Munchkin the Teddy Bear gets her exercise ORIGINAL

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Munchkin’s 2nd Viral video, her first time on a treadmill and she’s a pro! She had to make room for some extra holiday treats 😉

No overheating for her, the A/C was on she walked at a slow pace for a short time. Plus her suit is thin/light and only covers the very front of her, not her whole body.

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  1. It’s soooooooo cute?

  2. youtube再生回数300万回とチャンネル登録者数を2000人以上を達成させる方法

    Star Wars Ewok ioi 

  3. lmao … adorkable <3

  4. Instagamrr - Road to 40K!!

    Stahp, I can’t even

  5. What A Cute Cat 

  6. This little dog is so adorable and seems to enjoy the bear suit. I use to
    dress my Pug up, but she would look at me like she was completely
    humiliated. I quit dressing her up.

  7. Soooo cute, love the teddy bear i want it!!!

  8. i love him

  9. Munchkin looks just like my dog Pewee!


  10. I saw Munchkin on the Samsung commercial! WTG!

  11. Awwwwwwwwwwhhh its SO CUTE.!!!!!!!!! 😀
    🙂 🙂 

  12. I bet it’s hot, and miserable in that dog suit, BUT ITS ADORABLE! (Please
    don’t mistake me for a hater, I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS!

  13. CUTE!!!!

  14. Lol I saw this on a Samsung commercial.

  15. It’s seriously about to pass out, and I can’t get enough. When my little
    one walks forty steps she just lays down. These dogs are hilarious. 

  16. ジャミロクワイ・・・

  17. awwwwwww!! soooooooo cute!

  18. So funny

  19. IT’S AN EWOK!!!

  20. thats cooll

  21. its so fluffy im gonna die ITS SO FLUFFY

  22. That’s an ewok don’t mess with me :3

  23. Какой чудненький!


  25. I can totally tell that’s a dog the tail the costume and the face q teddy
    bear does not walk period. And that was so cute??????

  26. addicted2sauce:destiny

    I didn’t realize that it was supposed to be like a teddy bear I thought
    they were wings

  27. That is so cute??

  28. Munchkin is so cute that teddy bear

  29. Oh my goodness, cutest video ever lol

  30. 可愛いーーーーーーーーーー

  31. Elizabeth Goldman

    Aw so cute I love it 

  32. Where did you get the costume?


  34. Victoriabear Roblox

    too cute

  35. It really looks like a tiny Ewok just walking along

  36. best clip ever

  37. Munchkin is so cute

  38. This is the cutest video ever.!!!

  39. Very very cute !! I had a dog of this breed and will never forget it !!

  40. sofrickin funny why isthisfunny

  41. Sketchy Da Wolf (Saarka)

    Adorable dog :3 What breed is it?

  42. This couldn’t be cuter!

  43. Where do you get the costume?

  44. Fabiana Alexandra

    I would like to have a backpack with the teddy bear, is very very lovely. I
    will probably be the envy of the entire school oh hohoho :p

  45. SWEET SUGAR DOLL!!!!!!!!!!!! XOXO

  46. It’s TED!

  47. AN EWOK!! jaajaj …. its so fucking cute

  48. なかやまみか


  49. So freaking cute! The 700+ people who gave this a thumbs down are idiots.

  50. Why is this an ad?

  51. its a dog with a bear costume still it looks cute

  52. Was thus filmed at Michael Vick’s house?

  53. he looks like an ewok!

  54. That is the cutest thing eva

  55. I am your BIGGEST fan

  56. if he leans forward anymore, hes gonna trip and fall

  57. SO CUTE!!!!!!

  58. This is so fking cute

  59. are you sure shes comfortable in that bear suit? love the vid though

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