My cat went to the neighbours to borrow a tiger plush toy :)

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He repeated for two times as the toy is too big.


  1. CUTE!…=)


    Very beautiful cat!!!!!!!


    What is the name of the cat? I LOVE her/him !!!!!!!!

  4. it took it into the woods and fucked it

  5. love this!!!!!!!!

  6. That’s the perfect spot!

  7. Love how pleased with himself he is! Tail up, walking proud!

  8. Oh my goodness! This is the cutest thing ever!

  9. It is too cuuuuuuuute ! which country are you in ? it seems lovely

  10. Guess what’s for dinner!

  11. My cat does that she thinks my socks are her kittens

  12. Calvin: “Hobbes, come back! Mommm! A cat stole Hobbes!” (Sniff.)

  13. hairy baby =]

  14. So, your cat just jacked someone else’ toy for snuggletime purposes? I’m
    feeling an odd dissonance between cuteness and disturbance.

  15. super clip! visit my channel, I’m sure you gonna enjoy it.

  16. You didn’t stop him its part taking in criminal offence…

  17. Your neighbor shouldve given Timmy the toy. ^_^

  18. Then carried it into the jungle to beat the hell out of it. lol Wish you
    had kept filming. I love it when cats beat the hell of something with their
    hind feet.

  19. Okay mr.cuddles now go grab their wallet ?

  20. *At the next neighborhood cat meeting..*

    *Old wise cat:* “What did you young cats catch lately to prove your cathood
    to the spirit world?”
    *Cat #1:* “a moth!”
    *Cat #2:* “a bird!”
    *This cat:* “a *TIGERRR!*”

  21. How cute is that:)

  22. It’s a great video, but all the self promo boxes are an incredible turn

  23. Wow, I have a kitty thats exactly same as this cat and the same tiger toy
    ? and yes he also plays with it

  24. I wish I could get my kitten Mittens to do that but to steal an
    Olimar/Louie plush toy. :D

  25. Алексей Мурза

    ohh, it`s amazing!))

  26. Alpha as fuck

  27. Hehe, legenda Timmy :)

  28. めちゃ可愛い過ぎるやろ((( ゚д゚ ;)))

  29. I love it, cats just do what they want, when they want and how they want
    with no concern about anyone else 😛 It’s like ‘nope, this is mine now and
    if you try to take it from me I’ll bit your head off!” lol

  30. KLEPTO CAT! Gotcha!

  31. little thief-too cute. I hope he took it back when he was done. my cat
    “borrows” the rabbits from my neighbors garden. I wish he’d take them back
    or she’d come over and get them herself or clean them up. cats. can’t live
    with them, can’t live with them.

  32. I wish my cat could do this with other people’s wallets.

  33. It seems to really like that plushie! :D

  34. ♡ ur cat, ♡ ur place… very peaceful to see this.. :-)

  35. Awwww what a cat will do for some tiger loving… Looks like more then
    borrow. hahahaha.Just to cute.

  36. Why does the comment say it has been commented 543 years ago….

  37. I love it! That’s so cute!

  38. Very cute and clever!

  39. sooooo cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  40. cute

  41. So cute ??

  42. Borrow or Steal?

  43. That is just adorable – he seems to miss having a kitty friend? One of my
    cats steals my hair ties and take them to bed and hide them under the
    fluffy pillow in the cats beds and In my house the cats dont bring home
    dead mice as they are Norwegian Forest cats and we live close by a river
    with smaller offspring. They instead go in the water and catch baby salmon
    and put them in my bed. My bedroom sometimes smell terrible of fish!

  44. Very clever cat lol knows what he wants xx

  45. cats are cool

  46. my Brothers cat did something similar but he didn’t use the plush toy to
    Play with it but to hump it. it was an orca plush toy bit less his size and
    the shape slightly curved…. that was his favourite sextoy.

  47. did u take it back if not I’ll bug it

  48. did u take it back if not I’ll bug it

  49. AW HOW CUTE! :,)

  50. Thief !! lol ;)


  52. John H Baumgaertner

    Nice video, and a beautiful place too. What is that slotted metal grate
    thing on the ground at 0:16?

  53. awww…. haha

  54. So cute , Is a girl?

  55. Ha! I wish my cat was this funny! My cat watched this with me!

  56. I like cats they are so cute , I own two

  57. He rather hunted it – not borrowed.

  58. how cute. you mean he brought that toy tiger to that clearing just to play
    with it? too funny!

  59. I love this Cat..:)

  60. I love the pause he does as soon as he gets there, then starts playing with

  61. That is adorable. The little dude owns the place!

  62. for him its not a toy, its pray.

  63. Patchouli von Darnassus

    lol ! that cat is funny

  64. AWW, cute!!

  65. I shall call him Squishy, and he shall be mine, he shall be my Squishy.

  66. Psycho Soprano Savannah

    Lol so cute

  67. Timmy is … in love !

  68. It’s like that hairy maclary story!

  69. may be your cat went to my shit

  70. Too funny!

  71. cute kitty

  72. lol too cute.. his first stolen goods…

  73. But like what happens next? do they get to live happily ever after?

  74. aww he wants a friend

  75. hahaha :)

  76. I’ve never thought of buying a stuffed animal for my cat. He loves to play
    fetch but, I can’t imagine him playing with a bigger Tigger toy like that!
    I guess if he doesn’t like it, I can always give it to one of the dogs I
    dog sit for. They’ll destroy poor Hobbes in minutes! 😉 Thanks so much for
    sharing your cute video! I’ve had a terrible day. But, I’ll go to sleep
    with a smile on my face thanks to Timmy. I must go and like Timmy’s FB page
    first! :)

  77. cute cat

  78. is that a real tiger

  79. Cat waited til he got it home to “kill” it

  80. okay ! so 🙂 now stealing is “borrow ” ha!ha! so adorable thug cat :3

  81. I figured you should know that this video made me cry because it was so
    cute.. LOL

  82. This is my toy, now. :3

  83. I love your cat. mine comes home with random baby chew toys I’m afraid to
    ask the neighbors who’s they are lol.

  84. You’re cat is so adorable! Love the video, keep up!

  85. Cats that are like people

  86. Slovenec s 6 milion ogledov!

  87. …on a mission…very cute! 🙂 

  88. Hahaha. “thish is mine.”

  89. Smooth Criminal :p

  90. Goddess .FourWinds

    My dog steals from the neighbors. I haven’t had to buy toys or chew bones
    in some time. lol

  91. 아…귀여워!ㅋㅋㅋ

  92. OMG 5000000… VIEWS

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