My dog gets super excited at the food bin being opened, yet she’s very well disciplined.

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My dog Indiana (Indy for short) gets really excited when she hears the measuring scoop in the food bin, but calms down and sits nicely prior to eating.

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  1. u suck given him/her dry food.

  2. This is animal abuse!!

    As a moderator of /b/stopAnimalCruelty on Reddit you have been reported.
    Also have the dog sit on a cold floor, that’s another cruelty demerit point
    for you.
    Serving him on an unclean plate that has dust and god knows what else,
    another cruelty demerit point reported.

  3. What a good boy!!

  4. I love dogs <3 So smart!

  5. Dogs – smart, loyal, powerful, happy, expressive, can be taught a multitude
    of tricks.

    Cats – they rub their scent on you a lot..

    Well trained dog bud, kudo’s. Lot of people treat their dogs like the kids
    they don’t have and its kind of sad to see. But when you treat your dog
    like one of the pack, it reminds me of a real strong loyal bond.

  6. She’s so pretty! What breed is she?

  7. Alexander Maxwell

    That’s nothing my dog can fly so ha and good day to you

  8. This dog listens better than my girlfriend. She gon learn today.

  9. i twitch like that when the delivery guy arrives at my door with my pizza.

  10. So cute…whatever a pretty doggy 🙂 ♥♥♥

  11. Dogs are not dumb at all…I have a very smart rat terrier and a smart
    sweet bull terrier…so for the guy who said they are dumb…get a life ;)

  12. bRad “bRadicalMagic” Nichols

    Woda sweet puppy ! ! !

  13. Its funny since I can’t even train my rabbit to not take a piss every where
    he goes

  14. ohh he want it

  15. Shakin Hernan Huaiquil Cariqueo

    Mentiraaa, que tiernooo

  16. wakawaka hey hey

    Good dog

  17. Awesome posture and understanding :)

  18. What is your mbti guys?

  19. Some people just don’t get it. leadership is not cruelty, It’s not about
    doing what one wants and what one says, It’s about order
    any Leader or captain have the main responsibility to make sure everything
    go smoothly for the majority of the pack or team.
    when I see people whining criticizing good leadership I instantly know
    they’re spoiled oxygen wasters that want “yes” as an answer to everything
    they ask for.

  20. Very adorable and well behaved.. good dog

  21. Boring 

  22. 0:18 Yesssss!

  23. Cute dog and very smart…

  24. At 00:18 I think the sound of the dog food woke up his fleas.

  25. This isn’t cute or funny, I HATE DOGS!

  26. Mcdaily Starfighter

    I wish my dogs were like that

  27. Dug the Dog :o)

  28. Medicago Lupulina

    Песику плохо)

  29. WhenBoredomStrikes

    Soo cuteee

  30. wish my dog got that excited about dry dog food. Pizza, yes.

  31. Rule Of Three T.A.G

    Great training / parenting. The dog owners at my job don’t train there dogs
    at all. Barking and peeing everywhere. Glad to see someone properly raising
    there dog. (I work as a porter at a luxury building).

  32. how in the world have you trained your dog to be so good.i am adopting a
    puppy soon,but i am scared if its gonna listen to me anything even close to
    that..Please share.thats very impressive.

  33. Whoa

  34. Dustin tokarski

  35. What dog doesn’t get excited to eat. My dog does the same

  36. ChillaxedGamer88

    Awesome dog, very cute and patient.

  37. I miss my dog. He’d wait until I gave him the “ok” to eat as well. 🙂
    Huzzah to training!

  38. Does your dog say “Thank you sir, may I have some more?” when she’s done

  39. C={[=======>
    Who else is sick of the ” Lamborghini in my garage” commercials on YouTube

  40. Lol that was very cute, made me chuckle a bit.

  41. Lol, good job on training her! Nice vid!

  42. Yet my dog has been pouting I the laundry room for hours waiting for
    another treat. She does this ALL day. 

  43. AnonaMousetookmaname

    Dogs are so much smarter than most people realize. That’s why many people
    have pet problems, the animals are smarter than they are.

  44. lol! My oldest dog does the same thing. She’ll wait until I tell her to eat
    or grab a treat. My youngest has only been with us a couple of months,
    though, so… Not quite as disciplined just yet. He has learned, though, to
    “say please” (sit down quietly) before I set down his dinner.

  45. Hmm, I think my dog needs to lose weight

  46. I feel bad for that dog, let the nigga eat, how would you like it if you
    were told when and when not to eat… Weirdo

  47. How cute!

  48. Damn thats a properly trained dog.

  49. That’s fuckin adorable

  50. I’m a dog and I find this extremely offensive 

  51. Aww so cute

  52. Patrick Benz Imanuel

    Dog > Popcorn. grab Cat

  53. Lool the titles misleading! I thort the dog was guna get excited when they
    open the actual bin!!!! LOOOL

  54. That full body contained joy display at 0:17 is too much. Nice dog you have

  55. Why does the middle of the dog bowl have that big hump come up like that?
    Seems like that would be annoying for the dog.

  56. How can people NOT love dogs?!?!?

  57. So cute reminds of my doggies

  58. what breed is that dog?

  59. Is it named Reek?

  60. like my wife when i go to the condom cabinet

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  62. I like the taste of soil

  63. Wow, what a cutie!

  64. She’s adorable.

  65. Carolina Villacis

    Awww so adorable!!!!

  66. Looks like a bigger version of my dog ?

  67. Cuteness overload

  68. So adorable…she reminds me of my dog Seery…also well behaved. She’s a
    labrador mix and also don’t know the other half. Other people say she could
    be half bulldog, others have different opinion, still trying to find out

  69. Good dog.

    The comments tho. People are crazy, lol.

  70. My pug acts the same and waits too.. Cute


  72. Cristian Espanta

    Damn …. This video got me horny as fuck

  73. Good girl !!!!!!

  74. Why is the dog bowl shaped like that?

  75. Dog food abuse. Dislike 

  76. I can’t train my cat to do anything. I think she must be stupid so I’m
    going to drive out to the country let her out and go get me a new one.

  77. animal abuse at its finest..SMH

  78. I named my dog Obama, and he is adorable. 

  79. This is not all funny. Your dog is afraid of you. You should feed her with
    love and kindness without making her go through this humiliation.

  80. That’s sooo sweet, well up bringing

  81. Hahaha! So cute! My dog does the same thing! I trained him to wait. So
    he GETS sooo happy about the food, but he waits until I say, “Okay” to dive

  82. Wow I can’t even get home without finishing my french fries when I go to
    the drive through!

  83. so cute

  84. Jimmy status: rustled, but well within safety margins, Captain.

  85. What a wagulous video!

  86. Oh my god, that dog is like a SOLDIER!

  87. My Golden Retriever does the same crazy head shake when he gets excited for

  88. good..

  89. The waiting facial expression is like that of a soldier.

  90. Kid’s a soldier.

  91. Neat, my kids act the same way.

  92. Jessica Gallagher

    So CUTE!

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