My Name Is Bond, James Bond – Lottie my African Grey Parrot

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Lottie my African Grey telling everyone her name is Bond, James Bond [plus the tune whistled of cause]. Then blows a kiss and says “Whats that all about?”
So Cute


  1. this is so adorable

  2. They have to be pretty smart, and different then us in a
    communication-sense but I reckon the differences are subtle and alien
    enough to not be quite approachable for anyone less then a phd.

  3. These birds mimics sounds in the wild, allowing them to repeat words and
    sounds heard in it’s enviroment. In the wild they are known to mimics the
    call of a male that has a parter and trick the female into thinking that he
    is hers breeding parter .

  4. Be careful, that bird might be planning to kill you.

  5. Nice! :D

  6. youkilledkiller22

    You must be Ames.

  7. is the parroted after a refer miss Lotte Lenya, the first great Bond
    villain, later honored in Mack the Knife?

  8. i ate one of these. they’re delicious.

  9. Set it free

  10. The Canadian Bacon

    This will end up on Ray William Johnson’s channel soon I bet

  11. Never knew James bond was this cool

  12. Now teach him >> I’M BATMAN

  13. I also have an African Grey..they are so awesome!

  14. lol

  15. That’s awesome!!! 

  16. Once Daniel Craig’s contract to play James Bond expires, I think Lottie
    would be a great James Bond in subsequent films. 

  17. BinkieMcFartnuggets

    You can officially put Lottie ahead of George Lazenby on the list of the
    best James Bonds.

  18. watch out guys, we have a badass over here

  19. the fact that it does the theme is so great

  20. Now THAT’s a good disguise for a spy.

  21. Oh my god thats brilliant haha.

  22. James Bond in gray suit and red tie…

  23. More like James Bird!!! HAHAHA…. I need a life.

  24. Sounds just like Sean Connery…


  26. Chuck Norris is inside the bird

  27. That’s probably the coolest bird on the planet


  29. *LOVE* the way he does the James Bond theme!

  30. Did you expect him to talk?

  31. This is the best thing to hit the internet in a long time. 

  32. Do you expect me to talk?!!!!
    No I’m expect you to sing

  33. That’s one suave parrot.

  34. I am root :)

  35. Thank god no one can troll.

  36. “What’s at all about?” Haha

  37. Muniyx - Gaming and more!

    So awesome, saw this from Twitter!

  38. OMG

  39. That would slowly drive me insane I think, but I love it all the same!

  40. My name is Bird, James Bird.

  41. I was hoping it might say “shaken not stirred!”

  42. I never knew Alfred from batman was James Bond! XD

  43. James Bond beaten by a parrot
    (cuz his voice is more sexy than him)

  44. Bird brain.

  45. You know what that means.. ANimals are taking over the world.. Remember
    doctor do little or planet of the apes?

  46. Marcos Sanchez (Marcheziora)

    I want a Parrot like this!

  47. Haha he must have heard it from the TV.. looks great! My family has a
    timnae African Grey for 33 years now…they are so smart its unreal this is
    just a fraction of what they can memorize and learn..they are clever. 

  48. Search for the next bond ends here!!! :)

  49. Amazing creature…..

  50. That guy is awesome!!!! Lol!!!!!

  51. Do you expect me to talk, Goldfinger?
    /No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to molt.

  52. soothingrelaxing123

    What’s that all about?

  53. Samantha Fenstemaker

    Beautiful bird, so funny!

  54. Lol, that’s funny

  55. I should never have found this, I keep watching it over and over

  56. Lottie needs a minature Walther PPK to grab by the perch

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