Orphaned Elephant Calf Refuses To Leave Mother’s Side

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Orphaned Elephant Calf Refuses To Leave Mother’s Side

AN ORPHANED elephant calf holds a vigil by the body of his dead mother in Samburu, northern Kenya. Worried that the five-month-old might succumb to cold or be targeted by predators, keepers from the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust worked through the night to capture the bull – who stubbornly refused to leave his mother’s side. Vets were eventually able to tranquillise the youngster in the early hours of the morning, before driving him to the Samburu airstrip, and then flying him to his new home at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Elephant Orphanage in the Nairobi National Park. After the flight, the severely dehydrated calf was driven to the orphanage, where keepers quenched his thirst with some milk and water. Some of the other 30 orphans at the nursery were bought in to welcome and comfort the new arrival, who was named Sokotei. And despite the shock of his new surroundings, it wasn’t long before the grieving calf was making new friends. For more information about the work done by the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, please visit: http://www.sheldrickwildlifetrust.org

Videographer / Director: DS2
Producer: Tom Midlane
Editor: Joshua Douglas


  1. it’s not the same with the new voice

  2. I want to see or even meet a elephant in Africa living in it’s natural

  3. 椅子殿(Chair)

    whyyy ;_;

  4. He can live with me! I’ll call him Snickers.

  5. Poor little elephant

  6. i cried 

  7. ศุภรัตน์ ขัมภรัตน์

    In the nature lion help her from the earth to next life

  8. That’s amazing. Wow. Good job guys!

  9. Thomas Jørgensen

    I love the fact that it’s walking around with a blanket on its back,

  10. Poor baby, to loose his mommy while still so Young. At least now he is with
    others like him and has a chance to live a new life. And what a wonderful
    job they are doing in Kenya, taking such good cre of their animals. They
    deserve major respect for protecting them and look after them and well

  11. Valdarocker keys

    Poor elephant :(

  12. It shows animals do have feelings x

  13. joining 301 group

  14. elefun the elephants don’t forget

  15. Aww best story

  16. Why the elephant has a red blanket around?

  17. Aww poor baby

  18. I hate the new voide

  19. So cute how the other baby elephants welcomed it. 

  20. Bless those people for saving this baby. I hope he can be released back
    into the wild when he is ready ??

  21. me alegra mucho saber que acabó bien D:

  22. May suffering be less.

  23. Francesca Marshall

    Awww soo sad :'(

  24. Breaks my heart

  25. Logan Schellenberg

    I loved how the orphans came and greeted him. Put there trunks up and
    everything. Nature is so beautiful. Only if people were like that but we
    are controlled by paper so that will never happen. 

  26. Awww

  27. Sea Gal (Ocean Lover) Lila

    This is so awesome!!!!

  28. Beatriz Chavarriaga

    Que triste ! Pero gracias por ayudar esta bebita ! 


  30. VainestOne OfThemAll

    So sweet

  31. awwwww, elephants take death really badly, sometimes they even burry their
    family with sticks and leaves 

  32. AW thats soooo sad

  33. :'(

  34. Alistair Kaname

    when i see videos likes this it give me hope of my lost brothers in Africa,
    cant not say the same for my homeland of jamaica

  35. God bless these kindhearted people <3 50 elephants last year, wow ...

  36. god bless every one of those people who help animals

  37. poor baby :(

  38. In there. There is a baby elephant that will become the next Dark Knight

  39. Meu coração dói…

  40. coitado

  41. Such a sad story, but thank you for saving this lovely creature <3 I really
    wanted to cry with happiness ^_^

  42. It’s incredible how elephants grieve for their dead, if only humans could
    grieve as much for their loved ones.

  43. He got to join a huge family of orphans and get some good milk. What a
    happy ending!

  44. Awww, I’m crying! Poor baby didn’t wanna leave his momma. :'( How sweet,
    though, how the other baby elephants greeted him and @1:06 one of them puts
    his trunk on him like a hug! 

  45. Uhhhhh, heart breaking. :(

  46. This is so fucking heartbreaking and horrible. It’s poor face at 0.10.
    Horrible 🙁 I hope it has a carer now :,

  47. Poachers should be shot on sight!

  48. should of gave it CPR

  49. Alexandre Alves

    parabéns pelo lindo trabalho!!!

