Owl Takes The Tram

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Moscow, Russia

Yeol, the owl, goes sight seeing on the tram.

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  1. What kind of owl are that?

  2. get that shit off the bus it’s a mother fucking bird of prey

  3. This was an important thing

  4. This owl is a stand user!!!

  5. “Tickets, please”

  6. It got tired of flying from Hogwarts and back.

  7. Is this someones owl or is it a wild owl?

  8. Owls have learned how to ride buses? Next thing you know and they will be
    pecking peoples eyes out and having a…hooting good time taking over the

  9. “browl what is happening this is so trippy browl” “everything is moving but
    I’m not browl”

  10. how cute at 1:51 ^_^

  11. did that owl pay his fare? doesn’t matter, he should get a free pass!

  12. Thought it said Owl Takes the Train.

  13. Евгений Антонюк


  14. This is awesome.

  15. awesome

  16. In Soviet Russia…owl rides tram.

  17. lol

  18. Screaming Back Brown

    Owl be back…

  19. They asked him what he thought of the tram ride afterwards. He said it was
    a *hoot*.

  20. King Diamond 51fifty

    Those eyes bad ass

  21. The owl was commuting to his day job at the zoo. Tomorrow mr. fox will
    commuting with him too. :)

  22. That tram ride must have been such a hoot.

    I’m sorry. :(

  23. Don’t forget i’m having brunch with megan tomorrow. (who?) megan, my
    co-worker. (who?)seriously, you’ve met her like 3 times. (…………who?)

  24. You know its bad when even the owls play it safe, rather than get shot down
    by a Russian Missile.

  25. of course it’s russians

  26. cool. the girls at the end were like its a owl on a tram how cute

  27. Fly? no more

  28. Oh yeah, like he is watching people in the human safari

  29. Captain FuzzyPants

    “Do I have a ticket? Owl have you know I don’t have any pockets to hold
    money. So fuck your ticket, good sir.”

  30. RightTrigger Gaming

    Wonder how they talked the driver in to letting an owl on the tram. Then
    they spoke Russian. Mystery solved.

  31. It’s a Eurasian Eagle Owl…thought to be the largest owl species.

  32. He’s so cute!

  33. It probably spotted a thousand rats in that journey

  34. 1:54 she’s giving you the sex eyes. They must be traveling back to her
    place, obviously this female owl want’s to ruffle some feathers.

  35. What do you call a hipster owl… HOOODINI !!!

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  37. sef zxm (deadseth)

    Come on, Lets all sing along..
    The O W L on the bus, goes.

  38. Harry potter?

  39. He has big head

  40. I think I found HOODINI!!!!

  41. I must say, this owl is much more well behaved than most kids I see .. ;)

  42. Wow Hogwarts owls are just getting lazier and lazier these days…

  43. haha, what else is newwww

  44. lmaooooo

  45. Ha, at 1:54 the owl looks into the camera as if he wants to say “Is this
    our stop”? What a cutie pie, this video made my day, thanks for cheering me
    up! :)

  46. Mnakekeli Ngcamphalala

    “What wizardry is this? It’s like I’m flying, but I’m not.”

  47. Owls are soooo cool!

  48. watching this owl on a tram is like watching Steph Curry or Lebron James
    play NBA2k16 all day. smh

  49. its vanoss
    what’s he doing on a tram?

  50. This is so cute! 🙂 He looks like he’s really enjoying himself; taking in
    all the scenery and watching all the activity. Also the people who noticed
    the owl had the most amusing reactions. I’d be doing the same thing if I
    saw an owl on a train. So cute! :)

  51. ain’t it past his bedtime??SMK(slappin my knee)

  52. The owl was thinking, “What the hell am I doing out of BED?!?!? I should be
    SLEEPING! I am NOCTURNAL for shit sakes!”

  53. watch this when u trippin, trust me

  54. This is an old video taken from another channel.

  55. Harry Potter joke in 3….2….1…..

  56. Because fuck flying right ?

  57. dat lil squeak doe

  58. C.M. Petrey (Maze on Legs)

    Owl’s like: “I’m flying.. and yet I’m not.. huh.”.

  59. Seems Woodsy added a line to his famed advise. “Give a Hoot, don’t pollute,
    please commute.” Hey, it’s better than his new slogan “Lend a hand, care
    for the land.”

  60. a retired post owl

  61. Looks like hes having a HOOT of a time

  62. im glad he is returning to Hogwarts with Harry. !

  63. what kind of owl is he?

  64. aww soo cute i love owls. so this is cute ?????????

  65. that’s fucking hilarious

  66. Only in Russia…

  67. Imagine being high and driving past this fucking owl on a train lol

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