Ollie the Puppy’s First Experience with Cold Water

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A bit of background – We have a water bowl with a filter that cycles the water (since him and the cat use it) but we put it up since we’re still working on house training and it made predicting his schedule difficult. So when we came back from a walk, I grabbed my water from the fridge and poured him a bowl. Can’t imagine how he’ll react to ice.

Ollie is an 11 week old Mini (Mini American Shepherd, used to be referred to as a Mini Australian Shepherd). He loves apples, raspberries, and napping in the Florida sun.



  2. Ollie says no way!

  3. why is the poor animal docked? that’s the real abuse…

  4. That’s how I react to winter. I feel his pain.

    Cute video. :)

  5. You’ll have to post his first encounter with snow next. 🙂 Adorable pup!

  6. So, I’m going to hunt you down with a bucket of ice cream, and cram it down
    your throat. Yeah, how do you like THAT brain freeze, huh? You big meanie.

  7. priceless. but don’t you think he is rather confused with the transparency
    of both water and bowl?

  8. you stupid fucks
    baby animals and humans act this way because they’re exposed to a new
    stimulus they’re not familiar with, he’s not being hurt in any way he’s
    just surprised and wondering why it’s different than what he’s used to. And
    because he’s young he doesn’t have a whole lot of experience to go on, so
    even tiny things are surprising

    I bet you think peek-a-boo is a traumatizing game to play with infants too.
    “The baby clearly thought you were gone and you’re going to give him
    abandonment issues!!! Child abuse!!!111!”

  9. BinkieMcFartnuggets

    Reminds me of my first experience with vodka.

  10. If you listen carefully, the puppy is saying “No!” Not yes.

  11. 这狗真是个快乐的小逗比~

  12. Lydia Hawkins (Atheistlady)

    This is very cute


    “Posh dogs are used to get champagne, served at temperature ! Humans are
    not what they used to be…”

  14. Why you make that baby suffer 🙂 He’s so cute

  15. The CW Television Network

    Chili dog

  16. haha i love how he just sits there and tries to ignore it. :D

  17. Filtering dog (and cat) water is crazy. They’re perfectly contented with
    drinking toilet water if you let them.

  18. some of the people on this blog should go to these farms where the abuse
    really is so they can learn all about it…these people probably came from
    the generation of Dr. Spock parents who gave a “long ass explanation” of
    why they shouldn’t do or say something instead of dicipline.

  19. Lol, Too cute.

  20. This is so cute how the puppy is just unsure of what it is! Thanks for the
    upload! I had a dog that just had to stick his front paw in the water dish
    AS he lapped up the water! When he had just come to live with us, also he
    laid on his belly to eat food! This was only for a few weeks until he grew
    too big for this! I did get a picture of him on his belly! I will find that
    pic later! It is the black dog in my main picture to the left. His name was
    (uncle) Sam born on the fourth of July 2004. He only lived 2 years but he
    was crazy all two years we had him! We also have his “brother” who is 2
    years older that is still with us at 13 years old named Bentley. Silly Sam
    had a white goatee against his black fur! So it was only fitting to name
    him uncle Sam given he was born on the fourth of July, 2004! We love all
    dogs but I am partial to mini schnauzers!

  21. He thinks you are trying to pull one on him. It is funny the way they are
    with anything new, its a big deal.

  22. very cute!

  23. Personally, I wouldn’t coax a dog or puppy into drinking so much …
    because they ALL have to pi$$ sometime; & there’s no guarantee that you can
    take them outside before they make a massive yellow puddle appear! LOL. ?

  24. Her heart is cold

  25. whatta cutie!

  26. drink the water… trying to make a video over here… DRINK THE WATER!!!!

  27. This vid actually made my day, thanks! Greetings from a Polish dog lover :)

  28. 狗應該是在水中看見自己

  29. she prefers room temperature haha ?

  30. what a cute little spaz lol

  31. Your Dog Ollie looks kinda like my dog! (My dog is my profile picture.)
    also, cute dog!

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