New born Cotton-Top Tamarin babies

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Cotton-top tamarins, Havier and Yari, have celebrated the arrival of two tiny, iti, biti, little babies, and if you thought your babies were cute then think again, because these two pint sized babies take adorable to whole new level.

The twins who will stay latched tightly to their mother for the coming weeks, until their tiny bodies are strong enough to be mobile, are an extremely important addition to the family at Symbio Wildlife Park. With their species in the wild classified as critically endangered, they form an integral part of the zoo’s captive breeding program.

Due to their minute size, at this stage keepers can’t accurately determine what gender they are, but gender aside, seriously, how cute are they!

There are many reasons for the decline in the wild population, who call the tropical forests of Costa Rica through to Columbia home, but the main one is are due to their size as they are subject to a number of predators such as wild dogs, cats, snakes, birds, and of cause destruction of natural habit by humans.

With the sanctuary where the babies reside now open for public viewing, you can see them every day of the week for yourself at Symbio Wildlife Park.

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  1. So very cute amazing & little miracles.

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