Pit Bull with bleeding tumors surrenders to rescuer and then gives him a kiss :-)

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Medical care is so expensive, and for the price of a cup of coffee a month, you can join this effort and send me on the next rescue mission.
To adopt Leesa, please contact our friends at Much Love who gave her much needed love and nursed her back to health: http://www.MuchLove.org

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  1. like if u cri evritaym ??

  2. Who are the asshats that give a thumbs down to this? WTF???

  3. Lecús ShadowPaw

    I would love to have her!
    But I already have two rescue dogs and right now my family can’t afford anymore (dad was pretty upset about getting a second)

    The first is a Irish Jackrussle named Jack. A family bought him as a 9month pup for a gift to their 5yearold with cancer. Unfortunately the little girl didn’t live to meet him, and for the mother it was too heartbreaking to keep him. So she was going to dump him in the nearest shelter.
    My family happened to be visiting the day she was going to dump him, and we were able to take him in ourselves. In February he turned six and is a very happy, healthy, stubborn butt head haha.

    The second is a BorderCollie/Lab mix named Pepper. He was a stray that wandered in December, during the worst freeze we’d seen. He was soaking wet, starving, half frozen, and very much afraid.
    We couldn’t approach him at first, he would get so scared he’d trip over himself trying to run away.
    But he eventually warmed up to us, and told us this by sitting in front of the door weeping, poor baby! We let him inside to get warm and dry, gave him some food as well. He was still pretty scared so I personally sat by him for the next five hours gently petting him. We identified his age as a little more than a year.

    Him and Jack get along fairly well, and we realized we accidentally gave them a cheesy names. “Pepper Jack”
    Both are happy and healthy. They sleep in my room and Pepper paws at you until you pet him. The longer we had him, the more we found signs of abuse. Which is likely why he was so terrified. He’s still pretty shy, but also very loving!
    I love both my dogs very much!

  4. animals need so much more help than humans . honestly I feel more sad seeing a hurt and starving animal. there is no welfare or foodstamps if you are a single mother dog or cat. poor animals. thank God for people like these animal right activists

  5. this guy could probably kill someone and still go straight to heaven… ?

  6. And there will still be people who will say pitbulls are evil, I’ve got 2 pits and they are the biggest pussies I’ve ever met. Ive only ever been bit by a dog once and it was a poodle, it was unprovoked but I still don’t blame the dog

  7. I can’t believe some people actually do this to poor dogs and all animals. It makes me so sad. ? But in glad that some get a better life like this dog. ?

  8. Is everyone doing okay? I make beats and everyone is allowed to use them and it would be nice of you is you subscribed.

  9. My only complaint is that you didnt show her getting a bath at the vet. I love that part.


  11. thank u hope for paws for doing so much to save dogs and hope u get more support for your actions #dogsmatter

  12. I cried ? so beautiful! So touching! Those eyes of innocence ?

  13. You guy I am doing an exhibition about dog cruelty can you help me the only thing I talk about with my group is the dog meat festival they eat dog meat and cat meat
    Like if you think this needs to change so we can save dog and cat they say that it improves sex life and if you know about dog cruelty please reply I have join a save a pig organization we are not allowed to eat pig meat Guy treat a cow or pig whatever animal the same way as you treat your pet don’t hurt them it like hurting your pet think before you act you might hurt it

  14. This is probably one of the few organizations I would donate money to. They do such an amazing job. Gosh, I wish I was a billionaire so I could give them a million dollars, but I guess if 1 million people donate 1 dollar, we could do that 🙂 Power of youtube.

  15. I honestly feel more sorry for a helpless animal than a human being, human beings are scum

  16. amazing just amazing we need more people like this guy in the world i truthfully love animal’s and this made my week!

  17. If this was in the uk they would put this dog down just because it’s a pit bull.

  18. i cried. only have love for animals and babies.

  19. i have seen few dogs like these quite helpless and in a bad condition near my locality wish i could help them somehow 🙁

  20. Panic! At the Twenty øne cry babies

    I had a pit bull once, and he died. Everyone thinks pits are “so dangerous” and all of that. It’s based on how you treat them and raise them. My dog was the most sweetest, cuddly, and amazing. He was my best friend and I still cry to this day thinking about him. This video was awesome and truly amazing. It shows pits aren’t dangerous as people think they are. And no, I’m not going to ask for likes because my dog died. It’s a stamens I’m talking about that truly is deep down in my heart. Thank you for this. I loved it❤️

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