Munsterlander Niles Wonders if He Was Switched at Birth | Too Cute!

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When mom Annabelle and sister Pixie continue to create mischief, super serious Niles starts to question whether or not he belongs to the right family. | For more Too Cute!, visit


  1. Cute!

  2. aww, such a cute story.

  3. soo cute!!
    I really like the fact that these episodes getting longer now! *thumbs up*

  4. Adorable. <3

  5. Brightened my day! So adorable :)

  6. Who are the 4 A-holes who disliked this?

  7. omg he went to tell his mommy the cute is just overwhelming!!

  8. Omg ♡♡♡♡

  9. Aren’t daffodils poisonous to dogs? 

  10. Is it Musterlander or Munsterlander?

  11. Poor Niles he will be smarter than his mom but doesn’t get along too well

  12. Haha..soo CUTE, especially when the little puppy is wilting and then
    snoring on the bedside, fly my hugs and smooch;)

  13. +HoftimusPrime Yea, I was thinking the exact same thing

  14. +HoftimusPrime Yea, I was thinking the exact same thing

  15. Pixie is such a rebel!

  16. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaa! So cuuuuuuute! So adorable!
    I can’t believe it! Sooooooooooo cuuuuuuuuuuute!

  17. Jaka to rasa ???

  18. So lovely when the mom behaves like a puppy…

  19. so smart and to cute

  20. Niles at 2:21
    “Ya’ll motherfuckers need jesus.”

  21. how to make a doll pet hat for LPS


  22. how to make a doll pet hat for LPS


  23. Awwwwww ;)

  24. I have the same kind of dog and to is really hiper

  25. Oh my goodness. Cuteness overload!

  26. None Ya Damn Business.

    Niles is having none of Pixie’s shit today.

  27. That was so funny

  28. I Really like this video it is

  29. Aw, poor Niles xD

  30. strivetobestrider


  31. Awww very cute video. I feel sorry for the turkey lol XD.

  32. Just like Goldilocks and the three bears.

  33. Awee <3 He walked out with his tail drooped down! Poor Niles!

  34. Do has I say not as I do has fail

  35. My dogs name is Pixie

  36. please calm down mom calm down

  37. hahaahahahhaahah i was laughing so hard when i was watching this that i
    started coughing and choking

  38. hahaha poor niles

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