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I finally moved and got two new unexpected pets.

i filmed this before i hit a million, but my next video will definitely celebrate the million!


  1. Some of the people commenting have no idea about her life. All they see is the 11-12 minutes of video you release. Apparently you’re a horrible person for taking in 2 orphaned kittens. They apparently think it’s your fault the mother isn’t able to be found. People will judge anything with little to no information.

    New flash, idiots! She said she’s learning how to properly take care of them. She’s not just getting 2 kittens and neglecting them. Some people’s children.

  2. Everyones commenting about the kittens and im over here like wasn’t her boyfriend accused of rape? N here he is in her video….. I went back to the last video bc thats where i read about it and a lot of the comments were gone but jw if anyone heard anything else about this?

  3. Name the cats heihei and pua

  4. The girl should be Jasmine and the boy Simba

  5. If you need any tips your should watch kitten lady!! 🙂 Your kittens are super cute.

  6. Arya for girl
    Aiden for boy

  7. I’m only a couple minutes into the vid so idk if she mentioned this but you should definitely watch the kitten lady she’s amazing

  8. Hey Taylor, I’ve raised a couple of litters of kittens, if they’re properly fed and still crying, they might be cold! Usually kittens have their momma for warmth, so orphans might need a heat pad. When they’re so little it’s still hard for them to independently regulate their heat.

  9. Girl-Soleil, Charlotte, Pastel, Luna, Dawn, Anfisa, Leila, Lola, Olivia, Bermuda, Wanda, Autumn, Mabel, Camilla
    Boy-Pasha, Tofu, Whiskey, Dean, Yves, Zeke, Gail, Finley, Tomboy, Noir, Gaia, Prince, Cosmo, Pine, Leo

  10. Now Cheese is in more danger nooooo

  11. Girl Kitten – Duchess
    Boy Kitten – O’ Malley

  12. #34 on trending you go girl!!!

  13. You should name the kittens after Marie and Berlioz from The aristocrats (to follow the Disney theme).

  14. I think you should name the boy oreo and the gray one shade or cloud

    I saw someone else suggest Lilo and Stitch for the kittens and I think that’s just perfect somehow.
    Love you!!

  16. omggg they r soo cutee!

  17. happy 1 M

  18. Ariana Ariel Oudansingh

    awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww so cute 😍😍😍😍😍😍
    here are some names u can name them
    BOY: Axel or Brent
    GIRL:Skyler or Scarlett

  19. Misty for the girl and Oliver for the boy.

  20. Happy one million subs😁. You came so far I remember when I first found your channel. The first vid I watched was why you don’t want a blue tang fish, since that video I’ve been watching every video Even if I don’t want that pet lmao.

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