Pirate Ferret vs Shark Ferret

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Our Ferrets Pancake and Yossarian travel to a land of make believe where pirates battle deadly sharks.
Ferret Owners sign up at http://epicferret.com for info, help and fun.
Music: Bushwick Tarantella by Kevin MacLeod http://incompetech.com


  1. Omg, this was too cute. I’m planning on getting my ferret (A sweet little
    hob named Loki) a playmate. I hope he has as much fun with his playmate as
    your little fuzzies do with each other. Great job on the video; it was very

  2. Thanks so much for saying so! Yes I’m sure he will be enchanted with his
    new playmate, Stay tuned for more videos soon =)

  3. I’ve got 2 m

  4. Doz comment went rong

  5. What I ment to say was I have 2 new ferrets so funny

  6. Assasins Creed Black Flag, Ferret edition

  7. Cute ferrets but the title is misleading lol

  8. Carpet sharks!

  9. Son la mascota perfecta! <33

  10. “I think we’re gonna need a bigger boat!”

  11. Patricia Gomez-Lopez



    Q: Why was the ferret not allowed to see the Ferret Pirate Movie?
    A: Because it was rated AHRrrrrrrrr!

  13. C0pper B0ltwire

    Adorable… More reasons to love ferrets.

  14. What am I doing with my life smh

  15. And off they go to bother that poor, long-suffering cat. XD

  16. Adèle Forcione-lambert

    So cute

  17. Success at last!!!

  18. Arrrg!!!I agree that it is a good video!!!?

  19. I absolutely adore the names of your ferrets, especially considering I
    recognize those names from an old show on Animal Planet. ^.^ Did Meerkat
    Manor inspire you too?

  20. Yuri dontwannasaylastname

    i ship it.

  21. OMG the shark feret i have one thats looks alike from him lol

  22. jajajajaj so funny =D

  23. Those are probably the most spoiled ferrets the world has ever known!

  24. omg that’s such a cool idea the shark is out of the ship and then they all
    be sharks

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