My Dog Chasing A Drone

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I make new videos here every Wednesday and make vlogs during my majestical daily life.




  1. is it weird .. but this video is so calming !! i can’t stop smiling …
    thanks Marbles & Jenna

  2. This is pure gold

  3. I don’t know if you saw that yet but you were mentioned in the last
    realised episode of Family Guy!

  4. That’s what’s up.


  6. I don’t like this kind of video. I LOVE IT SERIOULY. YOU NEED TO POST MORE

  7. Looks like everybody had some fun and that pooch got a workout!

  8. Samantha Schaller

    My boyfriend has a model plane that he flies and my dog chases just like
    this. It’s one of the cutest things in the world. I wish Lexi and Cermet
    could chase things together <3

  9. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  10. Why does your ground have so many holes? I’ve always imagined LA to be a
    relatively gopher-free place; am I incorrect in that assumption?

  11. For some reason I could not stop crying… I love you guys sooo very much!
    Take care, I wish my dogs and I could be there to play with you!

  12. Awwww!!!!

  13. The gaming Manorange

    On ur other vid I sent a message well it was for a. Hate bout ur old vids
    had the worst frame well now it’s better I like it and do u like pewds
    cause I subbed him and did u know ur dog is cute and fast

  14. got the goofiest smile. this is quality internet right here

  15. I love this

  16. This makes me so happy lol

  17. He’s got speed!!! omg….. I absolutely love anything with Kermit in it.

  18. This is adorable and really uplifting to watch, especially at this time on
    YouTube. Awesome to see you having fun, Jenna!

  19. it’s so cute, i nearly cried <3

  20. I thought this was going to be really stupid. Boy, was I wrong!

  21. Maegan Winchester

    This is the cutest thing oh my gosh

  22. eyes don’t lie…what pills are you on?

  23. The ultimate fetch game!

  24. moonlight. jessie

    His POV makes him look drunk.

  25. thank you, Thank you, thank you. PLEASE… more. Yes, I would love to buy a
    T-shirt and hat ( hint hint) with the adorable Kermit there upon.

  26. Idk why but this is making me happy??

  27. this is hilarious and relaxing at the same time :D

  28. This video is what all happy things are made of.

  29. Watches POV shot from dog.
    Immediately thinks of “Going to the store” by David Lewandowski.
    Appropriate music plays in head.
    Also… that whippet is heavy as hell for whippet.

  30. Go Kermit go buddy goooo!!! :D

  31. Kermit is fat for a mini greyhound. you need to run him more like this.
    Love your videos. #spoileddog

  32. I can’t believe 382 people disliked this video. Fucking assholes. This
    video is awesome.

  33. hey Jenny did you know they mentioned youre Name on the latest ep of family
    guy ? :D

  34. I was having a horrible day today and I just sat down to watch this and it
    made me soooo happy cermet is the cutest fucking thing in the world

  35. What are this?! O.o

  36. Beautiful dog.

  37. 0:35 that dog is lit

  38. OMGawl soooo cute

  39. Awww!! What a chunky little tank he is! ?

  40. Molly Kratzenberg


  41. Katelynne Matthews

    He thiccc

  42. Name of the music? “Don’t dare to say Darude Sandstorm!”

  43. Daw. That was just perfect.

  44. I watched this right when it was posted but I just saw it again on my
    morning news! ????

  45. This is so soothing 

  46. This video made my day ??

  47. This is the kind of content the internet needs.

  48. This was amazing and a good laugh. Thank you for sharing!

  49. this looks like it should be an African safari video ??? How do sermits
    survive in the wild?!

  50. I’m smiling from the start to the end ?. Thanks jenna. Love all of you
    btw! ?

  51. Literally one of the best videos I’ve ever witnessed with my 2 eyes

  52. Jenna, never change. XD

  53. anyone know where jenna got her tie dye shirt from the beginning of the

  54. dobey has le drone, dobey are free cermet!
    lol he is so cute

  55. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  56. Good editing Julien.

  57. This is one of the cutest things I have ever seen!

  58. No clue why people subscribe to this channel.

  59. Everybody wins. Cermet wins, Jenna and Julien win, the Internet wins. Win.

  60. The Cermet canz runz free liek stallionz!! ?❤?❤?❤

  61. Kristina Vodopivec


  62. I didn’t realise how much I needed to see this omg I can’t stop smiling

  63. A+ quality content

  64. this is the quality content i subscribed for YES

  65. im so happy you let this enter my life 😀 it was magical moments

  66. You should make a dog vlog channel

  67. you know, I aspire to be just like jenna. they way she loves her dogs is so
    heart warming and the day she has kids is going to be one of the most
    beautiful things on the planet.

  68. so funny! he’s having such a good time:)

  69. His POV when running is hilarious. He’s like “F**k YEAH!!!” And the music
    is perfect. What a happy video.

  70. Your dog looks so silly and I love it

  71. Sarah Elizabeth May

    I just finished doing my makeup but this video was so cute that now I’m
    crying and have gotten my makeup everywhere damnit Jenna

  72. this is the most entertaining video ever! i love kermit!

  73. Get him a rabbit to chase, that would be a great video. Google coursing.

  74. awww yas cermet do you boo

  75. That was beautiful.

  76. This is really adorable ????

  77. why did I tear up watching this omg. ADORABLE!

  78. Soooooooo adorable and the song is perfect!

  79. that was so adorable! he looked majestic as fuck in that wide shot of him

  80. lmao i was so confused at 4:47, before i realised that was a leash trailing
    behind peach, it thought it was a tail and was thinking, “what is that
    giant rat”

  81. i love the song and the floppy ears

  82. he looks so happy chasing the drone!! loved this video, it definitely made
    my day even better. n__n

  83. This video made me smile the whole time.

  84. He looked soooooooo happy T_T <3
    This is the video to watch if you're ever down in the dumps xD


  86. I’m confused there it’s a ring on your wedding finger it seems I could be

  87. Wen ur an cermit getz to phat frum eatings an chikan, tayk him to an park
    so he wil an grow lyk an elefant.

  88. Did I just spend the last 6 minutes wast hung a dog chase a drone. Yes. Do
    I regret it. No. Haha

  89. This made me so happy omg

  90. 1. I fucking love Kermit.
    2. This video is ridiculous, but so cool.

  91. I replayed the intro 5 times because it was so lol and glitched my brain
    out hard the first time. Loved teh Cermet cam with majestic ears wavink.

  92. Hey pssshht can you please make a Jenna’s fashion dogs boutique where you
    make dog clothes/accessories?

  93. Michelle Analisse

    This amused me way more than it should have.

  94. ! beautifull !!

  95. I love this

  96. We should all try and strive for this kind of simple happiness in life :’)

  97. yassss pewds shoutout

  98. Does an cermet stiel likes chikean. An cermet loves an chikean and an

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