Moose Car Wash: Mother And Baby Deer Lick SUV Clean

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A WILDLIFE photographer was treated to a free car wash by a salt loving moose and her calf. John Marriot, 46 was leading a photography workshop at Jasper National Park in Canada when he noticed the huge animal licking his car. Naturally John wanted to get his full camera kit out of his vehicle but the moose cow was bigger than his SUV so he decided against it.

Videographer / Director: John Marriot
Producer: Dan Howlett, Nick Johnson
Editor: Sonia Estal

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  1. Dang, 2 views when I’m watching

  2. 4th

  3. This is the same way your mothers clean my knob

  4. So that is what a Chocolate moose is :P

  5. “tastes like chicken”

  6. I Was Born This Way!


  7. Is that healthy?

  8. pretty sure those are moose

  9. dont hunt deer’s they are useful car washers without payment. Stop The
    Hunt, Start The Cleaning

  10. Jared Padalecki is that you?

  11. Brine addicts!

  12. this wierd

  13. kx’z,S. . xxx

  14. thats neat

  15. I think it’s because of the salt they put on the road to melt the sow the
    residue of that left on the car, if they are anything like cows they love
    licking salt.

  16. moose aren’t deer. wtf

  17. I need to get myself a moose

  18. I live by jasper park! :D

  19. Ourworld Tempo (LaLuna)

    i thought the narrator was the Moose talking XD im so dead

  20. They crave that mineral

  21. only in Canada

  22. ❤️ ALBERTA. Anybody on here for Canada?

  23. I would get your money back they did a terrible job.

  24. 1:19 There are lights and some of the dirt on the car, and it looks like a
    Just saying.

  25. wow I wish I had some of those to do my car

  26. So cute!

  27. Sam what are you doing? -_-

  28. saliva wash

  29. Only in Canada will you have your car licked clean by a wild animal

  30. Even the canadian moose are polite. They just clean your car like that.

  31. What a great “car wash”…

  32. Very well-shot video! I love animal documentaries. Isn’t It nice when the
    subjects you want to film come to you and do the unexpected? Merry
    Christmas and Happy New Year to you! :-)

  33. ?hey, this is not a free car wash, just a bit slow with this receipt
    ✍?…be sure to pay your bill once you receive this bill in??… Oh, me?
    This is their agent speaking?☎️

  34. I was in jasper in October and it’s beautiful. Great video though

  35. What’s up with the “Joshua Fought The Battle Of Jericho” song at the
    beginning? It has nothing to do with the video, lol.

  36. best carwash ever
    12/10 would come again!!

  37. thats not a baby deer……………

  38. I like moose deers

  39. road salt, yum

  40. JordanC123HaHaHaHeHeHe

    I want to ride the moose and take an adventure through the woods

  41. hhhhhhhha

  42. Pet the moose as a thank

  43. They must love the salt! Cute

  44. Tastes like miles and miles of as- , excuse me , – asphalt.

  45. Song name ?

  46. Poor little animals ?

  47. THE MOTHER MOOSE IS THE SIZE OF THE SUV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. A MOOSE!

  49. Moose stuff huh?

  50. Rare Who Roast Beast

    This is the Canadian Car Wash.

  51. Muselk , is that you?

  52. Canada doing free service. Nothing new here.

  53. x Dreamerics x (Jasmine)

    Me as a mother moose

  54. I have salty balls but no moose.

  55. Where’s Rocky?

  56. Just a normal day in Canada. Kids riding Polar Bears to school. Free car
    washes from the local Moose. ^^ Nice!

  57. Isn’t road salt like poisonous?

  58. Sam Winchester stop licking the car

  59. Nice job. ! ! ! ! Very cute.

  60. Sammy and his salt

  61. Where’s Tom Green when you need him? He fuckin’ humps those things lol!!!

  62. I have a business plan…

  63. Only in Canada this would happen :b

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