Pet the lamb that thinks it’s a dog!

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Here’s “Pet” the orphaned lamb who thinks she’s a dog. “Pet”, from a very young age started following our oldest collie Dice around, believing that Dice was her mum. Pet would follow her everywhere, even sleeping in the same bed together.

I always found it hilarious when Pet would start jumping around with all our collies (Dice, Fly, Jess and Megan) so decided to start filming her one day.

I filmed this at my parents house in Lochbroom, near Ullapool in the Highlands of SCOTLAND.

“Pet” still has the freedom to go out into the hill and join the other sheep for the day but she enjoys nothing more than coming back into the shed every night to sleep in her basket beside Dice.

For more information on the location and the bed and breakfast that my mother runs check out Torran B & B.

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  1. Premnath Kularatnam

    That lamb needs a hug :)

  2. CBA to look at some newb filming with phone turned wrong way.

  3. ГАВ!

  4. Maz bintadamz (bahamaz)

    animals of a the same provider
    ……. flock together
    ?You are who you hang out with..??

  5. Oh my god !! it’s so cute ❤

  6. I wonder who is the lucky one that gets to taste cooked Pet first.

  7. jajaja que linda.

  8. Those border collies are probably thinking “Oh man! This dude knows our
    secrets and he’s gonna tell all the other sheep! WHAT HAVE WE DONE??!”

  9. hahahahaaha I cant stop laughing

  10. from the title i thought the sheep might do something dog like, rather than
    just play with some dogs :

  11. JukinVideo brought me here…

  12. It’s a dog with a costume!

  13. We joke about animals thinking they’re different animals a lot, but this
    sheep TRULY believes hes a dog. he moves his ears and tail like a dog, and
    not anything like a sheep. he completely lacks a defensive attitude that
    pretty much all sheep have, that’s pretty amazing XD

  14. More videos please! Would you please record a video horizontally this time?

  15. this is very nice, cheers

  16. Xavier Swinton Byrne

    Sooooo sweeet 😀
    Saw the video and knew it was Scotland :P

  17. fuck vegans and fuck vertical video. video disliked reported and flagged as

  18. Nice video do you want to watch mine

  19. Be careful about sharing this vid or creating a gif from it. Owner is
    filing dmca notices. For a vid that had less than 2000 views a week ago.

  20. So cute? and funny? at the same time!

  21. Thanks for this wonderful video my mom watches it everyday. Please add more
    watching this makes her so happy. 

  22. That was sooooooo cute!!!

  23. It looks delicious!

  24. Please don’t tell him

  25. What kind of breed of dog is this?

  26. omg that is so cute and hillarious at the same time.

  27. they said i could be anything… so i become a dog. :3

  28. Y de repente, comentario español aparece..

  29. Herd mentality… If that sheep joined the ISIS, it would be beheading some
    journalist now….

  30. Il est génial ce mouton !

  31. Aww she needs a friend

  32. Hmm

  33. NicE

  34. Majestic af

  35. *boing* *boing* *boing* XD

  36. Daniela Sebestova

    Best video ever. The lamb is adorable and happy in his own world. Dogs are
    puzzled :)

  37. andres sanchez mora

    Muy curioso

  38. rly cute. she even jumps and moves like the dogs. altho i’m no sheep
    expert. The dogs don’t herd Pet do they? do they just play with her as an

  39. Hold the phone horizontal, not vertical.

  40. so funny, and one dog eat snow, so cute

  41. C’mon guys, I’m a dog just like you! See?….Jump… jump… c’mon you
    Sorry, we need to hear a bark or you no dog.

  42. +Alexis Russell
    No. The dogs are the sheep’s friend. That sheep is a sheepdog. She is a
    sheepdog because she was raised by sheepdogs. Not dinner. She was not
    raised by dinner.

  43. Did anyone else notice that dog run to the left behind that fence on 0:50-

  44. Mi vidaaaa. Me la como a besos

  45. too bad he’s dead yall probably ate it

  46. 3 months later this cow was slaughtered for food aka hamburgers. 

  47. I love how pet doesn’t walk. it just kind of bounces around ahaha

  48. si muy hermoso animalito!!!

  49. Miss, i think your lamb is tardness.

  50. Sweet thing.

  51. Please make more Pet videos! Love it! Xx

  52. Is it just me or are the dogs discriminating the lovely sheep? :'(

  53. The dogs are like “Goddamn! Muthafucka’s on PCP, right?”

  54. add one more sheep please.
    apparently The sheep needs more sheepish friend but dogs.

  55. Now I want to raise a small pack of dogs and one lamb so it’s grows up like

  56. The dogs are looking at it like “Whats with the hyper cotton ball over

  57. i dont think the lamb think it is a dog is just that he is having fun

  58. Aaawww. He just wants to play with them :(

  59. Think she took the term, ‘sheep dog,’ too literally.

  60. Animals are great!

  61. Trop chou!!! J’adore ce mouton! (so cute!!! I like this sheep!)

  62. this is funny lololololo

  63. Gay community: dog and sheep are equal!!!! #LGBT

  64. What a great video, so cute and funny :)). Thank you for sharing.

  65. It’s so precious. I can’t help but watch over and over angain

  66. I want to move in please.

  67. Anton Lover of Truth

    So cute! :). How can someone not watch videos of amazing, beautiful,
    deadly, and sometimes even funny creatures and deny the existence of a
    creator and a soul?

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