my 7lb nutball – luna compilation

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  1. Berta Lovejoy , nobody thinks this is funny apart from all the people who
    are in on this mass comment spam , 2.5 million people have watched this
    video and only 645 people liked that shitty comment , does that not say how
    sad and lonely you really are on the grand scale of things?
    attention seeking cunts.

  2. she acts a little like she’s in heat

  3. my 7lb nutball – luna compilation

  4. I love this video! I don’t have any doubts at all that this person loves
    and adores this cat. My cat is getting old and lazy and while she isn’t
    that active and brave anymore, she still does cute things and still pretty
    vocal. I read some comments below from people that lost their pets recently
    and just wanted to say, I know how much it hurts, I have been there. Don’t
    mourn for long, rescue another one (My cat was a stray 10 yrs ago). Don’t
    let an animal miss out on the love and life you can give it. 

  5. if you stop letting your cat watch spiderman, maybe he’ll stop trying to
    scale the walls.
    this isn’t so bad. them running over your face at 3am is bad. you could
    always get another cat for him to play with, but then you would have 2 cats
    running across your face at 3am.

  6. My cat or dog is ” crazy ” can an animal have mental health issues? if it
    has a brain yes absolutely! one would suspect that animals could have
    mental health issues just like people, excessive leg humping could be signs
    of a sexual disorder, being vocal ( screams ), being paranoid, is viable..
    psychological break down could result in – A Kentucky woman, who had been
    charged with animal cruelty on several occasions, died and her hybrid dogs
    ate her body…. Hannibal Lecter Syndrome? …

    Think laser light 🙂 that will tire your cat right out and they love
    chasing the red dot….

  7. why did i start reading youtube comments. WHYYYYYY

  8. Your kitty and my kitty must be relatives of some sort. It is remarkable
    the similarities. My kitty is Miss Trinity June and as far as she is
    concerned she is people. 

  9. Hi emlodrone, have you ever asked your vet about your cats behavior? Looks
    kind of like Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome (FHS). Similar to the equivalent
    of schizophrenia in humans. Kitty may be having manic episodes or having

  10. Lolol this vid made me smile!! My kitties are just as crazy!!!

  11. A trained eye can tell that this cat would benefit from being let outside.

  12. Aurélie L'Estimé

    The cat is juste thinking : ” why there are not a tree cat here? And here?
    ” x) so cute

  13. just one more bump of nip is all I need, just one more and I’ll be right
    again, honest this is the last time I’ll ever ask for catnip, I just need
    to get high One More Time!

  14. Happy cat

  15. Dogs>Cats

  16. I Love my cat when he does that, it is a great way of entertainment for
    him. Cats get bored too! Most of the time I join in with my cat and play,
    fetch the wad of paper or cotton ball, tag or hide & seek with him.

  17. Love that BTE music comes on towards the end.

  18. ShutMeUpxProductions

    Man, that cat is everywhere and on everything … I hope it’s clean

  19. Sergio Téllez Galindo

    does your name by chance is Coyu?

  20. + Berta Lovejoy
    I had a cat who acted like this her WHOLE LIFE, right up until she died 6
    months ago, Sassy Doggy, the psycho white cat of doom. She spazed out all
    the time, she use to chase big trucks through the house sounding like a
    herd of elephants. This is NORMAL cat behavior, this is how they get
    exercise, which by your photo you only know from what other people say and
    do. Just because you are a junkie, it doesn’t mean EVERYONE ELSE IS TOO,
    just because you over feed your animals do that they are fat and lazy like
    you, and that you have to drug your animals to get them to act natural
    doesn’t mean that everyone else does it. Get you’re fat head out of your
    ass, and grow the fuck up. Seriously, and why don’t you keep your nasty,
    “feminist” comments to yourself. Calling yourself a feminist because no man
    in his right mind would want anything to do with your ignorant, ugly
    personality, screw just men, any smart PERSON would leave your crazy, drug
    abusing self on the street corner where you belong, and if you have any
    animals, I really hope they are rescued from your cruel hands. Over feeding
    animals and NOT giving them proper exercise nor letting them properly
    exercise is ANIMAL ABUSE, just because you want to be fat, lazy, with no
    self control doesn’t make it healthy or right to force that on someone
    else. Come to think of it I hope to GOD you don’t have kids,(shits
    possible, especially if you spread your legs for $$$$, or you are a quick
    lay for some nasty intoxicated guy. You take what you can, I guess when
    your personality fits your outward appearance) All in all, keep you’re
    crazy nasty comments to yourself, because there is always that ONE person
    who sees you for who you really are and isn’t afraid to tell you about
    yourself. Stop being a troll, just because you look like one doesn’t mean
    that’s how you have to act.

  21. That’s normal for cats. Not all are that active but many are that and more.

  22. My cat started flipping out when it heard yours meowing, the crazy is

  23. This is not a cat. It is a disguised tasmanian devil. Kakakakakakkakaka. My
    also are a pest

  24. Tommy, Gracie & Leo

    So funny! Luna is a ninja jumper! Our Gracie used to climb walls before
    she was spayed. We also do cat videos and love watching them too. 

  25. Haha, what a little hellraiser!

  26. Who else thought it said Nutella? XD

  27. I was raised with cats and currently have two in my life . They are like my
    children . I also have many friends with cats . Several years ago I
    volunteered for a few months at a vet hospital just to gain a better
    appreciation for the job . I have never seen in my lifetime a cat that has
    behaved like this one . Sadly though I have seen many times in my lifetime
    humans who exploit and drug their pets to have some idea of a sick laugh
    and entertainment even to become famous on you tube . This is not normal
    behavior and their is no condition mentally or physically that would bring
    on such behavior . You are a sick bastard and much like the other post I
    hope you get investigated for animal cruelty and abuse . You look like you
    use drugs yourself . The difference between you and the cat is you
    voluntarily put garbage inside your brain the poor cat has no choice you
    are trash . 

