Precious puppy challenges larger Doberman dog

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Watch as this adorable puppy named Kyra goes up against Boss, a much larger Doberman dog, while playing in the family backyard. She has no fear!

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  1. lol thats precious

  2. Baby just wants to play.

  3. Jamhqr

  4. I want a dog now. 

  5. OMFG…LOL! that video just gave me diabetes…again.

  6. Aw, I want a puppy now

  7. LOL he so fat he has to move from side to side 

  8. Just like us humans challenging people to fights at bars when we’re drunk.

  9. I miss my Doberman.

  10. so cute!

  11. 0:00. Trainer: Dobersqueak! Puppy tactics 101, use Agility Flux!
    Dobersqueak: 0:03. Got it! Keep up with this Doberking! 1..2..3..4..5
    Agility Flux!
    (Doberking evaded the attack.)
    0:08. Dobersqueak: Oh Kwap, it missed.

  12. Oh yeah his is a fighter

  13. That is NOT a “challenge”, but rather, a classic “play with me” stance by
    the puppy!

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  15. BinkieMcFartnuggets

    When the Doberman says “I eat pieces of shit like you for breakfast” it’s
    literally telling the truth.

  16. Doberman – the finest breed of dog.

  17. I wish my dogs could get along and play but one of them thinks he’s the
    toughest dog in the world even though he small

  18. Fake.

  19. He’s not challenging him you idiot

  20. My dream will be to own a pit bull, German Shepard , Doberman, husky, and a

  21. very cute~~

  22. Настя Силаева

    such a beautiful doberman! in loove with this creature

  23. Viraj vaghela

  24. Thats a red Doberman puppy

  25. Lol?

  26. Itzchill Geometry Dash and More!


  27. Puppy is thinking… where do I start he’s so big O_O

  28. i thought that was a rottweiler

  29. They are so shiny

  30. @0:05 – Serpentine, son!

  31. the puppy is playing not challenging


  33. Um, that’s an invitation to play, not a challenge…

  34. I want a Doberman now :(

  35. That dog is fucking beautiful . I wish I can have one so bad. My moms
    scared of dogs. Even chuiwawahs :/

  36. 0:04 square up nigga!

  37. Playing with.. daddy?

  38. My gladiator doberman is the BIGGEST baby ever. We found her on craigslist
    and we went to go pick her up. We met up with the people and they took her
    out of the small space of the trunk of their fucking van then proceeded to
    tell us “She’s afraid of the leash because we always tie her up in the back
    yard.” she was disgustingly dirty, smelt like pee and was terrified. She’s
    now the happiest dog ever, and gets more than enough attention, and loves
    to cuddle on our couch with us. She’s truly a blessing to our family :)

    DUN DUN xD

  40. nic

  41. q fofuraaa???

  42. I fell in pieces seeing this????

  43. Yess!! Lol So cute!

  44. Yeh beautiful dogs. Apitty for their tails though. Sinds when do thy cut
    thous off again?

  45. Some Kid From Africa

    wat lol

  46. I love dobs. Great dogs. Had 2 of them. Sadly first one got cancer at 6 but
    I got almost 15 years out my last. Good family pets

  47. German Sheperd Vlogs

    so cute

  48. Doberman, doberman, doberman them boys up to something

  49. fat cute brave little red :)

  50. None of your Business

    You mean “*precocious*”, not “precious”.



  52. Doberman is like WTF….?

  53. oh my GOD!!

  54. WTF!!

  55. Well looked after dogs.

  56. Lol. There is no action for the first two seconds then suddenly there’s a
    bark and the puppy starts dancing towards the large Dobe

  57. thats so CUTE FOR THE kids TO play with they are born yeah

  58. 0:04 Damn, check out those moves. Serpentine serpentine serpentine

  59. fucking hell

  60. I have a doberman and they are the most loving, loyal and funniest dogs
    ever, I love her to pieces. She’s old now but still is adorable❤️

  61. offff

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