MUSIC VIDEO: “Swimming with My Best Friend”

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The cuteness of this friendship between a hedgehog and puppy can only be articulated by song. | For more Too Cute!, visit


  1. Yassien Elsayed

    First comment

  2. Yassien Elsayed

    First time to get first comment:)


  4. Stavros Gavalas


  5. This must be the cutest music video of all time.

  6. Sanic is dat u

  7. Cute ?

  8. Well that made my day :)

  9. Eleanor Hillier

    Im suprised that hedghog didnt puncture that pool

  10. So cute 

  11. Adorable! Reminds me of my dog Chase.

  12. The Super sloths


  13. Radioactive Since 1990

    Love it

  14. Discovery Family Channel

    How many consecutive replays is too many?

    Wait, don’t answer that.

  15. Too cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ?

  16. Justin Smitherman

    That was the cutest think I’ve ever seen 

  17. OMG! So cute!!!!


  19. So cute!
    But most of hedgehogs hate water?

  20. sydnee mcilvaine

    I wish my dog and my hedgehog would be nice to each other like this!

  21. Cutest thing I have ever seen!!

  22. Daniela Otukolo

    Like if you smiled:)

  23. Györgyi Geiczné Geberán

    Thank you Animal Planet!

  24. Stephen Gilberg

    I liked it at first, but I don’t think either animal actually liked the
    wading pool.

  25. What kind of dog is it?

  26. What kind of dog is it?

  27. Awwwwwww they are best buddies, very cute =)

  28. to cute half these views are me TO CUTE!!!

  29. SO CUTE!

  30. I love your poodle baby I have 2 poodles there are the best dogs

  31. Love this

  32. Awww, this video is SO sweet! I didn’t know that hedgehogs liked swimming.
    He looked so cute swimming in that little pool and then resting on the
    puppy’s side ; 3

  33. so cute

  34. Very cute but neither animal seems at all interested in the other. It seems
    any contact at all is forced except in the pool where the hedgehog looks
    trapped and desperate for a place to rest. Ya ya, it’s just a video.

  35. KrittaCam Animals

    So much fun to watch!!!

  36. ravenclawpride98


  37. 10/10 IGN

  38. So Cute! <3 Im such a Fan of Animal Planet :D

  39. copypastecopypaste

    I think the hedgehog just wanted to get on Land. As there was none, the
    puppy had to be good enough.

  40. SO CUTE

  41. I’ve watched it some much

  42. This is too cute !

  43. Somebody can post the lyric Pleaase!

  44. ITUNES. NOW.

  45. AWWWWWWW too much cuteness!!!

  46. so cute

  47. so cute

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