Munchkin the Teddy Bear strolls along the beach

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Munchkin loves going for walks along the beach.

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  1. Charlie The beagle and Laura Olivia

    And where is a swimming suit????

  2. Wow, that dog has six limbs.

  3. brayden ciambella

    If you look real close, you can see it’s not really a teddy bear.

  4. sensitive people are coming to comment on cruelty 

  5. Wait for the fucking crazy animal rights people to comment about
    cruelty…. fucking wack jobs. I’m all for supporting putting a stop to
    animal cruelty but some of the things these people think is cruelty is just

  6. I WANT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Seth Portland (Internet Educator)

    Hmm, looks more like a naked Ewok.

  8. Vol' jin (Nawstra578)

    cant wait till genetisist can make a real version of this

  9. Lol Ted is back!

  10. Rebecca Shinas-rehberg

    That is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!

  11. Damn dat dog has cleaner teeth than me

  12. Evan “Rocket” Esparza


  13. Omg how cute!!

  14. Is this photoshoped.

  15. they took a teddy bear toy and cut it open, put the dogs front two legs
    inside and put the dogs head through the hole.

    if you pay attention to when it runs, you can see the dogs feet coming out
    from underneath the teddy bear costume 

  16. Jennifer Soto Segundo

    I just want to adopt this dog! I LOVE YOU MUNCHKIN!

  17. Watching it run towards you is kinda terrifying as well as cute XD

  18. aww!! cutie!!!

  19. We rescued a Shih Tzu that had been kicked in the face and his jaw was
    permanently damaged. Had him for 12 years and he never once did his
    business in the house or yapped incessantly like many small dogs do. He
    grew up alongside my kids and was very loved. If you are considering
    getting a dog, this breed is amazingly smart, gentle, easy to train and
    extremely loyal. You won’t be sorry and if you can, please consider a
    rescue; pets in need of a loving home return the love back 10 fold.

  20. Looks like an Ewok. XD

  21. Cute!

  22. Now I’m scared.

  23. Awwww adorable.

  24. Super cool to watch,made me laugh

  25. Why do women cheat

  26. Munchkin has a crazy shadow

  27. Cute honey in my eyes! Check my channel, please) My cat is a Pro dancer.

  28. BinkieMcFartnuggets

    This is much better than the time I tried to put that bear in a dog

  29. by far cutest animal ever.

  30. That’s not a real bear.

  31. i dont like clothes on animals usually..but this is really funny 😀 

  32. awwwww :)

  33. This dog cracks me up. Hilarious

  34. Anyone else think the dog totally reminds you of Wicket? 

  35. I want that suit for my dog 

  36. 赵鹏(菜刀)


  37. Tommy, Gracie & Leo

    Cute little teddy bear! : )

  38. What a little cutie pie head!! :D

  39. Very cute! ! It looks like the Ewok Star Wars! !

  40. Hey this dog really looks like my dog Kitty ( its a strange name but she
    fits it well ).

  41. Cuteness at 100% and holding
    It`s like a tiny little ewok

  42. FedorMachida Last

    lol this was pretty freaking creepy.

  43. This looks like los Santos from GTA5

  44. Jordan Thorbourne

    Your video was so cute 

  45. I hope Bill Cosby doesn’t drug rape ewoks
    I like ewoks

  46. Harlequin

  47. Is this a preview of star wars?

  48. looks like an ewok! 

  49. This thing scares the shit out of me no offense

  50. How cute! 

  51. OMG this is in MB just before HB I live around there in LA


  52. wtf, that’s just a kitty with fake sewed on arms….lol, and a lot of you
    guys thought that this is actually real 

  53. Star wars ewok :-)

  54. ITS AN EWOK!!!!!!?????

  55. Looks like an Ewok lol

  56. Lol l♡ve

  57. 感觉好热哦……

  58. I absolutely adore Munchkin!!! I have a black and white Shih Tzu (hence my
    thumbnail) named Chewie and my wife has one that is 6 months old that looks
    like Munchkin named Gidget. I am a 6’1″ guy who looks like a biker
    (resemble Opie on SoA) and I love Shih Tzus. Go Figure ha ha.

  59. I usually don’t like to see pets dresses for their people’s amusement, but
    this is adorable and Munchkin seems happy to do it

  60. Lol! Fun video and very creative costume:)

  61. Cute lil dog.but that outfit looks 2 hot

  62. I walked into the right neighbourhood.

  63. What’s so cute it’s just a dog! ???

  64. I love you Munchkin your the Cutest Teddy Bear i’ve ever seen in my entire
    Life ooooppppsss i meN Cutest Dog :)

  65. *mean

  66. Hahahahahahah ? too cute!!! ?

  67. must be sweatin’ like a dog in that suit

  68. It’s official. I don’t care if I don’t know what this channel’s about, I’m

  69. lol cute ewok

  70. Elizabeth Goldman

    Cute? My I am using my Mom’s
    Channel because I don’t have one yet but my Mom put me on YouTube on her
    old channel


  72. バナナ ぶす

    So verry Cute!

  73. Caleb Lampshade

    I thought it was a teddy bear, got a job, married. Found out it wasn’t a
    teddy bear, became homeless, virgin. Munchkin you bastard.

  74. Chika Słodziak


  75. Cute ! ♥

  76. So cute

  77. so stinkin CUTE!!

  78. That dog is adorable!

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