My dog likes to look at me while I eat, until I catch him and he looks away from me

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Just me and my best friend. ( @tonyjonesphoto

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  1. The American Soccer Guy

    This is every dog in the world man

  2. I want a crunchwrap now…

  3. You’re causing the dog to move his head fast. He’s not doing on his own.
    Try turning your head slowly and watch the dog do nothing.

  4. With a title like that, I’m surprised people actually clicked on it.

  5. Anthony De Santiago

    Lmao . My dog does the same thing

  6. Anthony De Santiago

    I’m gna sub

  7. He’s not looking at you silly man…. he’s looking at your food. I have
    three doggies and usually end up sharing my dinner. They are my best
    friends so sharing is caring.

  8. Not A Let's Play Channel

    Gets 1 million views and featured in front page, still hides subscribers

  9. sooo cute

  10. I didn’t know Northernlion had a dog.

  11. Thats just good training. my dogs know not to be in the kitchen or by the
    table when we are cooking or eating. begging is no appropriate dog

  12. The troll is real in this comment section ??

  13. Haha Tony love this!!!

  14. the title is the funniest

  15. Ha, mine never break eye contact…… You have a very polite dog.

  16. trolls getting likes and comments like (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  17. Wow, people are either really fucking stupid or trolling in this comment

  18. Lmao do I dare read the comments?

  19. lol so cute!

  20. Comment section trolling. It’s over nine thousand!

  21. Reading comments makes me realize how stupid people are. Fucking idiots.

  22. @0:24 when he licks his lips lol

  23. omg comments on a viral pet video !

  24. You guys are seriously sick. This guy loves this dog more than most people
    love their children. Everyday he posts pictures on Facebook of them
    traveling together, cuddling in bed, and he is a great guy who gives back
    to the community. He donates clothes and necessities to the homeless in his
    spare time. This guy is awesome and you people are twisted fucks for
    thinking otherwise. Let me guess, you’re voting for Trump? Fuck off and let
    the guy be.

  25. Subscribe to my channel maybe that’ll get your mind off this video.

  26. The fuck are people serious about animal abuse? I have seen dogs do crazier
    shit than this. Animals are different than humans.

  27. Your dog is so cute

  28. Holy comments batman, looks like 4chan found this video

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    Just 999,400 left!!!!

  30. so many sheep in the comments

  31. i dont know the dog looks kind of scared, hope its not animal abuse……
    (not saying it is)


  33. Let the boy watch.

  34. My dog does the same thing when I masturbate

  35. haha It’s really interesting!!
    Look at my channel, My dog can wait a food for 1 hour lol

  36. LOL Clearly this dog isn’t abused. This dog is spoiled, because he doesn’t
    damn listen. LOL The only reason he listens when the owner looks at him. Is
    because his big ass doesn’t want to be kicked off the sofa and sent away.
    Possibly missing out on his little bite he gets when the owner is done. My
    dogs does the same shit, and she runs my house. She’s my baby and she’s big
    like him. Pple don’t realize what it’s like to own a big ass dog. It’s like
    a grown ass man drooling and intently staring at you. Side by side is
    worse. Also it’s uncomfortable to pple when they come over. Pple who think
    this is abuse dn’t need to own a large breed dog ever. You can’t raise or
    train them the same.

  37. nice living room dude

  38. That’s torture!

  39. Very funny. Dogs try to avoid eye contact. I had a lab/shepherd mix who did
    the exact same thing when I ate. It’s like, they want you to know they want
    some food, but by looking away, they are not forcing the issue too hard.

  40. wow what a gay video. I cant wait to see a suicide video from this stupid
    white bitch.

  41. Afterwards they had a fun time
    Doggy style

  42. tbh, looks like confidence issue. neutered animals are less courageous,
    thats what i could tell from peoples dogs. its very minuuute though.

  43. Hahaha that’s funny ~Muhannad

  44. C’est rigolo

  45. r.i.p leo’s oscar jokes 1997-2016

  46. ClickHere4_MoreIncome

    Great Video

  47. What’s with the abuse comments…. I see no abuse…. I just see a normal

  48. aww your dog is soo cute! my dog looks at me too and I usually ant stand
    his puppy eyes so I have to give him some! lol

  49. In a dogs mind there comes a time everyday where the food your eating is
    more important than you.

  50. ITs a dominant behaviour, your dog is beeing dominant. Dominate him.

  51. You are so sick you animal abuser, look at that room those yellow and white
    walls. Those are the exact same colors as the DOG! Don’t you see hes facing
    IDENTITY THEFT. He doesn’t know who he is anymore. Also that painting on
    top of him, It doesn’t have a DOG in it does it!? Hes thinks that’s the
    kind kind of lifestyle you like, one without a DOG!!!!!!! On top of that
    that wooden wall behind him, it reminds him of when he was just a pup and
    stranded in the forest you inconsiderate bastard. The way you eat like you
    OWN the place, the way he turns around when you look at him hes obviously
    disturbed by your bald head, and that computer, and the bookshelf!!!!!!!!
    These are COMMON signs of abuse if i’ve ever seen some.

