Otter ‘Juggling’ Like Crazy

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This is the amazing Otter from the Birmingham Nature Wildlife Centre in England. He’s ‘juggling’ a stone like crazy. I slowed the speed down to half so you can see a bit more of his action.
In the background you can hear my bird sound, including the woodpecker.

Look at my Otter photography at:


  1. ++ bravo mon ami ! bon week-end nos amitiés

  2. Your Wayward Destiny

    Too adorable.

  3. Must be a Harlem GlobeOtter

  4. Better handles than any sixer.

  5. Look at him go haha

  6. It doesn’t look like it is in slow motion. If it is, then the otter must
    actually be moving really fast.

  7. HA!! He dropped it four times! You’re not such hot shit after all. Keep
    practicing and get back to me later otterface.

  8. 為什麼要玩滷蛋 ^^?

  9. Looks like a Fushigi Magic ball.

  10. skilled. look at his tiny hands ! not so different from ours.

  11. such skill..they have a rock pocket that they keep a favorite rock in to
    break open edibles. ilove them so much I want to xome back as an otter

  12. Sign that dude for our football receiver!

  13. Fushigi

  14. why do they do this juggling ?

  15. most beautiful thing ive seen in a while

  16. share on facebook

  17. Some Hipster saw an otter doing this, while at the park sipping his soy
    bean latte, and thought to himself “I could buy a clear crystal orb and
    totally do this too”

    The rest was history.

    Before he went mainstream.

  18. soo cute but…. what’s it juggling

  19. Oh just eat it already!!

  20. Reminding us that its the little things in life.

  21. reminds me of a time when I was told not to play with my food.

  22. The title is misleading. I was expecting to see a person juggling otters in
    slow motion. Disappointing…

  23. Евгений Антонюк

    Я слышал у них есть свой любимый камень,который они бережно хранят

  24. If you play it at .25 speed, during any part of the video, it looks like
    it’s being attacked haha.

  25. They most certainly do…they are such clever creatures, slinky fast, and
    they are very sad when their babies don’t make it…they carry them around
    for hours sometimes days before they can bring themselves to let them sink.

  26. sea otters definitely have a rock pocket…I’m not sure its the same for
    river otters. This guy seems pretty attached to the one he’s juggling.

  27. rhythmic gymnastics ball champion

  28. He should join the circus.

  29. damn it’s a stone.

    through the whole video thought it was an olive.

  30. fukkkk im losing my masculinity. dawwww <33

  31. What is the object that it is juggling? Looked like a pecan or a
    well-rolled little turd–ha! Or maybe a mud ball? Really neat, and I love
    the rapid tapping sound of the bird in the audio also–ha!

  32. SHABOZZ!!!

  33. rubbing its scent on it ?

  34. this dude would be a fushigi ball champion.

  35. That otter is ready for the NBA!

  36. quem veio pelo video do ratao da um like kkkk

  37. *Autistic otter attempts to devour crocodile testicle

  38. Category: otter

  39. aww i love otters

  40. Skill

  41. dos hands doe

  42. More of a rock hog than Kobe Bryant.

  43. Ooo this is so cute

  44. Take away the object it’s juggling…XD

  45. Hello, I work for Reuters. I just sent you a YouTube message regarding your
    video. I appreciate if you could take a look

  46. People who show special athletic ability like this otter displays with
    grace should never get proud of themselves. For, the Lord created that
    ability for them to enjoy, and be enjoyed by others.

  47. that’s his favorite rock

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