Pizza Cat – Simon’s Cat

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‘A hungry cat gets the last slice!’

Directed by: Simon Tofield
Animation: Emma- Louise Wakley
Clean Up: Setareh Seto
Assistant Clean Up: Liza Nechaeva
Animation Supervisor: Isobel Stenhouse

Sound: Shrooty
Executive Producer: Mike Bell
Producer: Edwin Eckford

Simon’s Cat Team:
Emma Burch

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What software do you use?
Pizza Cat was animated on Adobe Flash and cleaned up using TVPaint

Thank you for watching 🙂


  1. ILoveCupquakes CUPQUAKES

    Im eating pizza while im watching this

  2. cats are so lovely even when they are jerks

  3. My friends cat did the exact same when me and her were eating at a dinner
    party. But instead of licking itself it threw up on the floor everyone saw
    it too it even got on someones shoe. The host had to cancel the party early
    because everyone lost their appetite. This is why I would never buy a cat.
    I like to pet them but definitely not own one. Same goes for dogs.

  4. (^人^) is a kitty

  5. my cat has been doing this a lot lately. not sure why.

  6. Chica: PIZZA? :D

  7. Samurai Pizza Cats!!!!!

  8. if a cat asked me for pizza, i’d give it one

  9. no questions asked

  10. I’m waiting for the animation that shows him disowning simon

  11. haa related to garfield :-))

  12. i´m hungry too , wanna share ? :p

  13. am i the only one who love to see a cat licking its butt

  14. owwww es hermoso

  15. I think it was cool to get the Pizza

  16. ропор раорпа

    z jmnz jmnjm edtdj simon ‘ s cat

  17. 1:07 that face tho

  18. Илья Степанович

    I like pizza

  19. porra

  20. This is my life lol. My cat is always dipping his paws in my drink…

  21. хахахха

  22. slap the shit out that cat n fucking pizza

  23. I like how my cats are the same way.

  24. Luckily, my cat didnt like human foods.

  25. It’s impossible to see anything more should be very good and funny

  26. Simon’s Cat is so funny :3

  27. i just love it becuse is so cute and funny!

  28. Well, if you have a cat you have to develop a certain resistance against
    gag reflexes when cats start licking their balls near you while your

  29. Alexander Clam Bell

    Cats don’t go nyan, they go meow!

  30. my cat in a nutshell

  31. wait… simon eated a pizza with cat’s food?

  32. Карина Градиль

    Cat eat the pizza?

  33. Крымзин Максим

    what he make?

  34. Крымзин Максим

    hi s**t?

  35. Class Work Not For Nerds

    this cartoon is so realistic i have to say it is because I have a cat well
    three kittens that are like that but the smallest and the only girl is only
    is like that a little.

  36. Круто! Всё делает как настоящий котэ)

  37. i love simons cat !!lol!

  38. that cat rules.

  39. He’s just like one of my cats, Buddy, he eats anything and everything! His
    favourite thing is vegetable crisps!

  40. Lol it ruined his appetite when kitty groomed itself anally hahaha so true
    & familiar
    Who’s the animator with this genius series? Do more of those!

  41. he lost his appetite

  42. My cat sooty trys to get his paws on my food too?

  43. Poor Cat, Simon didn’t share pepperoni pizza.

  44. 1,700 comment

  45. TheJean590YT-Operation 7 Al Extremo


  46. My little lovely Cat:3

  47. is it bad that im 17 and enjoy watching these???

  48. Милена Иванова

    скушно немного но смешно

  49. Андрей Черкасский


  50. Диана Федотова


  51. am I the only one who thought that pizza box was a laptop???

  52. what guzzler !

  53. Combining the things I love most:Pizza, animals, and animations. Perfect.

  54. Анастасия Белякова

    Привет мне очень нравится этот мультик.

  55. bellydancerinanna

    I can relate that is so my cats when I’m trying to eat!


    two words =D so.cute

  57. Арина Пушкина

    здесь нет да русских ?eys

  58. Pro100й Канал

    Я тут один русский?

  59. Даша Зайцева

    Смешное видео.

  60. That was so hilarious! something similar happened with my cat haha

  61. I have to put my cat in another room so I can eat. You would think I never
    feed her the way she is always after my food.

  62. София Тимченко

    что за не паслушный кот

  63. прикольно

  64. I think you forgot the part where the cat vomits the food he isn’t used
    to…anyways… that’s my life…but we do love them!

  65. i LOVE cats (meow meow) ps im not human

  66. #furry4lyfe

  67. привет

  68. Олеся Бондаренко


  69. haha, nothing turns me off my food

  70. If there is no pizza in da box why is he trying to keep Simon away

  71. Нсрнан

  72. Epic video so funny!!!?????????

  73. Jamika Proctor-watts

    bict h

  74. ewwwwwww!

  75. I LOVE. PIZZA ?

  76. I share my pizza with my cat. Don’t give him a lot as too much is bad but
    he always ending up getting his own way. It’s the way he stares at me. My
    younger cat isn’t interested though

  77. Y mi gata que no se interesa por otra cosa que no sea gatarina.

  78. cool

  79. Прикольный котик)

  80. Esteee taaaareeee

  81. pizza

  82. Алена Гараева


  83. I saw a hole

  84. Кристина Позднякова

    I like pizza and cats too

  85. I don’t care what the cat does in front of me, that pizza slice is MINE.
    Mine. My huzaifa.

  86. superguilhermegene craft SuperGuilhermeGameCraft

    e muito egrasado e tope

  87. perfectly imperfect

    Ich dachte mir die ganze Zeit nur: “Beiß rein! Beiß doch endlich rein!
    Warum isst du sie nicht?!”

  88. Hahah my cat drinks my water also!! Hate that shit

  89. My cat Zelda eat almost anything so when she notice that we are eating she
    tries to jump up on the table (excuse my bad english)

  90. dancingintherainish

    is it weird that my cat is never interested in human food? Loves grass tho

  91. My cat’s the same way, but with vanilla ice cream instead of pizza lol

  92. круто ! :)

  93. That is my Pizza Okey?

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