Polar Bear Dreams

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At 5 weeks old, the polar bear cub is doing very well; she weighs a little over 4 pounds and measures 16 inches long! Both eyes have started to open as of yesterday, but they are not fully open yet. The care staff says the sound that she makes in the video is of contentment. Her motor skills are improving each day and she has started trying to stand up on all fours, especially when she’s ready for her next meal! She is on six feedings a day, every four hours. The team has been evaluating her daily needs and provides care 24/7.


  1. Chilapa of the Amazons

    I can see that this species is getting closer and closer to extinction. My
    question is: how did they ever survive in the wild?

  2. That thing needs a cpap mask already.. haha. Or it’s dreaming of polar bear


  4. Maria Elena Cabrera

    Awwww!!!! I want to hug that baby!!!!

  5. OMG, I’m gonna die from the cuteness!

  6. Steffie Hunter-Ochoa

    Oh, it is so sweet!!

  7. What happened to his mom? Greetings from Poland!

  8. Yea She is cute but dont you remember? she’s race are going to extinct with
    every other animals like rhinos and much more if we dont save our world..

  9. He’s obviously dreaming about suckling on mom. 🙁 Poor thing, but at least
    she was rescued by the Zoo and is going to live a fun life of ice-pops and
    free food.

  10. Peter?

  11. Awww, just listen to the sounds she makes while sleeping!

  12. Polar bears know karate, at least that is what We Bare Bears told me right,

  13. OMG this polar bear is too cute for words!

  14. Michaelangelo Davin

    Probably dreaming of the time she got separated with his mother. Ur in good
    hands now spirit bear

  15. It sound like a machine gun…ohhhhhhhhhhhh <3

  16. SO cute and adorable. And just to think in a few years she’s going to be a
    200 pound killer.

  17. Beyond CUTE!!

  18. How is it cute, it`s f**ing creepy!

  19. its probably dreaming about killing and eating other animals

  20. Sam Peckinpah was a classical composer

    They survived wild nature for millenniums but they can not survive humans.
    We destroyed natural equilibrium and we destroyed them. It’s on us.

  21. This poor guy needs its mother. I feel so sorry for him to be born in this
    unnatural habitat without mother’s guidance.

  22. Pretty sure she’s dreaming about trying to nurse on mom. Too bad they can’t
    make a polar bear pacifier for her to suck on. My pic is a baby tiger also
    rejected by mom. I think wild animals in captivity purposefully try to let
    their babies die so they won’t be in jail their whole lives too.

  23. That lil baby bear is fasho dreaming about sucking on some titties

  24. ill take 2 please

  25. so cute??????????

  26. so adorable… awwwwwwwwwwwww.. I love animals on the whole .. God bless u
    good people..

  27. Cute! till they rip your lungs out Jim!!!

  28. must cuddle baby ice bear

  29. I love him :)

  30. ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. polar bear can into dreams

  32. baby polar bear: “global warming…don’t come to me…no! Get out!!”


    (a) White people.
    (b) All freedom-loving people everywhere.
    (c) All your poor, your huddled masses, your tempest tossed.
    (d) Anyone who completes the paperwork and takes the oath.
    (e) Everyone!

    If your answer was (a) then you are a

    Diversity and multiculturalism are codewords for White genocide.
    Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

  34. Those 7 heartless bastards who disliked video !!!

  35. AW! It’s belly! Dear god….someone rub it’s belly for me…

  36. WET DREAMZ… :D

  37. looks a lot like a puppy

  38. poor baby bear… make sure to keep him safe from coca cola as they might
    snatch him for their commercials :(

  39. Sweet

  40. awwwww <3 it dreams its a harleydavidson

  41. He is probably having nightmares of the illegal death of his equals or the
    melting ice caps…

  42. take care of this feller , gods gift

  43. Isn’t it obvious? He’s dreaming about touring a Coca-Cola factory. 🙂 So
    freaking adorable.

  44. I still can’t get over how adorable she is to watch sleep. *sigh* Why do
    kids have to grow up?

  45. awww ….im just going give this B.E.A.UTIFUL bear the name BIMBO GOD BLESS
    THIS bear and the staff for taking care of BIMBO..and he is dreaming of
    coming out in a cocacola commercial this Christmas!

  46. all came out of itself out of a big bang billions of years ago, you must
    have a strong believe to believe that

  47. Extra cute video! ?

  48. So cute. Just look at those paws.

  49. They dream about polar bear boobies.

  50. This music ffs, scary.

  51. She looks like she’s dreaming about nursing. I wonder if they make that
    noise while nursing to comfort herself and mom, kinda like cats.

  52. Awww w??

  53. Lol, she’s like ‘don’t take my moose from me!’

  54. this bear has sick beat boxing skills.

  55. lucas “lnazario10” nazario

    lindo oso

  56. look like my car wont start….

  57. Please give her so Munch warm and Only Warm because The just need a Mom and
    Always In Warm Place ?❤️

  58. Thanadej Subsit (Oil)

    Too much dubstep before bed

  59. Awww, she’s dreaming about mauling some seals! :D

  60. Debe soñar que esta en la nieve,donde tendría que estar!

  61. he is hungry and suffering he need his mum …

  62. How cute. She’s dreaming about killing baby seals.

  63. Aleksandar Acimovic

    just like my car on winter days …

  64. Awwww, This baby is so adorable~~~~ I love the noise it makes…It’s like
    as if the bear is purring like a cat but with the sounds that polar bears
    make…..I wonder what this cute lil baby cub is dreaming about…..

  65. so cute :3

  66. Ima gliste

  67. Probably dreaming about family

  68. I cried watching this.

  69. sounds like it wants mommy!

  70. Kodiak and Grizzly Bears

    Hello matey, I hope you dream of something nice.

  71. What does polar bear meat taste like?

  72. awwwww…..

  73. He/she dreams about nursing you fucking idiots…


  75. What do they dream about? A world where there is no global warming and they
    are left alone to live out their lives as they wish.

  76. awww ^_^ so cute!!!! she needs her mommy though

  77. Nunca habia visto algo tan dulce y bonito.

  78. it si dreaming of icecreams


  80. cute and chubby

  81. :)

  82. Do bears sing when they sleep? hey: And what do polar bear dream about?
    They dream about SIBERIA!

  83. What’s that voice at the beginning of the video? This polar bear is very
    cute and sweet!!!!!! So freaking adorable!!!!!!!

  84. he or she is cute

  85. Fantastic job! :D

  86. I just want to pinch that nose

  87. Маленькая тарахтелка. )))

  88. JW is pretty hot tbh fam… Would def get a boner if JW smiled at me

  89. Дильшат Ниязов

    Amazing polar bear ))

  90. His dreams has a flavur! ^_^

  91. Unbelievable cuteness.

  92. #SaveTheArctic

  93. Very beautiful!

  94. may i cuddle her please?

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