Playtime with Dad Equals Soggy Samoyeds | Too Cute!

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Major can’t wait to take his puppies outside and muddy them up a bit. But will mom let her soggy pups back into the house? | For more Too Cute!, visit


  1. Moar pls

  2. my heart just stopped.

  3. So cute!

  4. Oh, Bandit. You’re such a daddy’s boy.

  5. The dog is so cute I’ll pay $300.00 for all of them

  6. Aww 🙂 I want one, but it would put me back almost $2000.

  7. “Nooo, not their pretty white fur!”.

  8. My number 1 favourite breed! 

  9. i missed this videoos! so cute about mom and dad fun

  10. AxelMüller Müller-Hansen

    what breed is that? beutiful!

  11. This is the cutest thing ever. I can’t wait to get dogs when I’m older!
    What breed were those dogs?

  12. There are two soulless people out there who disliked this video!

  13. Why would you dislike it

  14. This is so cuuute 🙂 

  15. This is cute and someone dose not want a bath

  16. this is so cute im breathless now

  17. This is too cute…I’m having an overdose 

  18. Finally! Too cute! has samoyeds!

  19. Fluffys, FLUFFYS, *FLUFFYS!!!!* >//∀//<

  20. Their such a cutie

  21. This made me happy 

  22. I love this videos. <3

  23. Cute

  24. TOO CUTE!!!! *nosebleed

  25. Annamarie Amendolara

    Seen one in person they’re the cutest breed. 🙂 awww

  26. And the Chinese are still eating dog nowadays….. 

  27. The dog likes baths!

  28. “But, Moooooommm, we’re already wet! Why do we need to get into a tub of
    water after having been drenched by rain?”

  29. SOOO CUTE!!!

  30. beautifulll and just to beautifull video ,, thanks for sharing

  31. So many fake barks it’s unreal O.O

  32. Animal Planet doesn’t really upload Too Cute videos anymore….on YouTube.

  33. My Awww overdose of the day. Love that Bandit lil’pup! :-)

  34. Is it okay to cry when something is cute

  35. You know, when the animals appear to get stuck, I’m really annoyed that no
    one bothered to help them. :(

  36. Darn it, that was to Darn Cute… :P

  37. They’re white clouds of fluff 

  38. Omg this is literally the cutest thing ever !! ??

  39. aaaaw, that moment when Major (their dad) trying to get rid some soil from
    his puppy’s head ~ it’s just too cute!

  40. SO cute

  41. These dogs are SO cute! Irresistible!!! So big and fluffy!!!

  42. fuckin cat people that disliked the video

  43. MrRhang Phornprapan

    1:12 really cute head slap XD

  44. My mum had 2 Samoyeds when she was younger and said they were lovely but
    she’d never get another due to the fact they are never time consuming with

  45. This makes me lucky that I live in a house with a breezeway. Even when the
    dogs are too wet to let in the house, they have shelter from the rain.

  46. Pearl is so cute

  47. Manufacutured Personality

    Was anyone else confused by the way this was narrated at first like is this
    a household that’s run by dogs no humans at all

  48. awww so nice xx

  49. あぁあ!白くてまん丸が真っ黒とは。

  50. what episode is this does anybody know?

  51. I love how Major paps Bandit on the head a few times after he digs him out

  52. 摩天使 變了濕水小天使

  53. staffs.a dong silk

    So cute ;)

  54. I needed to slam my head against a wall to regain my masculinity.

  55. 10 people have no souls ;(

  56. What a beautiful family 

  57. 1:52 hidden shoe

  58. I like that

  59. +Emanuel Matei 

  60. Anabelle St Laurent

    Trop cute les petits chiens et la mère
    Est belle mais je sais que je veux les avoir
    Et ses qu’elle race?

  61. Was the dad really digging a hole? More like smacking him

  62. even the parents agree that their kids should be showered!

  63. tanyaalexiz2701

    the mommy is like “NO! I just cleaned the house”
    awwww too adorableeeee

  64. Pearl in steven universe cleans, and this pearl cleans lol

  65. Such a nice family 

  66. DragonTamer2005

    (Mum) what the fuck why are you dirty
    (Dad) not me
    (Bandit) mummy I got stuck in a hole
    (Mum) major your coming with me now
    (Dad) ………
    (Bandit) who’s major
    (Mum) go and wash up
    (Dad) I’ll go and wash up
    (Mum) no
    (Dad) ?

  67. Morgane Germé (Nerodith)

    My dream.

  68. Looks like the side profile of a polar bear when Roxy is cleaning her pup

  69. “Lucky dads there to get him out of the hole.” *Smacks sons head* LOLOL 

  70. I had a Samoyed named Pearl

  71. Luckily dads there to dig him out, dad just smacks his head like “why u
    such an idiot”

  72. Mommie and Me Show

    Love it!

  73. Please like and subscribe

  74. …why are they forcing human gender roles on dogs?

  75. Who as a Samoyeds please tell me because I do they so cute

  76. Dolci

  77. ahh that reminds once my samoyed got himself reaaaaaaaaaly dirty in the
    garden, like a polar bear turned to a bruins bear, it takes me long time to
    get him clean…



  80. (Bandit)” HEEELP DAAAD” (dad)” *dig dug smack smack* geez you pups always
    getting stuck”

  81. fluffy booty at 1:03 ^_^

  82. I have a question NOW THIS ISN’T A HATE COMMENT! Are the puppies in too
    cute close to puppy mill? I mean I know some animals there were rescued but
    after the puppies are grown are they being sold? I’m kind of confuse

  83. They have a good owner!

  84. I miss this show. Bring back new episodes!

  85. If only they stayed cute little puppies….

  86. Says this aloud exactly how it’s spelled.
    Con I Get Loikes fo no risen?
    If you did it then you’re British now

  87. “But honey they need to learn the joys of digging holes and getting wet in
    the rain!”
    “No buts! Look at you naughty and filthy lot! Into the bath with you!”

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