  50. Patricia Guimaraes-Fabbiani

    Poor babies 🙁 

  51. What’s wrong with some people…….Karma doesn’t forget.

  52. Rebeca Milena Leite Vieira
  53. pobre bb que ele esteja bem com a nova familia..é de emocionar!! :(

  54. que triste…..

  55. this is heart breaking :'(

  56. So sad … yet heartwarming at the same time.
    THANK YOU for sharing and thanks to all those caring ones too.
    ~South Africa~ xox

  57. Poor thing….. :(

  58. Enquanto os seres humanos estão se matando por motivos BANAIS, os animais
    estão dando uma LIÇÃO de MORAL e AMOR! 

  59. Please continue to preserve our wildlife! I love animals. I am saddened how
    us humans can hunt to near extinction :(

  60. sigh…. 

  61. Happy ending to a sad story…..They stay with their mom’s for years,
    fortunately this little guy made some friends and hopefully he will adjust
    and be okay.

  62. Atleast he made new friends (:

  63. awwww i love how all the other orphans accepted him so quickly and
    compassionately …. if only humans could be so accepting..

  64. Poor mother 

  65. RIP mother elephant may her soul rest in peace…and for those who rescued
    the baby elephant, the world needs more people like you! God bless you all!

  66. breaks my heart, every time

  67. Dislikes = foggy eyes
    Plus I don’t LIKE video but I don’t dislike it ether.
    And the mother wasn’t killed by a hunter.
    Still stinks.

  68. They’re all so cute together.

  69. Es muy triste el ver como espesa que se levante la madre, sentí en mi
    corazón un vacío ajeno, pero también es lindo ver lo que sigue depuesto que
    pudo ir a un lugar donde había más elefantes y es saber que no está más
    sólo/a, me gusto y felicito a esa gente que lo hizo posible saludos! !!

  70. Heartbreaking. More Info/Photos on this on dreamteamdownloads1(.com) &
    Thanks for the video.Please join that site, & enjoy all the other things it
    has to offer
    NB: Certain Sections are NOT Available to Unregistered Members

  71. Same story happened in Riau – Sumatra (Indonesia) when a baby elephant
    refuses to leave mother’s dead body (poisoned) for 2 days. And now the baby
    elephant grown up and named Christopher.

  72. Oh my god why why?! i’m crying a river….

  73. A Better Love Story Than Twilight.

  74. tadinho

  75. Wow this is beautiful.

  76. Mariarosa Benedetto

    Small sweet heart. Men should learn from you Love
    Sorry I used the translator

  77. I don’t know why I cried :'( …. so heartbreaking even they saved him :(

  78. Beautiful.Faith in humanity restored

  79. :10 It almost looks like he’s is laying on her crying :(

  80. Grass fed animals are more chill like gorillas and elephants both big as
    shit but still gentle.

  81. Poor baby 🙁 he/she has no mom 

  82. Gianfranco Fronzi

    You know in all the sadness in this video ,
    and it is a heartbreaker .

    What we’re actually witnessing is, Mankind , actually doing good .

    The mother expired , not butchered , and it is our duty , as the ” Animal
    that Can ” ,
    to help that calf .
    Most of the other mammals would mother the calf , if circumstances were
    right .

    But we as , The Animal that Can . Can do much more , it was that calf’s
    salvation that mankind was around .

    Doesn’t that make your viewpoint of ourselves sunnier ?

    We’re not all looking for Ivory , or meat , most try and do good .

    Welcome Home .

  83. This made my eyes sweat.

  84. i feel so… spoiled :(

  85. Adoro ver estas pessoas a salvarem estes animais….

  86. there is still hope out there in the world

  87. I’m crying of this, poor kid losing his mother

  88. Elephant Matriarch from Dumbo dislikes this due to trauma.

  89. commandkicker8 gaming

    We really need to stop poaching animals

  90. That breaks my heart.

  91. Lucy Leigh Ranby 2003

    Am i the only one who cried??? 

  92. Al ver estas a hermosas personas que luchan por los que no se pueden
    defender de las barbaries y atrocidades que cometen otros humanos
    desalmados y me da fuerza en pensar que no todo en este mundo esta perdido
    y que Dios los bendiga a estas persona que ayudan a los animalitos

  93. Congratulations, you didn’t allow an elephant, but a kid no less, to mourn
    over it’s mother’s death

  94. im cring becas of the vido

  95. I’m fucking happy mother fucking happy fuck fuck fuckidy fuck fuck bitch
    cock sucking dick head……………soooo happy
    (I’m not sarcastic)

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