Playful Persian Kitten Loves Their Tickles

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[Filmed 11/24/2014 – 8 weeks old] This doesn’t happen all the time, only when the kittens are feeling particularly comfy and playful! We happened to catch this reaction on video the first time.


  1. This is just soooo cute! I am going to be exploded! xxxx

  2. The di di di di di thing lmfaoooo??

  3. aww cute

  4. The kitten is like “ITS SO HARD AUUGGH” XD

  5. most annoying sound ever. 

  6. Is this what people do now…? I’m sure the cat is looking at you wondering
    what the fuck is going on and why. Still cute though, I couldn’t resist.

  7. This is so damn cute.. I want this furr ball already ?

  8. How cute is this LOL

  9. Holy shit, that’s adorable.

  10. Too adorable!!! I have to ask where did you get your kittie and how much
    did you pay. I have to have one lol

  11. Cristian Pavony Velásquez

    Yup… everybody loves tities :D

  12. Carlos & Janet Cruz

    Adorable ! (:

  13. This guy is gettin hella pussy. You have my vote.

  14. I felt the cuteness crawl into my lungs, suffocating me. Thank god the
    video was only 47 seconds long, I don’t think I could’ve held on much

  15. Cats thinks hands are a separate life forms.

    Nice Video.

  16. OMG that’s so adorable! 

  17. oh my god so cute… cant stop smiling 

  18. Look at that perfect heart shaped nose! What a cutie pie!

  19. Dawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  20. I want to pet this cat and murder this bitch who made the vid.

  21. Are you sure is Persian? Looks like a Ragdoll to me

  22. Some humans are really strange: “Di,di,di,di,di,di,di,di,di”
    Is there even any animal, making these sounds ;)

  23. I do this with my adult cat. Minus the noises. Sometimes it ends in a
    claw claw bite however.

  24. TetetetetetTE

  25. That’s so freaking adorable :D

  26. So cute wow

  27. Jesus Christ.. your fucking annoying. Least you could have done was shut
    the fuck up and let me see the cute cat, no one gives a fuck about your
    DEET DEET DEET DEE’S!!! lol okay I am done.

  28. Holy fuck she’s annoying sounds like she’s saying tities

  29. AWWW!! so fuzzy and sweet. C8

  30. Sounds like they’re saying tit, tit, titty. 

  31. you don’t have to make that sound….

  32. I have watched this clip about 20 times. I must have some kind of illness.

  33. Quit saying titties lol

  34. Those annoying sounds will make a little killer out of this cute little
    kitten, it’s all in the eyes……

  35. Ира Аломиа

    этот писклявый голос портит все впечатление от видео. мозг выносит просто

  36. котейка нассы на него что б не пищал так противно.

  37. Елена Прекрасная

    Самый милый котёнок во всём мире))) Подарите мне новый мимиметр)

  38. How did i get to this annoying video

  39. Dididididididididididid

  40. tititititititi tiiii
    titititititititi tiii

  41. So cute! 

  42. I bought the sound card recently, and nice headphones. this di di di di
    diii sound awesome now

  43. awh oh my goodness this is the cutest thing i have ever seen!! That kitten
    is adorable you are so blessed!

  44. I was going to say something about how this video is derivative and
    unnecessary, but I got distracted by the kitten.

  45. Faxwell | ᵐᵒᵗᶤᵒᶰ ᵈᵉˢᶤᵍᶰ

    It souds like C4…

  46. follow this channel. Subscribe, Like, and Comment. <3<3 <3 

  47. I think that I am dying from cuteness overload!
    How ADORABLE!!

    Mew, mew, Purrrrrr…

  48. Who is holding the camera and how?

  49. Luna Light Mythical

    I was exploded by the cuteness

  50. It’s too damn cute TuT

  51. ヽ(´ー`)ノバンザーイ

  52. That is one chill kitten.

  53. Awww!
    DI DI DI DI DII!!!

  54. My heart is now filled with cuteness, manly cuteness! 

  55. LOL!! For Johnny Geetos…that’s hilarious

  56. Somebody didn’t take their medicine today!

  57. That cat is so

  58. Shy-Shy Cotton-Candy-Kitty

    Awwww the little fuzzy kitty is just so cute and adorable! 

  59. So these were the persians that invaded Greece all the time?

    Bad kitties!

  60. Everyone complaining about the noises the hooman is making, here’s a
    suggestion—MUTE THE VIDEO.

  61. That’s a real persian, not a flat-face.

  62. That ain’t no Persian! That’s a mini Yeti…go get a refund! 

  63. What a beautiful kitten!!! Next time I watch it, I will mute it!

  64. This is precious.

  65. Hey look… A cat from heaven

  66. Kitten cute…owner annoying. What is that noise?

  67. I know this is an odd question but Does anyone remember what happened to
    Kim K’s cat? 

  68. Awwww the kitten looks so adorable I just want to eat it up!

  69. てててって!

  70. Medical Student

    Cat is high af. 420blazeitPersian

  71. Рагнар Лодброк

    So cute.

  72. Black Hole of Random Videos

    Windows: Warning! Cuteness overloaded! Press Okay to buy a kitten.

    Me: OK!!!

  73. CarleyAlexandria


  74. CarleyAlexandria


  75. It so fluffy i wanna die!

  76. Charlotte Thompson

    he’s adorable xx

  77. Green Shields Over YouTube

    Finally, a Persian cat that’s face wasn’t destroyed by breeders.

  78. Марио Гашпаровић

    Slatkiš maji xD

  79. tooooo cute

  80. The Siamese Kitten Satan/Angel

    Look it’s a adorable cloud!

  81. why am I here?

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