  28. Robert Reaser (Strownze)

    Don’t Do Cat Nip!!!


  30. The cat is in the heat. Let her go, you Einstein!

  31. I’ve a question. I’m curious about wether thia cat was separated too soon
    from the mother. They display a marked childish/hyperactive behaviour.

    Yours isn’t dangerous or naughty. Just very playful.

  32. that cat either needs to go out or its been given catnip

  33. This looks and acts exactly like my cat! At last I have found her long lost
    twin. Thx for the laughs and thanks for being the kind human companion who
    appreciates your cat’s hyper playfulness rather than trying to stifle it.

  34. Süß♡

  35. Hah my cat gets crazy hyper like this too, but mostly lazy and sleepy.

  36. that cat is way too active, id get rid of it. you know, riverbag it…

  37. What a darling. This one would definitely benefit from one of those
    runways that go all through the house, about 2 feet below the ceiling and
    several places for steps going up or down. Basically, just really long
    shelves going from room to room.

  38. Damn that cat is rowdy!

  39. That is one fun and cute kitty.

  40. That’s one insane cat

  41. Wtf is a reddit

  42. anybody knows what’s the song at 2:12-2.36?

  43. Let’s not be quick to judge or say hurtful things, we all kinda like cats
    or least got here some way through cute videos. This cat does make me
    question if it’s okay, but there are others way in handling this issue.
    Report it, flag it, write an email to the cat’s care taker ask him, etc. We
    all come from different experiences in life in that we all see life through
    different lenses. So be nice to each other. Try to understand before you
    just react. Please and thank ya!

  44. Firewatcher Stargazer

    Reminds me of when my cat had hyperactive thyroid disease.

  45. 2:57 and 3:20 -Wrestling the invisible mouse!

  46. is she fixed?

  47. My last cat climbed the doorway like yours. She always had dilated eyes
    when she did. That was a bad time to pet my old cat, or she’d be scratchy.

  48. This was a really cute video . Just a cat being a cat ! I don’t know what
    that Berta is talking about. He is a young cat enjoying his life, he seems
    to like climbing. Great video !

  49. Cat on crack

  50. Catman- there’s nothing wrong with that.

  51. Hey, is that Dramamine by Modest Mouse in the background? <3

  52. I just came back to watch this again and noticed Dramamine playing in the
    background at 1:50! Fucking sweet dude. Made me smile.

  53. I believe this cat is born on drugs

  54. 0:56 Spider-Cat!

  55. Kwazy kat!

  56. her personality is ridiculously adorable

  57. Have you thought about getting her a cat tree? I think she would love it &
    use it all of the time! Cats are so entertaining!!

  58. Mike “The Arduino Guy” McRoberts

    How much time does this cat get to play outside? This is the kind of
    behaviour portrayed by cats who are desperate to get outside and run
    around, climb trees, etc.

  59. thats so cute though, my cat was the same, crazy! but the he got older and
    stop playing and running around, it was so sad seeing him sitting and
    watching people all they long :(

  60. It just wants to be free, to be a jungle cat.

  61. This cat is practically begging for a better way to expend her excess

  62. Have you ever tried to use a laser pointer to play with your cat ? It’s
    hilarious when they run after the light XD
    Your cat is so cute ! Makes me think about one of my cats XD

  63. Part squirrel.

  64. What breed is this? I want one. I must have one.

  65. What a funny cat!

  66. What breed of cat is this? I want one!

  67. 3:30 hahahaha, QUICKLY, TO THE BEACH!

  68. Dickhed HitlerDidNothingWrong

    That moment when a cat is better at parkour then you will ever be as a

  69. Хорошая киса – активная.

  70. 0:40 Dance dance dance :3 xD Hahaha

  71. That cutey is adorable!

  72. Dude you need a girlfriend

  73. A young cat full of energy with no where to go – bored, bored, bored.

  74. Looks and acts just like my Luna. Is it a boy or girl? I can’t believe he
    tries to climb the door jab … everything else … yup!

  75. wow active kitty, so cute

  76. Super cute, and super insane! Love it 🙂 thanks for sharing!

  77. Such a beautiful tortie! And a suburb dancer!

  78. If she were a little lighter grey and had one of those orange spots on top
    of her head then she’d be my Sassy’s identical twin!

  79. This kitty is hilarious. ??so adorable and talkative. ??

  80. beatiful kitty and very active and playfull

  81. She’s such a pretty girl too. :)

  82. if you can get another opposite sex cat, it is a living thing on it’s own

  83. mais quel acrobate…….

  84. Paranormal Cativity !

  85. I’ve got the same kind of cat at home ^^ she’s extra !!!

  86. wow. i thought my Ella was nuts butterz. after seeing this, i realized i am
    blessed. that shower moaning, that would be one wet kitty in my house….

    also, tell yer damn landlord to fix that carpet before you trip n fall, yo!

  87. If i were a cat… I would be this cat ?

  88. whats the song title at the very end?

  89. You look so much like my boyfriend that it freaks me out.

  90. Question what music use in vidéo

  91. this my cat right now running hallucinating being crazy playing catch with
    my feet

  92. My cat is exactly like that… 

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