Pug Life – Simon’s Cat

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‘A frustrated cat receives help from an unexpected visitor!’
Featuring a brand NEW character from our latest book Simon’s Cat Off to the Vet and Other Cat-astrophes!

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What happened to the film ‘Off to the Vet’?
‘Off to the Vet’ is the first 12 minute Simon’s Cat film which has been produced in full colour. The film is now complete and currently only available to our Indiegogo funders via our private production blog.

Directed by: Simon Tofield
Animation: Sarah Airriess
Clean Up: Setareh Seto
Assistant Clean Up: Liza Nechaeva, Nadia Hussein

Sound: Shrooty
Producer: Emma Burch
Executive Producer: Mike Bell

Simon’s Cat Team:
Edwin Eckford

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What software do you use?
Pug Life was animated on Adobe Flash and cleaned up using Flash and TVPaint

Thank you for watching 🙂


  1. hahah jeej fajneee

  2. 00:37 hahahahahaha

  3. Simon need a Terrier Jack Rusell…

  4. I HATE dogs… but I love cats

  5. Oliwia Jamrozińska


  6. The real reason behind cats being messy eaters

  7. are these real? like is this guy actually simon and this has happened to

  8. чо за собако

  9. I thought the pug was a pig.^^

  10. Мой кот засовывал лапу под воротник, так и сидел, в непонятках, что с этим

  11. who else wants more kitten

  12. can you draw a pug?!?

  13. Samuel.666 Son of Satan

    I chose the thug life not the pug life

  14. The animation looks realistic 2 me.

  15. give simon a girlfriend the cat doesn’t like ^^

  16. Sylar Weber (Sylargylar)

    Yay! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

  17. Ruby Gem (really legit)

    The Pug Lyfe chose *me.*

  18. j’aimeee ! j’adore ! I LOVE IT !!!
    good job !

  19. good movie, funny cat :)

  20. Where did the dog come from? =O

  21. ахахахах 🙂 у нас тоже так же было :)

  22. Jejejeje…

  23. hahaha

  24. Hello Kitty CRAZZY Lord

    I love this cartoon because it was made great and i love cats

  25. Nicole Anastasia Bersenev

    Poor kitty in the cone of shame

  26. Ha ????✌?

  27. Анастасия Красковская

    kit menn

  28. The pug looks like the green guy from cut the rope

  29. Yay

  30. Диксис Челны 10

    смешное видео

  31. brolach decen torres

    I love my cat and when I watch this it reminds me of my cat.

  32. love you??????

  33. sooooo cute ❤

  34. viņam neveicās:-) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 :-)

  35. Is it just me or did the pug look more like a pig at first

  36. I ❤️ that PUG?

  37. I can feel that cat’s frustration

  38. Даша Гриднева


  39. poderia comprar este livro.

  40. Televincent // Vince042

    I didn’t choose the Pug Life.

    The Pug Life chose me.

  41. Ахах, ржунимагу=)

  42. It had me when the dog started eating the cat’s face

  43. Dont put a stupid dog in with the cat o noo

  44. Is the best cartoom/animation!!!!!!!!!!!!This is my fauvorite video!!!!

  45. Eugenia Mihaela Pricop

    Yay so cool video you COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks :)

  46. I didn’t choose the pug life. The pug life chose me.
    -Icy, 2016.

  47. Pugs are adorable ?

  48. Isabella Cupcake Productions 100% LPS lover

    Oh my god Simon please just tell us what your cats name is! We need to know

  49. ok =)

  50. CMLL “Mistico” Luchador

    Funny short film.

  51. CMLL “Mistico” Luchador

    I like these.

  52. At 1:29 It was like the pug was eating the cat’s face. lol XD

  53. Lol i was laughing so hard

  54. сэрпз Николаева

    вау очень смешно


  56. А почему раньше кота рисовали рыжим, а сейчас он какой-то зелёный?

  57. Yagmursenvarya3 Serkiz

    canım benim

  58. Yagmursenvarya3 Serkiz


  59. i am from Russa. I love cccccaaaaaaaaaaaaaaattttt

  60. how are animals supposed to eat with those things on their neck ? i would
    like to know?

  61. Hey Simon I love your vids so I have just bought loads of your books and
    spent £25 and they are brilliant.

  62. Madeleine Innocent

    Horrible things those Elizabethan collars and mostly unnecessary. They can
    badly frighten an animal.

  63. Antonia Lacordelle

    mon chat il a fait pareil quand il avait sa collerette?

  64. I think Simons cat is so funny

  65. Brooke Applewatcher


  66. Love it, poor cat always gets the short straw! Any chance of some more with
    the kitten?



  68. Alondra Artea Alba

    excelente todo lo que necesito

  69. make more sure to like all your videos!

  70. Bethany Everington

    so funny!

  71. Юмор Приколы TV


  72. jajajaja, entre en desesperación.

  73. snog me like that i bring out the claws!!

  74. Audtey Dissanayake

    I love pugs

  75. comment #1000!

  76. no eat!:)

  77. Didn’t choose the pug life………………………………………….
    Te pug life chose me :l

  78. So naughty

  79. Simon your books are good but u need words in them then they would be

  80. This pug reminded me of my pug ? happy little thing .

  81. Hhhh is sou funny

  82. I love pugs!

  83. Eder Samir Alvarado Fajardo

    i like you video

  84. Where are my testicles summer.

  85. Where’s the muzzle in the pug

  86. #Gurcke

  87. Sofie Van de Voorde

    Super !!! Die geluidjes, die doeningen…. Juist echt!! ? it,!!!

  88. Светлана Хомякова


  89. aww this came out on my bday.

  90. mopsy są kochane

  91. Hi Sam its me Lindsey

  92. 1:06 = mood

  93. you made the pug look like a monster ;-; i cry ;-;

  94. noch jemand deutsches da ?

  95. Why do the dogs in “Simon’s Cat” episodes always appear stupid? They remind
    me of Odie from “Garfield.”

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