Poodle vs. Toothbrush

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Virgil has mixed feelings about proper oral hygiene

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  1. So let me get this straight – the dog reacts to the sound in a way where
    you can tell that he doesn’t like it or is even uncomfortable with it, but
    you keep doing it anyway ’cause it amuses you and makes you laugh?

  2. Spookylady InSanDiego

    Oh, he is just beautiful. He looks so fluffy and soft. 

  3. He looks like someone’s great aunt

  4. My theory –
    When you flush little particles of shit get flung everywhere , those must
    have settled on the brush after a long period of time , when the dogs owner
    turns on the brush the shit particles get flung with a high velocity ,
    getting on that dogs eyes and face thus making it angry 

  5. Rev G andrew goosdy at YouTube. Com Said like video 

  6. The next morning, she woke up and couldn’t find a single toothbrush in the

  7. @TheZaky09 Yup get over it. Lmao. People are so sensitive. It’s actually
    pretty damn funny. Lmfao.

  8. I hate stupid people on YouTube, they call this animal abuse.

  9. Dammit woman, the dog clearly wants it’s teeth brushed. Stop teasing it.

  10. Pavlov should be proud of your undergo.

  11. this aint abuse, but its pretty darn annoying towards the dog….

  12. I have that same tooth brush & a poodle. That tooth brush sounds awfully
    similar to the clippers used when he gets groomed. He hates being groomed
    so he hates the noise of the tooth brush. Stop teasing the dog.

  13. Dog abuse!
    Look at these teeth,
    His ears in extreme pain!

  14. Spread em bitch

  15. that is so cute

  16. PAVLOV

  17. Pulpa que Precipita

    a real K9 dentist

  18. 好可爱

  19. Why not use a regulAr tooth brush ? Made for dogs 

  20. Thank you for not cutting her hair all weird. I think they are cuter like

  21. I guarantee this dumb bitch bought that toothbrush for the dog, tried to
    brush the dogs teeth, got bit because the dog is annoyed and pained from it
    in the gums, and then decide “well since the dog acts abnormal I am going
    to video tape it because it’s funny, but in reality I abused this animal
    before and during this video!” This animal abusing shit should find a new
    hobby like killing themself. 

  22. hey your dog might be looking at this bc it thinks the toothbrush is a
    discipline device…you might be making the dog really uncomfortable

  23. Anyone else think of the toothbrush scene from Nisemonogatari? No? K, I
    will go back to my hole.

  24. Funny 

  25. Cute! My dog won’t let me brush her teeth and she’s got some tarter. Marrow
    bones help some and she likes chewing. Your dog’s
    a cutie.

  26. Funny :)

  27. Man some of the people on here calling this animal abuse must not know
    anything about dogs, or poodles in general. This dog is one of my favorite
    dogs that i have walked with. He is the goofiest dog i know, Smiling at
    anything and everyone he meets! he is just the sweetest! Miss you guys
    everyday <3

  28. I have a poodle and think this video is hilarious!

  29. Katie M. Slay (Katie Forster)

    Whaaaat? We have the same last name!?!?

  30. BinkieMcFartnuggets

    I have a feeling Poodle vs. Vibrator is a similar story.

  31. At the end she didnt turn on the toothbrush, we can observe the reaction
    of the dog by demonstrating the visual stimuly, which is the tootbrush and
    the dog reacting to it.

  32. Good ole’ youtube animal abuse by a retarded bish.

    “hey Virgil, I know this noise hurts your ears.” “However, I am going to
    keep on making the noise w/ my toothbrush, so I can get a some views.”

  33. the dog was exposing his teeth cause he thought you were going to clean

  34. Notice the dogs tail wagging in the last clip. He’s not being abused. You
    people are idiots.

  35. Well I think it is adorable. Such a beautiful dog too. My weimaraner and
    Italian greyhound both smiled when I came home however brushing their teeth
    was never fun. They are both at the rainbow bridge now. :)

  36. That dog is ugly as hell, but this is the purest definition of animal
    cruelty. How would you look if someone locked you up in the bathroom and
    played around with a blowtorch right in front of your face? You think you
    will be just chilling?

    YouTube needs to stop supporting animal cruelty. I say stop revenue
    sharing these videos. It is sickening.

    P.S. I have notified PETA of this video. In before backlash…

  37. I am a fellow redditor and this video is very disgusting and makes me cry
    inside. all the animal abuse is sickening. I hope god pays you back 10

    Redit gold member / moderator / 52 inch hd tv with ps4 / IQ 69 

  38. some of you ppl are fuking ridiculous. this video is super funny..
    torturing the dog???? really!! gtfo

  39. To all peeps claiming that this is animal abuse, SHUT THE FUCK UP.
    Seriously. Its a tooth brush not a fucking whip. She only did it for a few
    tries. Not a hundred. This act is comparable to a family member annoying
    you with a stupid ring-tone. Fucking morons. People are way to god damn
    sensitive these days.

  40. This dog isn’t mad or angry. Please watch the other videos before you say
    “This is animal cruelty”, there is no animal cruelty involved. That dog
    would have attack, or walked away if it was angered or being hurt by the
    toothbrush. This is how my dog reacts whenever she wants to play. And also
    how my grandmother’s dog reacts when visitors come over, or she is happy.

  41. why don’t you use a regular tooth brush? I don’t think the dog likes the
    vibrating sound. 

  42. хе ха

  43. Rebeka Becca Abdagić

    hahaha looks like he uses it all the time-i’ve never seen this shiny teeth

  44. please put your toilet seat cover down. 

  45. Does not like that sound

  46. I don’t blame him. 

  47. Hilarious, my dog hates even the sight of a tooth brush.

  48. LOL

  49. It’s funny the first time but clearly your dog doesn’t like it so cut the

  50. >video fetauring a toothbrush being turned on and a poodle reacting to it.
    >people label this as animal abuse.
    ah, stay classy, Youtube.

  51. hahahahaha

  52. Stupid, the dog doesn’t like your silly electro-toothbrush. Can’t you read
    the facile expression?
    Stop bugging the pooch!

  53. Shut the f*ck up google+ and stop asking me if I want to change my f*cking name

    Guys, shut the fuck up, it’s a toothbrush. We scare other people all the
    time. No joke, I just saw a video of an innocent man sleeping and a guy
    tied a firecracker to him to wake him up, he was scared shitless and people
    LOL’d in he comments, if that was done to a dog people would give death
    threats. It’s a toothbrush, seriously.

  54. Anthony Gray Maldonado

    You uncultured swine…how dare you torment that poor negro.

  55. how old is your poodle now my poodle he is an adult toy poodle not toy
    black named Teddy

  56. Rovsson Gamer Pro God

    why the dog don’t like the toothbrush???

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