Polar bear petting dog

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  1. Did the bear eat the dog right after this?

  2. It’s simply playing with it’s food.

  3. I have reported this video for animal abuse and cruelty

  4. Ice bear has a friend!

  5. video old af and I still hate the fact that they have the husky chained…

  6. So… nobody cares whey the fuck those assholes chained that dog there so
    it can’t escape from the bear? Is this some sick bear feeding ritual?

  7. I’m still not buying Coca Cola…

  8. should be called “polar bear plays with his food”

  9. Phew, thought we had another harambe on our hands

  10. You guys are so bizarre. It is not petting the dog, it is trying to
    determine if it is edible.

  11. Это Панин в костюме медведя

  12. Sizing the dog up? Or determining whether if it will be lunch or dinner?

  13. Corrupted Archangel

    That dog probably couldn’t Bear being right there, after hearing about that
    bear’s Grizzly reputation. But I guess the experence must have been

  14. Dear whoever is filming this: Rest In Pieces

  15. Why the fuck is that dog chained up?


    as soon as the camera turned off the bear ripped the dog’s head off and
    mauled the humans to death.

  17. Trump and Putin.

  18. Don’t get any ideas people. Polar bears are still the scariest thing on
    land. Or maybe second to hippos.

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