Our Most Dramatic Ending EVER!!

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Meet Winfrey… Poor Buddy was in rough shape and about to be euthanized to save him from any more pain.

For adoption information, please visit: http://dallaspetsalive.org/adopt/adoptable-dogs/dog-profile/?id=10069073

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If you are interested in helping with animals in the future, please visit our partners at http://www.abandonedpetproject.org to learn more and to donate if you would like. Abandoned Pet Project is a 501(c)(3), tax exempt non-profit organization. There is no shortage of pets in need, so every donation means more lives we can positively change.

Music: https://soundcloud.com/andrewapplepie/slackers-paradise


  1. Aww I just want to hug him at the beginning :(

  2. Dr Karri is so hot

  3. Did she say yes?

  4. Louise Bailey u better say yes

  5. Can’t say I’m a fan of titles like this

  6. Awe if I could drive down i so would to adopt him in a heart beat but sadly
    I can’t because I live all the way in Ohio and it’s a long drive down 🙁
    best wishes to his forever home and prayers for him and the many other
    animals in need, that you all have helped and the many more to come :)

  7. little_miss-sunshine 777

    AWWWW….I hope she said YES! ???

  8. Dogs are fucking tanks, they get their hips shattered, and with time and
    sometimes surgery they just heal it and go back to running, incredible.

  9. What kind of dog is he cause he looks like my dog but my dog has a nub from
    his original owner who dis owned him

  10. I think that screw needed some loctite ;)

  11. *Anyone **#Flagging** this or any Vet Reach videos is Taking money away
    from **#Real* *#Life* *#Hero**’s those **#Vets** and suffering Animals*.
    *So Stop and get a life*.

  12. Are these videos monetised? Only I’ll turn off adblocker if they are ;)

  13. YouTube trending page description says “After being hit by a car, Winfrey
    is rescued and put back together days before being euthanized.” I was
    mislead as I thought everything went well, and then he was euthanized.

  14. The caption from the trending YouTube page made me think he was “put back
    together” and then they killed him

  15. Phoenix Productions

    I’m so angry that I live in Maryland and can’t adopt any pets from there!
    But good work guys

  16. wtf just put him out of misure in the beginning

  17. You can show this but penises and vaginas are completely taboo. logic.

  18. That bit at the end is so cute. “Excuse me human doctor??? I need you to
    prescribe butt scratchies so my butt can heal better??”

  19. Omg I’m speechless. I’m glade you helped this dog and I just realized that
    your in Texas ( correct me if I’m wrong ) so I’ll be coming to you if I
    find a injured animal or my pet gets injured!

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