid

  23. Too.Cute.

  24. the monkey is thinking “you think you can fool me with that trick? hahaha”

  25. Pls more videos noob

  26. mind blown

  27. Georgios Papadopoulos

    This is not a monkey, this is an APE since it doesn’t have a tail.

  28. Just don’t call him a monkey if you see him in a library.

  29. not a monkey

  30. lets bond with this thing as if it’s just like us, then trap it in a cage
    for it’s whole life?

  31. that’s not a fucking monkey.

  32. Watch this and smile

  33. Andrea Cincotti Castiglione

    It make me laugh, but then I remembered that I hate wild animals in

  34. What kind of a dog is that?

  35. that is so cute

  36. This has probably been said but that isn’t a monkey
    That’s an ape
    More specifically an orang-utan

  37. Most beautiful eyes I ever saw on a monkey :)

  38. Kerol-Sander Kuuder

    Monkeys reaction: Okay yea theres something in there. ok put it below there
    okay. back here? alright. okay open up. LOL ITS STILL IN THERE *looks again*
    oh wait wat AHAHAHAHAHAHA.

  39. So adorabul

  40. when I see such videos I am always soo shocked how similar apes are to us
    humans !!!

  41. Fix your title:

    it’s not a monkey
    it’s an APE, cuz monkeys only have tales and apes do not 🙂

    Not: The Rise of the Planet of the Monkeys
    It’s: The Rise of the Planet of the Apes

  42. Evan Michael Hardin

    0:16, 3…2…1…

  43. Trop dars

  44. Who down voted this?!?! Hater!!!

  45. THIS IS ORANGUTAAAAAN,. ape. not monkey

  46. this is probably the cutest video I have ever watched lol. I never grow
    tired of it lol.

  47. Terrific video of an Orangutan – they have such identifiable human
    reactions to situations! Orangutans love to mimic humans. ORANGUTANS
    actually are NOT monkeys – they are in the APE species family.

  48. I love the orangutan’s super chill manner in the beginning like “ok, show
    me what u got”

  49. I like how the monkey racts

  50. I love Monkeys!

  51. i imagine he’s laughing because he’s so damn bored in that exhibit

  52. I want to cry this is so cute. Too cute for words.

  53. So adorable as any little child seeing and then being amazed at his first
    ever “Magic trick” thank you for this just adorable!!!

  54. are humans really this fucking mean… they put a creature this intelligent
    in a zoo for peoples amusement. they are in tiny cages not able to explore
    just so you can grab some popcorn and watch them… I lost all respect for
    people who visit zoos

  55. It’s not a monkey, it’s an ape.

  56. Perkele

  57. ih god just beaitifull his sweet eyes like a little kid in a candy store
    waiting for surprises. adoravle in love with this orangutan. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 :)

  58. Hahaha! The Monkey’s reaction was priceless!!!!

  59. he’s laughing at your stupidity

  60. a very funny video

  61. That is Orang Utan you idiot!! chimpanzee what

  62. That is Orang Utan you idiot!! chimpanzee what

  63. BadBrick Productions

    Primates are so intelligent, it’s amazing. You could do that to any other
    animal and they would just eat their own shit.

  64. At one time she laughs like a monkey xD

  65. He change the cup when he put it down his foot

  66. He makes a cool face at the end like the wtf did i experience? FACE lol

  67. TheTrueBlueSonicFan

    Isn’t that an ape, it has no tail

  68. Orangutans aren’t monkeys!

  69. Adorable!

  70. Turn on subtitles. I think the subtitles must be very confused also
    considering this video must be in “Italian”

  71. awesome… but that’s no monkey…..

  72. Awsome. I love this vid. Both the guy and the money are cute. Just , I
    don’t know in which order !

  73. He’s laughing on how obvious that was

  74. that monkey got THE JOKE and here we are keeping them in those cages.

  75. How many of you saw this through Facebook? Lmao. Love it!

  76. That monkey sees a magic trick and I love it!

  77. El Werever se emosiona con el truco de magia jaha como si fuera algo nuevo
    para el :v

  78. El Werever se emosiona con el truco de magia jaha como si fuera algo nuevo
    para el :v

  79. primer vídeo del werever que me gustó

  80. Jajajajajajaja son cute

  81. Que ojasos :3

  82. It’s wonderful to see it entertained…


  84. The Fazbear Gamerios

    Love it!

  85. como hacer reir a un mexicano

  86. I so love every monkey and or animal thanks for sharing makes me all warm
    and happy inside

  87. AWWWW!!!!!! SOOOO CUTE!!!!!!! HA HA HA!!!!!

  88. Wow how he do that

  89. That moment when an ape got better eyes than you

  90. lupita how old are u


  91. That orangutan was just like “Oh, it’s the same magic trick that all those
    other humans think i’m dumb enough to fall for, I’ll just play along.” But
    seriously he looks very condescending :).

  92. this made me laugh so hard!

  93. That is a chimp not a monkey

  94. He was making fool of the crappiness of the “magic”

  95. super:) thanks

  96. Monkey:My life ruined

  97. reaction video of the year

  98. orangutans aren’t monkeys. they’re apes.
    monkey’s have tails. now you know.

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