  52. worst most useless video ever

  53. That’s exactly what my dog does and then I pick up a species spatula to
    make her think I’m threatening her lol 

  54. Srry, but ya’ll are so stupid and crazy. First off who sucks their own dogs

  55. Stupid people would say something like that. FWI, you all who think that is
    funny can suck it and die in a hole, OK. Totes stupid. You all are MR

  56. My dog does the same thing…

  57. The Factoid Firefly Productions

    LOL That dog. xDDD

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  59. Fuck peta

  60. This is great! lol

  61. lol this is funny

  62. I would rather watch this on loop for 3 hours than the oscars if I could
    get that time back. Nice video, cute dog :)

  63. sy sy in redd

  64. it’s not nice to steal your dog’s food moron…..

  65. IkTeDer Akhand Udoy

    People who are saying the dog is beaten must beat/thinks to beat their wife
    a lot I guess…or just air occupies their brain much more than the fatty
    substance.. xP

  66. Description?

  67. CARLOS MERIDA, pintor

    wait, isn’t this normal behavior among dogs?

  68. My dog does the same.

  69. lol

  70. What happened to the days when you could post funny videos of you and your
    dog and not get harassed on the Internet. This guy clearly doesn’t harass
    his dog.

  71. My sister’s dog used to watch me all the time when I was eating, giving me
    those puppy dog eyes. However, most human food should not be given to dogs.
    Wanting to experiment, I trained her to turn her head away whenever I would
    say “Look away”. (You can accomplish this by turning their head away when
    you say it, make sure to follow with giving a treat after they’ve
    successfully ‘looked away’). Eventually the dog associated ‘looking away’
    while I was eating, with receiving a treat and would do the same as this
    dog is doing with the guy here as if to say “See, I’m looking away. Where’s
    my treat?”

  72. this was adorable

  73. The dogs not spying? It’s hungry lmao feed his ass

  74. Trolololololo.

  75. Your Average American

    First YouTube video of the day
    *Watches video, smiles*
    *scrolls down, reads comments*
    *sees bunch of peta animal fuckers implying the dog has been abused*
    *gets angry…….angrier…….starting to get lightheaded from anger*
    *takes a few deep breaths……types this comment, post*
    *close browser*
    *shutdown computer*
    Fuck this planet.

  76. Funny shit lol

  77. Most controversial video on the internet right here. Yep.

  78. Besides being somewhat intimidated….I do feel inclined to say buster here
    looks quite comfortable.

  79. All these idiots here talking about dude abuses his dog have never owned a
    pet before or are not the alpha of their dog pack & have no control over
    their animals. If you look at another one of his videos, the dog is
    relaxed, tail wagging around him, not the sign of an abused animal.

  80. As a avid dog video watcher i can say im an expert at dog behaviour and ur
    dog is acting abused. im going to ignore every fact that disproves and
    bitch about how this poor dog is being starved.

  81. This video is so worthless. It was not funny. It was not original or
    clever. I hated myself for watching it and giving you one more view out of
    the 1.5 million other dumbasses that watched this.

  82. staring in the animal kingdom = threatening. cats will also look away if
    you look at them directly. it means they like you if they do this!

  83. Poor doog.
    Doog wants the food toooo.

  84. every video with woman doing something “FEMINAZIS!”

    every video with a animal “ABUSE!”

    every video with reacting “COPYRIGHT!”

    YouTube commenters need to get more original :P

  85. Cats are still more adorable

  86. *beats dog off-camera with a crowbar*
    lol just kidding. Probably a bat.

  87. He just wants a little taste! So cute my dogs are the same way.

  88. This isn’t abuse, it’s respect. Making eye contact with a dog means you
    challenge it. If it believes it’s a lower rank than you (which it should,
    you’re human) it will avoid eye contact so it won’t challenge your
    authority. Nothing here points to any sort of abuse.

  89. The Curious Art of Alexander

    This “man” is a fucking savage! Nearly a whole bottle of what appears to be
    a Bordeaux sitting atop the coffee table right in front of the dog,
    beckoning him to it’s open, awaiting mouth. The aroma of blackberries,
    honey and oak wafting through the air. So many times stronger to a dog’s
    olfactory system then a human’s. And his owner must know he’s a recovering
    alcoholic! They’ve worked the steps side by side…TOGETHER DAMMIT! His so
    called “friend and owner” just sadistically leaving it out under his nose.
    You know he’s got three fucking years sober!!! THAT’S 21 YEARS IN DOG
    YEARS! You presented him with the mother fucking coin I bet, you heartless
    bastard! You know how much of a struggle it was for him to even ask for
    your help. To pull himself out of the hole he was in! All the damn times he
    nearly relapsed! The tears you shared! The cries of joy! And you just leave
    that open bottle out for your so called “man’s best friend”? Don’t make me
    laugh! You’re not fooling me! You disgust me sir. You disgust me.

  90. Wow, people are seriously stupid! This is NOT a sign of abuse.
    *Face palm, smh…

  91. What’s the point of watching this video. The title really shows everything
    that happens and from the thumbnail you can see the dog and the human which
    means you can picture exactly what’s going to happen which means you’ve
    wasted 36 or 37 seconds of your life.

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