Pit Bull Dog Wags Her Tail SO Hard No Matter What – CALISTA Update | The Dodo Pittie Nation

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Pit Bull Wags Her Tail SO Hard No Matter What | When this pit bull was rescued from dog fighting, vets didn’t think she would survive. But her new family saw the light in her eyes and decided that she was their daughter. Today on Pittie Nation, watch how Calista healed and learned to find joy in everything around her. Keep up with this beautiful pitte Calista on Instagram for more of her adventures: http://thedo.do/calista.

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  1. I don’t know anyone who would put a dog in dog fighting. To me, you’ve lost the capability to be human. Michael Vick went on to make millions. We need tougher laws to protect these babies

  2. Dog fighting is for cowards. Thugs that are to afraid to fight themselves.

  3. If I didn’t have 4 pits already I would love to get 4 pits they might be the best breed of dogs for families

  4. Wanderson Cavalcanti de Lima

    It’s just me that fells sad with this videos, because while one is save thousands and thousands suffers around the world… And when i’m watching this I’m just thinking about those thousands. Sad.

  5. Precious dog. Thank god you have her now. 💟

  6. I swear pitties must be the most resilient dogs ever. I’ve had two abused rescues and they became the sweetest most loving, trusting dogs on earth. Thank you dodo for showing that to the whole world. The dodo makes this crazy world a better place. Love you DoDo!🐕💖

  7. What a cutiepie 😀

  8. Oh Calista, you are so very, very sweet and adorable, and you’re indeed a very special girl!!! Thanks so much Dodo for uploading this nice video!

  9. female dogs are the best I would call her Wags 😘😀

  10. Humans are the only species that can purposely be cruel to other species. That’s so sad.

  11. What a moving story

  12. thank you, she is gorgeous like you mommy

  13. Yall done better strap her down or else she might take flight with that tail goin so fast!! This doggo is freakin adorable!!!

  14. Somebody is cutting onions again

  15. Wow , I never see someone dogs eye like her , her eyes is full of mystery , her saying saying so many words only a kind & love hearted human can understand what is she saying & her mom understand what is she saying , thx. For adoption her & giving a beautiful life , I can see here true kind hearted people ,
    Thx. Dodo for sharing is beautiful journey of an angel

  16. The 81 dislikes…..you all suck!! Who could dislike this video that dog is so sweet and adorable😍😍🤗

  17. You’re beautiful people with a beautiful dog. Poor thing has to wear those outfits 🙂


  19. you will see this comment on every single trending video 🙂

  20. ArtificialFeelings

    the perfect dog doesn’t exi-

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