My cat acts like a dog

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cat fetches like a dog


  1. So cute. And smart.

  2. awwwww ??

  3. Mine Does Exaclty The Same! 😮 <<33

  4. Shahhida hateseverything

    i cant get my cat to do shit
    this is amazing

  5. My dog acts like a cat…

  6. its going thru its bucket list maybe

  7. Motion Freerunning


  8. Why is this trending now
    Also this is clearly animal racism implying the norms of what animal are
    supposed to do

  9. sweet

  10. My cat is just like that! ?

  11. so your CAT is a Bitch

  12. This is super stupid like seriously we want to see something funny not
    stupid and has no point of kt

  13. What kind of cat is that

  14. awwww sooo cute

  15. Acting like a cat if u ask me.

  16. It’s not a phase mom it’s who I am!

  17. a transgender cat lol

  18. maybe your cat was a dog in a past life,my cat diesel fetches.I would like
    to think he was a reincarnated version of my old dog Suzy – girl.still you
    got a cool active cat if nothing else

  19. More Voltage Films | ストリート・カルチャー

    Lol my cat does the same thing, he always brings me a ball or toy to throw


  21. My cat keeps biting me! Now she’s a mom and her kittens bite me!

  22. *regular cat*

    *this cat*

  23. all cats do this dufuq

  24. That’s not acting like a dog my cat does that he’s done that since he was a
    kitten and does it all the time and that’s not acting like a dog at all
    lots of cats like to play fetch never ever compare a cat to a dog

  25. omg my cat does the same thing. ???

  26. It’s called fetch cats can play as well.

  27. they all do that

  28. My cat can lick his own asshole.

  29. What a cute cat!

  30. lol, awesome vid

  31. Your car didn’t do a woof like a dog ;-;

  32. my cat acts like an elephant. idk why

  33. My dog acts like a cat. One time she ate catnip, she runs after lasers, she
    doesn’t fetch or tug of war, she is really lazy, and she always sits right
    in front of the heater.

  34. The one who follows you

    My cat plays fetch

  35. All cats act like that it’s just not u

  36. so cute ?

  37. My cat did this when she was that size …. But as she’s older she doesn’t
    do it anymore ?

  38. I can relate

  39. Widefieldcoloado


  40. Esteban Gutierrez (SpikeHead84)

    my cat acts like a dog too!!!! but it only chases after food like that.

    but when I’m leaving to throw the trash, he always follows me and jumps on
    my legs and chases me around but his claws never come out and he just shows
    his fangs instead of biting. he’s the best

  41. Just because your cat bring u back that toy doesn’t mean it acts like a

  42. Bayyinah Muhammad

    my cat does nothing other than look cute in dim light she doesn’t fetch or
    all she can really do is fall off the couch when shes in deep sleep

  43. Now THIS is the content I like to see.


  45. Awwww cut

  46. キティかわいい

    Uhh.. okay? My old cat used to do this, so what?

  47. Geode the Angel Fox

    My cat plays fetch too! Not only that, but she even drinks out of the

    this just go weird?

  48. My cat fetches too

  49. Nate g the pigeon lord

    What do you mean, it’s just a doggo that meows

  50. SpiritOfBagheera

    Who knew “Anna Begins” by the Counting Crows could be a theme song for a
    cat that likes to play fetch?

  51. George Carapella

    I like your kitty

  52. A mangled robot fnaf


  53. my cats do the same, cats like to play too

  54. Very impressive

  55. LOL ??????

  56. my cat does that too. she only like hairbands tho.

  57. Cats can be lazy but this is normal..many of them enjoy playing fetch

  58. It even wags it’s tail

  59. exact same cat she does the same

  60. That’s adorable! More more!

  61. Jeff Cavaliere's Blue Marker

    where you from?, i heard a slight accent.

  62. ThePeriodicTableOfGaming Toad

    I just got an ad for a “yurt hunt”

  63. Francis Big Crow

    that is gr8

  64. Tiffany Birckelbaw


  65. Ranier'so Playlist

    my cat acts like a dog too!!!only one of them

  66. That cat better get on my cats level. My cat drinks water out of the

  67. Awwww, I wish my cat did that :(

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