Munchkin The Teddy Bear Ewok

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Munchkin finally lets her inner ewok out! In a backyard far far away…

© 2015 Munchkin the Teddy Bear, All rights reserved


  1. Lol so funny 

  2. esta bien bueno jajaja >.< tratare de enseñarle a mi perrito a pararse en dos patitas y le compare su traje e.e xD

  3. lo que la vagancia logra :v

  4. Where can I get this costume for my Shih Tzu?

  5. Why are you so cute!!?? #puppygoals

  6. The Empire has no defence against such adorableness. 

  7. hahahahaha

  8. His (or her) best video yet! This video should be shown at the premiere of
    the new star wars movie! Soo cute!!!

  9. Too cute!!!

  10. LOL awww soooooooo cuuuuuuuuute!

  11. i just love Munchkin!!

  12. Cutest video ever! :D

  13. Funny

  14. Mariella Sanchez

    So cute! so precious! shitzu bear!

  15. bellesa <3

  16. Juan Carlos Mancipe Hoyos


  17. This was beary cute

  18. This is awesome.

  19. I’ll take 20

  20. BinkieMcFartnuggets

    I hope she’s not trying to take work away from hardworking human dwarfs.

  21. Oh how i’ve missed you! :-)

  22. ¡Shushaaaa! :)

  23. Lol he is adorable

  24. :11 is the best part. AtteeeeeenTION!!

  25. Lol:);)

  26. This is amazing! Lol :)

  27. So cute, 

  28. Cool lil fella: may the force chill with him always.

  29. That is so freaking adorable! 😀 My grandma has a Shih Tzu named Shorty and
    the first thing I said when I saw him is that he looks like an Ewok.

  30. Houston's Very Own

    If I saw him running towards me in a offensive way. My laughter alone will
    kill me. 

  31. cinnamongirl3121

    Munchkin, when will you be starring an a major motion picture?

  32. Yup yup

  33. Hate it 

  34. So cuuuute!!!!

  35. unlimited haro78

    Dude this is so sweet I must have one, where can I buy one?

  36. BlackMambaAirsoft

    47 people have no sense of humor.

  37. I totally melted at this video. This could be one of the cutest things I’ve
    ever seen.

  38. QQQQQQQ LLIIINDDOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! es tan tiernooo!!!! °w°

  39. LOL! this is awesome!!!

  40. Muy ingenioso. Le haré un disfraz así a mi #precioso ♥

  41. Maria Seeneevassen

    too cute

  42. That’s cute but I know how it works BUT SO CUTE

  43. Do all shitzu’s stand up like munchkin? Or is it a special talent for

  44. I dunno if i shld laugh or cry for his dog

  45. Best thing on the internet. 

  46. He’s so cute

  47. On fasebook i pout on a dog gest like munchkin the teddy bear!

  48. paintedinblackver2


  49. Sleepy Dalek Of Death

    Funny and smart! You should do one where you dress up as Fozzie from the

  50. This is So CUTE and Funny,when i watched this it was killing Me all
    right,It;s SOOOO,CUTE Don’t Look.

  51. where cab I buy one of those teddy bear suits……

  52. where cab I buy one of those teddy bear suits……

  53. so cute

  54. .0. i must subscribe

  55. It must be a bitch fighting the evil empire being short.Can we at least get
    a treehouse organized…?

  56. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!….. who could EVER get Enough of
    MUNCHKIN!!!!!???????????????? :))))))))))))))


  58. this is a very important video

  59. Stephanie Intagliata

    her daugther speaking lol hahahahahaha

  60. How did you make this costume? I’m trying to make one for our dog.

  61. Awwwwwwwwwwwwww só fucking cute

  62. that is too much for

  63. great!

  64. OMG CUTE

  65. This brave little rebel deserves a medal for all his valiant efforts……a
    nice snack at the very least.

  66. Make sure to claim a scene when they do the crowd-sourced Return of the
    Jedi Uncut!

  67. This has absolutely made my terrible day amazing XD

  68. we should send Munchkin overseas to battle all them evil doers. He would
    TOTALLY win them over with Ewok power.

  69. that looks so funny nice vid :)

  70. “yyub yub yub!”

  71. it’s alive!!!!!!! its real its real yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!hahaha=)

  72. Алексей Бондарчук

    it’s poop!!!

  73. is there a chewbacca costume for bigger docs? :-)


  75. best thing in the hole world

  76. best thing in the hole world

  77. best thing in the hole world

  78. Where can I buy that outfit

  79. Possibly the cutest thing I have ever seen

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